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Baseball April 8th, 2009

What a day yesterday. First game of the season starts at three and then my power goes out til 11. You can imagine how that turned out and why I am writing the first post of the day at 11:30 in the morning. I mean, I had to go somewhere.

ANYWAYS, We finally had real baseball that we care about yesterday and it resulted in a loss. Big deal. While Tom H is basically calling for a firesale, but I see many reasons to be happy.

  • In the spirit of being right in small sample sizes, Rickie Weeks had a great game. As did Prince, Braun and Cameron. That's nice to see.
  • I don't think I am crazy when I say one of the keys to the Brewers repeating this year is to NOT be last in OBP again. Seven walks and only 3 IP for a pitcher like Tim Lincecum is a good sign.
  • Corey Hart hasn't learned a thing.
  • How lame were those pregame introductions by Ken Macha? "Starting in right field, he's got a hell of a swing and is gonna hit a lot of homers this year, Corey Hart." I would enjoy this more if he did it today and was all bitter about yesterday's loss. "Batting second and starting in right field, Mr. I Swing At Everything." "And the starting pitcher the guy I probably should have started yesterday because Suppan is terrible, Yovanni Gallardo."
  • Speaking of Suppan, I hate to pile on the guy. He is what he is. An "innings eater" which basically means a guy who can throw strikes, but isn't really fooling anyone because they can hit what he's throwing.
  • Counsell put a ball in the water, who knew?

Because I like being right in extremely small samples…

Baseball April 7th, 2009

Jeff Suppan

Thank god we don’t live in Toronto

Beer April 6th, 2009

Today is the first full day of games and everyone is getting their first chance to root for their team... except us (and Giants fans). This sucks and it's kind of lame that the team has to play a game, fly from San Francisco to Milwaukee, then play a game the next day; but whatever. The Giants need their rest! They played an exhibition game yesterday! If you're feeling sad about it, know this: it could worse.

There have been some infractions at the Skydome at “past events as a result of these infractions, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario announced Saturday that it is suspending the liquor license for Rogers Centre for three event dates in 2009.

The first suspension date is Tuesday, April 7, 2009 (Toronto Blue Jays vs. Detroit Tigers).

Opening Day! Seriously!

The day after Opening Day! Seriously!

Seven days to go…

Fans April 3rd, 2009

Monkey dance at opening day

Not much going on today, so we're taking the day off. Next week should be a pretty busy week at the site as we will finally have games to talk about and we will continue our countdown to Opening Day guides. Should be fun. I'm going to do my best to stay in this weekend. I want to save my drinking until Wrestlemania, the Opening Day party, the second game of the season party, the third game of the season party and then finally the Friday home opener extravaganza. I'm more excited than Scott when he figured out turning into the wolf would get him laid.

Have fun out there (and join our facebook group already).

Chivalrous or loser-y? You be the judge

Fans April 2nd, 2009

Just saw this video linked on Awful Announing and the way they play it up is that this Brewers fan saved this poor young girl from certain doom. That's one way to play it. Another way to play it is that this is a grown man wearing a baseball glove to a game who decides to make a diving catch for a ball that he was the only one within ten feet of.

Is he a true gentlemen? Or a loser? you be the judge!

Action is about 1:00 in.