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Opening Day 2007

Fans February 25th, 2009

I was there. It was awesome. My friend took this picture.

Drunk Brewers fan

Good times.

It’s going to be a long season

Baseball February 25th, 2009

I was just reading a blog about fantasy baseball (Are you shocked that I play fantasy baseball? You shouldn't be, I do four posts a day about the Brewers in the middle of February. Do I seem like I have a life?) and I realized that this season I am going to break one of the biggest fantasy baseball rules.

Beware the homer pick: Everyone knows the danger for picking a player from your favorite team: you're already invested so heavily, why make it worse? There is no need to die two deaths when the Jays lose, why put yourself through that? Additionally, you'll cheer for the Jays forever while dudes on your fantasy teams come and go. Remember that when you're hoping the Jays "only beat Joba 1-0, with a home run from Vernon Wells."

Now, I'm in a keeper league and we haven't re-drafted yet but I have set my keepers already. I think I've done a pretty fine job of keeping all my undervalued guys and setting myself to bid on some big free agents. Of the players I've kept two stick out:

SP Yovanni Gallardo
OF Corey Hart

Obviously, the Yovanni pick is scary as hell. He missed just about all of last season and the chances of him being injured again are off the board in Vegas. I can live with it though because if he stays healthy this is HIS team and I think this team is pretty damn good. Keeping Corey Hart, however, is proof that I am certifiably insane. I wrote yesterday about how much he frustrates me as a Brewer and it's multiplied quite a bit when he's also on my fantasy team. (Thank god I was out of the running last September.) I am really nervous about him, but at the same time need his 25/25 potential at the price I have him for.

Now, having two guys from your team is not that big of a deal. Everyone does that. What truly worries me is what I am going to do in the upcoming draft. I have money to spend. I need a middle infielder. Middle infielders available include Rickie Weeks and JJ Hardy. I also need an elite corner power guy. Prince Fielder is available. I need a somewhat cheap outfielder. Mike Cameron is there. There are other players available, but in each of these instances Brewers are my Plan B (Plan A in JJ's case) and that scares the crap out of me.

24 Hours til First Spring Training Game

Baseball February 24th, 2009

Anyone who hasn't signed up with yet has no need to rush because the game will not be available. The game will be on WTMJ-AM where we'll get our first taste of Bob Uecker and his new Cubs lovin' buddy Cory Provus. I can't wait to hear Suppan give up homeruns to Matt Holliday and Jack Cust, followed by Provus telling us that Carlos Zambrano would NEVER do something like that (kidding!).

Did you know that all of the spring training games will be broadcast in some shape or form? Between WTMJ, and FSN-Wisconsin all the games are covered. That's pretty sweet, but also too bad because this spring training has to share the spotlight with the World Baseball Classic (which I still can't figure out if I care about or not.) Regardless, I'm looking forward to hearing Bob Uecker's voice tomorrow even if the game and it's outcome mean nothing.

Brewers Babes: I love you woman

Fans February 24th, 2009

While searching for a gift on Amazon, I came across this pic. She's almost the perfect woman really.

Brewers fan babe

I don't even have to make eye contact!

Dear Bar Jukebox Player

Beer, Fans February 24th, 2009

Dear Bar Jukebox Player,

Hi, how are you today sir or miss? I understand that you have entered money into the jukebox to play some of your favorite songs. That is great, I can't wait to hear what interesting musical taste that you have. I am sure that you are very cultured and if I were to ask you what type of music you like you would tell me that you like "everything, except classical" likely followed by a short fake laugh. That's great. I totally know what you mean. I also understand that you are a big Milwaukee Brewers fan and I think that's great too. Three games last year eh? Not too shabby! I went to my fair share of games last year as well and maybe we should compare our feelings on them at some point. They were great last year, I agree. This sure is a great conversation, but before we go any further I'd like to ask you for a small favor. You see, you just entered money into this jukebox at this bar we are both attending and you are about to make your selections. This should be no problem, but the fact that you put money into the jukebox AND like the Brewers worries me a bit. I am sure that your taste in music is impeccable, but the fact of the matter is I'm worried. I'm worried because Corey Hart's at bat music sucks and I think that you are very likely to play it right now. I know, I understand. I enjoy the way he plays baseball too, but that song is bad. The fact that I just  found the lyrics on a site called Cowboy Lyrics should surmise why. I think we both came to this bar for the same reason to have a good time (and drink away lost feelings) and I just don't see us having a good time while listening to a song about a "God fearin’ hard workin’ combine driver". Surely, there are other ways to celebrate your love for the Brewers while also playing some fun music in this establishment. I think a good place to start would be by not playing that song now or ever.

Anyone with sense

P.S. Do not play Jason Kendall's song either. It gives me nightmares.