May 10

Tim Dillard is Harry Caray

Hey, what's that? A baseball player, with a sense of humor? I've never heard of such a thing!

The sound quality isn't the best, but here's Brewers pitcher Tim Dillard delivering the starting lineups using the Will Ferrell Harry Caray voice. He's the dude playin' the dude, impersonating another dude!

[Nashville Sounds]

May 10

Corey Hart is hot

MLB: Brewers vs Astros May 27Not in the good looking sense, of course.

But in the playing good at the baseball sense, he is killing it right now. (Not only that but he also pairs well with Cold Mountain Creek.) He currently has 9 homeruns in 39 games (compared with 12 in 115 last year) and is really starting to heat up at a time when the Brewers could really use him.

Nobody can be sure as to why this is. You can attribute it to his new contacts, not swinging at the outside slider, the Insanity Workout, luck, working with Dale Sveum more or the inspiration he gained from watching The Blind Side. His numbers don't tell a story of a wholly different player, so you just can't know for sure what it is.

Luckily, I have a theory. The reason for Corey Hart's improvement thus far this season is simple, Jim Edmonds is a Brewer.

Corey Hart has been considered to be one of the Brewers building blocks for years now. In the minor leagues, he was never in danger of not starting and ever since his arrival in Milwaukee the same has been true. The Brewers have simply never had another option.

In 2008 he should have been benched in September (or at least given some rest), but he wasn't. After Kapler got hurt there was no one else.

In 2009 he was given every opportunity to play until an appendix ended his season.

Now in 2010, for the first time since joining the Brewers, he had a threat to his job and he didn't like it. Continue reading →

May 10

Nothing to see here, move along

Kind of a slow week huh? What do you want me to write about, Trevor Hoffman: middle reliever? Umm, no thanks.

We'll be back tomorrow with some nicer posts, but until then we are off to Miller Park to enjoy some daytime baseball and daytime beer and daytime brats, but mostly just daytime beer. Sweet, delicious daytime beer. Maybe I'll tweet during the game if I can get a signal in Miller Park. (Sidenote, screw you AT&T for not always working in Miller Park.) Otherwise enjoy today's musical guest, Metric. Go Milwaukee baseball team.

May 10

Is Trevor Hoffman the Smoke Monster?

It's a serious question, right?

John Locke was a good guy and he had a long track record of being reliable. Then one day he was taken over by a Smoke Monster and became the most evil man alive.

Trevor Hoffman was one of the greatest closers of all time and he had a long track record of reliability. Then one day he started to blow every save opportunity he had and gave up tons of homeruns, thus becoming pure evil.

Just a thought.

(Yeah, yeah I know he pitched a good eighth inning yesterday. It's a trap. I'm not falling for it.)

(Side note: Thank God that stupid show is over and I never have to watch it again. It's crazy how something that was once so great, that used to make me care about stuff could fail so miserably to make me care about anything in its final seasons and episode.)

May 10


You may notice a slightly different look on the website as well as the Yardbarker bar at the top of the page. There will probably be a few minor cosmetic changes going on for the next week or so. I doubt anyone cares, but for the three people who do here's what's up.

What does it mean? Miller Park Drunk is now a part of the Yardbarker network. They asked, I said yes.

Why? To gain a bigger readership and possibly make a little money.

Will the content change? No.

Seriously, will the content change? Okay maybe there will be a few less f-words (not that there was tons as it is), but overall no.

And that's it. Nothing more to see here.

Now, let's beat those Twins. Let's do it for Johnny!

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