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Is Tony Gwynn starting to panic or not?

Baseball March 5th, 2009

I'm confused. The headline in the Journal Sentinel reads "Injured Gwynn isn't hitting panic button - yet". Then the first line of the article reads:

"I'm starting to panic," the Milwaukee Brewers centerfielder said Tuesday, looking up from his chair with honesty slathered on his face.

So, is he starting to panic or not?

Seconds later, realizing how brutally candid he had just been, Gwynn reeled that statement back and said he was more like "extremely concerned."

Try to relax though, Tony. If you can get healthy and make the team, you're set. You'll be the top pinch runner and late inning defensive replacement. If you can't, you're most likely to get picked up by your dad's Padres or a team that will actually give you a real live starting job, something you will never get with the Brewers unless two or three guys get hurt at once. So, take it easy TGJ. The world is your oyster.

Tailgating scene

Miller Park March 4th, 2009

We're pretty swamped with work right now so updates will be sparse this week. Until then enjoy this video from when one of our favorite websites, Big League Stew, took the trip to Miller Park. Of course it was awesome.

To all da haterz

Fans March 3rd, 2009

Anthony Witrado: retard(Editor's Note: It seems as though local Brewers beat writer Anthony Witrado has had enough of the local blogosphere's picking on his writing. That's why he's here to defend himself.)

To all da haterz:

Yo, this yo boy the original A-Dub A.K.A. Stone Cold Killa A.K.A. Brewers beat writer Anthony Witrado and I am tired of y'alls bullsh*t. Its like, everyones gots a problem with my grammar and spelling and shit. Look, I ain't no English major. When I was in college I always skipped that stupid class to go party and sleep with girls, something readers of my mailbag probably know nothing about lol. And sometimes I say the Dodgers when I mean the Angels or mispell a pitchers name, to that I say .. uh... WHO CARES? Baseball is boring anyways, it's not like it matters who the Brew is playin or whose pitching for the other team. It's spring training man, nobody cares! I just file my reports as quick as possible so i can hit up the Maryvale scene. (I met this fine little shorty the other night at an 18 and up club, she had them apple bottom jeans boots with the fur (lol!). She said she had to get home before curfew, but I got her digits You Know.. hahaha.) If you want like real baseball news, like whose pitching and whos playing don't go to JSOnline! Go to like or whatever it is and get that info. I got better things to do, ya know? Read the rest of this entry »

Brew Babes: Licking the paper!

Fans March 2nd, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Is this real life? Is this really happening? Is this girl REALLY licking the paper?

Hot Brewers fan licks the paper

I love this picture so much.

Music to sip by: Kings of Leon

Fans March 2nd, 2009

One time last summer I thought it would be a good idea to drink tequilla and swim at the pool all day before a Brewers night game. (SPOILERS: It wasn't.) The memories aren't all quite there, but there is one thing that I do remember and am constantly reminded of: my complete obsession with Billy Joel that day. For some reason or another, all I wanted to do was listen to Billy Joel and whenever someone put something else on I changed it back to the Piano Man. I don't really recommend doing this. Your friends really end up liking you. I do recommend listening to music while tailgating as it can really amp up the experience. There is nothing quite like an air band breaking out mid-Bags game.

At the same time, the music has to be good. A lot of times I'll be walking through the parking lot and feel like John Belushi in Animal House when the guy is playing guitar on the stairs. That's not a good feeling and I think the people in that tailgate party know that their life really sucks. Who wants to listen to thrash metal before a baseball game? This isn't murderball guys. You need it to be a bit more laidback, but the second you let someone put on some sad girl music it's all over. Literally, over. Give up your seats kind of over. It's a tightrope your walking out there.

Luckily for you, I am here to recommend awesome music to listen to in the parking lot. Today's selection is Kings of Leon. This band straight up knows how to rock, but at the same time playing them in the background won't overpower everything else that is happening. A perfect mix for tailgate music.