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I need to hang with these dudes

Fans February 11th, 2009

There are two things I love in life. Break dancing and Miller Park. These dudes manage to combine it with drinking, making them my new best friends.

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JJ Hardy knows how to party

Baseball February 11th, 2009

If you live in Wisconsin or especially in the Milwaukee area you've heard your fair share of "Brewers out drinking" stories. One of the funniest I've heard was about Rickie Weeks and JJ Hardy out on the town for a night. This was shortly after JJ Hardy was selected to the All-Star team for the first time and in his attempts to get laid was basically telling every girl who would listen that yes, he was a Brewer and yes, he just made the All-Star team. The guy who told me the story said that Rickie Weeks was apologizing for his battery mate's douchery for most of the night.

Now, is this story true? I don't know. The thing is I can see it being true and it's funny, so I like it. Does it stop me from liking the guy? Of course not. I wouldn't trust the guy around my girlfriend. I am highly unlikely to buy him a drink if I see him out. I'd most likely make fun of him if he was doing anything close to what he's doing in this picture.

JJ Hardy

But he's a good baseball player and I want him to help the Brewers win.

That, in a nutshell is what this site is about. We're not here to do statistical analysis on the team, let someone else do that. We like drinking, we like baseball and we just want to have a good time. Especially if that good time is before or after a Brewers game. So let's party it up like our pal JJ here. Opening day is right around the corner.

Brewbay: Wisconsin shaped Brewers sign

Shop February 11th, 2009

Do you love the Brewers? Do you love Wisconsin? Do you wish you could display this love in sign form? Then this is the sign for you.

For only $9.99 you can have this awesome sign that the seller assures us "works well as a replacement to a poster", "can be hung on a door" and "can be washed with soap and water". THANK GOD.

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Eat for the cycle

Food February 11th, 2009

Have you ever ate for the cycle? Have you even ever heard of eating for the cycle? If you haven't done it or haven't even heard of it, I don't even know what to say to you. I mean, really? You call yourself a Brewers fan and don't even know what eating for the cycle is? Are you kidding me?

Ahem. For the uninitiated I offer a brief FAQ.

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Remember this game is called bags

Games February 11th, 2009

This game is called bags, not cornhole. Got it?

This game is called bags, not cornhole. Got it?

Let's talk about bags. If you are reading this site and have actually been to Miller Park I don't think I need to explain to you what bags is. If you need explaining as to what it is, visit this site and remember that they spell bags like cornhole. Don't ask me why.

That being said, I've been in more than one game where people have argued. Argued over the rules, where to stand, where to throw from, everything. Drunk people like to argue, what can I say? That's why right here, right now, we are setting the record straight on how to play. What we say goes. No more arguing. Got it?

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