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Links for a spring morning

Baseball March 16th, 2009

Holy cow, is it nice out there or what? I went shopping for softball gloves yesterday and was too hot in my pants. Crazy. Speaking of softball, what is the deal with that? This is my first year joining a league and there are multiple ball sizes. Seriously? Is this a tremendous difference between a slow pitched 12.5 inch ball and a 14 inch? Is this really necessary for me to have different sized gloves?

On to the links..

Anthony Witrado's English Adventures Continued...: Al points out another classic A-Dub mistake. I love that it's Al pointing it out because he is quick to point out that he's no English major himself.

USA beats itself by slaughter rule: I remember when I was in little league and we lost a game once by slaughter rule. Even though I was 0-3 I still wanted to fight every single one of my teammates for letting this happen. I hope Youkilis doesn't feel the same way, he could probably do it.

Wait a minute, why am I talking about this?: BRAUN IS INJURED??!? I HATE THE WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC!!! I HATE THE DUTCH!!!

You know who else hates the Dutch? Matt Lindstrom: The WBC is no longer fun and games.

Brewers too reliant on home runs: You know, because that strategy worked so horribly for the Phillies.

Bill James wants a piece of me: Bill James comments on Rickie Weeks. I'm going to comment more on this later, but I'll give you a preview: I am going to challenge a 59 year old man to a fight.

Mets owners are greedy, jerks: Shocking, no?

We'll be back with more later. (A lot more actually.) Until then if you want links done right check out Brew Crew Ball who have been very kind to us in our short existence. (Sidenote: Does it bother anyone else that the Brewers and Cubs blogs on SB Nation both are initialized BCB? That bugs the crap out of me.)


Fans March 13th, 2009

I came across this on youtube today and I had to post it. As it's clearly stated in the Bro Code: A bro will, in a timely manner, alert his bro to the existence of a girl fight. This girl fight is pretty intense and looks to be taking place in our favorite parking lot.

Honestly though, can we even call this a catfight? These girls are bad ass and that girl in the black is a freaking MONSTER. My favorite part? The dude on the bike.

Have a good time out there this weekend. I got my season tickets in the mail today so I am going to spend my weekend staring at them. Try not to drink too much and if you see the girl in black DON'T GIVE HER MY NUMBER.

Give her my email.

Let’s pretend all the Brewers are from other countries

Baseball March 13th, 2009

I am a big fan of the site Walk Off Walk. The writers at that site are big fans of Rinku and Dinesh and their blog. The blog is pretty awesome and hilarious mostly due to the fact that it is poorly translated.

Yesterday locker room man coming to us from company Topps. He saying we sign contract. We telling him we not reading this english. we say he have talking JB sir. He saying he talking JB sir and JB sir say OK signing.

As I read this I am conflicted with dueling emotions. On the one hand I am elated on how awesome these words can be. On the other I am sad because these gentlemen are Pirates and the Brewers don't have any young Indian pitchers coming down the pipeline. Luckily for me, I have the inernet and through the magic of babel fish I can make any Brewer I want become a broken English speaking immigrant. (Is this wrong? Maybe. As you can probably tell I am ready for the season to start when playing with babel fish and posting pictures of guys in lucha masks is all I can come up with.)

  • Mike Cameron
    "Since they decided to pay $10 million to me, I don' t thinks they will seat that me in the bank. I don' t thinks that's good investment"
    "I will play until it is judged that I am not able to play more"
  • Rickie Weeks
    "They plows very straight forward That is what I want. Just tell me"
    "I am hardly trying to obtain to me right after both years last, I am trying to find my oscillation.."
    "They are both good signallers, if they were not, they would not be here. There are certain things that we are trying to work ignition and to perfect those so I can obtain better."
  • Manny Parra
    "He used that more changeup, he said, that never used he it before and that one outside reason of its success, I listened to that one and finishes of tries to incorporate it in my game"
  • Tony Gwynn Jr
    "I am beginning to terrify to me"
  • Alcides Escobar
    "J.J. and I, we' re very fresh, man. He is a good boy, good player."
  • JJ Hardy
    "Without knowing who it was or what position he played, I said, ' I have taste of this cabrito,"
  • Corey Hart
    "In that point, I finish requesting that it would be in the zone of strike and could put it in game."
    "If you play any sport, when you fight, you try to find something to take root on."
  • Ryan Braun
    "The initial humming has been incredible. It' s probably greater than we never anticipated."
    "I recognize that when you are at this level much people put to him in a pedestal, and she wants to a piece of you. "
  • Prince Fielder
    "I'm my worse critic, I'm very happy and so I have done, only I must keep working. There's portions of things that I need to obtain better in, defensive, everything."
    "While it can take a wood and make pivot it. I'm hardly happy. The brewers took the care from me. One hardly feels well. I can' t even explains it." (Somehow this one ended up being the complete opposite.)
    "I finish eating better, I don't knows. I'm fines now"

Yeah, I got nothing.

Brewers fan of the day

Fans March 11th, 2009

Brewers Luchadore

What should we call him?

La Brewka? Rey Brewsterio Jr? Brewventud Guerrara? El Hijo Del Brew Crew? Mil Waukscaras? The Brew Demon?


A glimpse into the future, a glimpse into the past

Baseball March 11th, 2009


Marmol gave up two runs in the 11th inning to blow a save in the Dominican Republic's 2-1 WBC loss to the Netherlands. Marmol made a key throwing error on a pickoff attempt.

A huge upset loss for the Dominican Republic as they were eliminated from the WBC and a likely emotional blow to Marmol. Still, he has plenty of time to recover for Opening Day.