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Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder and the 2011 MVP

milwaukee brewers August 30th, 2011

I'd like to make an argument that all Brewers fans are either "Ryan Brauns" or "Prince Fielders" to highlight the debate over the 2011 MVP.

The Prince Fielders of Brewer nation are the kind of guys who don't care about a pitcher's FIP or a player's WAR. They care about two things: hits and homeruns. The Ryan Brauns love the statistical stuff. Prince may have more homeruns and more RBIs, but Ryan Braun is the better player. His OPS is 44 points higher and the Ryan Brauns know it. The Ryan Brauns can even tell the Prince Fielders about it, but they won't care. "Scoreboard," they'll say and point to Prince's 29 HRs and 102 RBIs going into tonight. The Fielders will point to Nyjer Morgan's energy as a reason for the team's success. The Brauns will point at the pitching and say "duh."

The Ryan Brauns are the kind of people who love to go to the game and get the best seat available. Leaving the tailgate early to ensure they are in their seat for the first pitch. The Prince Fielders think the party doesn't stop because the game is starting. The Ryan Brauns drink, we all drink, but they don't drink Miller Lite by the gallon. They settle in with a mixed drink or a local brew. Do I even need to say what the Prince Fielders drink? (HINT: It's not water.) The Prince Fielders are the guys eating for the cycle. The Ryan Brauns eat a brat on their "cheat day."

I could go on and on and like I said I would like to make this argument, but I can't do it. Their looks, their playing styles, their strengths and weaknesses, even the numbers on their back can all be used to highlight differences between us as people and as Brewers fans, but they do not tell the story of the 2011 MVP debate. Read the rest of this entry »

9 Simple Rules For Dating A Cubs Fan

CUBBIES August 26th, 2011

There was a long period of time in my life where I actually wanted to be "the" Miller Park Drunk. It wasn't just going to be a clever name for me, it was going to be a lifestyle. I wanted to go to as many games as I possibly could, drink and eat as much as I could at those games and then wake up around noon hungover to write about my adventures on this site. That was the goal. Work hard in the winter and spend my summer drunk at Miller Park. It wouldn't be an easy thing to pull off, but I wanted to try because if there is one thing I love in this world more than myself this site and the Brewers it was being "the" Miller Park Drunk.

Last season I went to over 20 games and was drunk at many of them. I ate lots of good food at all of them. The Brewers won a few and lost a few more. I had great times and culminated the year with basically the best tailgate party ever, the Pants Party, that featured a pants-less keg stand by yours truly. I was doing it. I was living the MPD Lifestyle. The dream was becoming a reality, but that was last year and last year is over. This year? I've only been to one game.

Let that sink in for a second. The self proclaimed Miller Park Drunk has only been to one game and he only had like two beers at it. How did this happen? Why did this happen? How could this happen? Is the integrity of our universe in stable condition? Am I okay? Is this why I hardly update the site anymore? The answer to all of these questions isn't as bad as you may think it is. It's rather simple in fact, the reason that I stopped living the MPD Lifestyle is because I got a girlfriend. A girlfriend who was a Cubs fan. Read the rest of this entry »

Get a life Blue Jays fans

milwaukee brewers August 19th, 2011

Here is some recent comments we've had coming into the blog on one of our classic posts.

lawrie is goin hit 400 home runs bat 300 and be the hardest working guy on the feild. smd you brewer bitches lawries a great guy, marcums a old fuck face

Fucking retard, look at Brett lawrie now

Still like the trade???? Highest slugging % in MLB HISTORY after 30 at bats…… sorry brew crew but AA bent you over on this one

Looking like Toroto got the better deal now.. EH?

immature, cocky, brash and 21 years old. your posted pics were of all those descriptions alright mb drunk however you missed the key points. hit for avg, hit for power, HIT HIT HIT when it counts. and oh ya, EXCITING to watch. Brewers are all of that arent they? U suck and the Brewers suck.

Grande Slam tonight bitch

First of all, are there not Toronto Blue Jays blogs or something? Someone should start one of those up because apparently they have the internet in Canada now. Second, I realize that Canada is a little bit behind America in, well, everything, but are they just getting my posts from December now? This is OLD news. It's not like we've been sitting here tauning them about the trade the whole time. We knew Brett Lawrie would be good, we thought he might be awesome even, but we made the trade for the right reasons.

With that being said... Read the rest of this entry »

Casey McGehee, Milwaukee’s Dark Knight

milwaukee brewers August 4th, 2011

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight

Casey McGehee was a hero. He came from the Cubs two years ago (where they didn't think he was worthy of being a backup on their team) and ended up playing better than their much higher paid third baseman while becoming a hero to Brewers fans everywhere. His story was a good one, the kind of story that can only happen in baseball, a story of a guy who scouts didn't think much of who suddenly started hitting better than he ever had before in his whole life. He became a star and Brewers fans fell in love with Casey McGehee much in the same way they are falling in love with Nyjer Morgan today. His jerseys were everywhere and he could do no wrong in the eyes of his fans. Casey McGehee wasn't a top draft pick or the son of a former major leaguer, he was a working class guy that looked like he'd fit in great in the parking lot. Casey and the Brewers were a perfect match and love blossomed.

And then this season started. Read the rest of this entry »