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Reason to be happy: JJ Hardy

Baseball April 15th, 2009

JJ Hardy

With everyone being all doom and gloom (gloom, by the way, is a melancholy, depressing, darkness, shade or despondent atmosphere) about the first nine games of the season. I thought now might be a good time to shine some life on the good things going on with the Brewers. Like Corey Hart learning to take pitches and Rickie Weeks looking like Rickey Henderson. Today's reason to be happy is JJ Hardy.

JJ Hardy has hit home runs in his last two games. You don't have to be a 16 year old girl (or obese) to think this is a good thing.

No wonder we lost

Baseball April 14th, 2009

So, apparently Wilco was at the game last night and Jeff Tweedy threw out the first pitch. We know that most of the team are fans, but was this really necessary? I mean, Yovani is only like 23 years old do we really think he is ready for an album like Sky Blue Sky? Either Way doesn't exactly say "get excited, you are going to pitch today and strike a bunch of people out", more like "God, I just want to be done pitching so that I can return within myself and reflect on my life while listening to more Wilco." Plus, it can't do much for Jeff Suppan's confidence seeing as his first girlfriend fell in love with a drummer.

Please guys, let's leave the Wilco for the off season. All I want in the locker room is mindless hip hop and salsa. I don't want you guys listening to a few Wilco albums, playing like shit and drowning your sorrows in beer. I want you drowning your teammate's daughter in it.

The season is over, but at least we have this to look forward to

Baseball April 14th, 2009

I actually had someone say to me yesterday "if we can't beat the Reds, we're done." This is the eighth of one sixty two by the way, roughly 5% of the season. The Brewers are on pace to finish 77-84 and that is just not good enough to make the playoffs. We had a good run. So while the season may be over, at least we have these great individual seasons to look forward to because everyone knows what happens in the first week is what happens for the entire season.

Corey Hart: 69 Homeruns/115 walks/115 RBI/0 SB/.307 BA
Rickie Weeks: 23 HRs/23 BBs/23 SBs/92 RBIs
Mike Cameron: 23 HRs/46 SBs/Career High .298 BA
JJ Hardy: 23 HRs/115 RBIs to go with a .106 BA
Ryan Braun: 46 SBs unfortunately he hits 0 HR
Yovanni Gallardo: 23-23/6.93 ERA
Jeff Suppan: 0-46/12.89 ERA

So we got that going for us.

Opening Day: The Movie

Fans April 13th, 2009

Traffic almost ruined my Opening Day. I got up early and left myself plenty of time to get to the park. I guess I underestimated everyone else though because at about 11 o'clock I hit a traffic jam unlike any other. Just 3 miles from Miller Park we were left with little to no hope of making it inside the parking lot. So we improvised and hit a warehouse. My friends even got to ride rickshaws to the game. I hate them. So the Opening Day I envisioned and the following video aren't real close. It is what it is, I was still there and I still had a great time with a great win. #23 never looked so good.

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A picture worth a thousand words

Fans April 13th, 2009

Remember that whole rant we did against jerseys with your own name on them? Remember how we also complained about people wearing Packers gear to games? If you haven't read those posts, this about sums it up.

Dumb Brewers fan in a Favre Brewers jersey

Thanks to my friend Emily for forcing me to take a picture of this and the guy in the picture for thinking that I was taking it because I thought he was cool. Whoops, sorry guy. If you're reading this I just want you to know that it's not, you're not and I hope you spill mustard on it. I wouldn't pee in your ear if your brains were on fire.