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Prince Fielder signs with the Detroit Tigers

milwaukee brewers January 24th, 2012

Well here it is. The day we always knew would arrive has finally come and Prince Fielder is officially no longer a member of the Milwaukee Brewers. Some held out hope that the Brewers still had a chance and that the lack of big offers coming in early meant that he'd accept the Brewers original 5 year offer. It was a nice dream, but a dream that ultimately would never come to fruition. The Brewers made their pitch, Scott Boras didn't think it was good enough and that was that. We moved on, signed other guys and played the waiting game on Prince. We waited and waited and waited some more. We waited so long that we started saying things like "Maybe Prince will decide to be a free agent next year instead and come back on a 1-year deal!" We convinced ourselves that there wasn't an offer over 6 years out there and if that was all there was then we could match it, we could get Prince back! With Prince Fielder coming back the Brewers would be better than last year, heck, they'd be better than ever!

And then Prince Fielder signed a 9 year two-hundred-and-fourteen million dollar deal with Detroit.

I won't get too into the place where Prince Fielder decided to sign too much because who cares, but I will say this: it was about the money. It wasn't about playing first base because the Tigers already have a first baseman (who could move to thrid and be bad) and a catcher (who should probably move to first in the next couple years.) He'll be a DH in a year tops. It wasn't about winning (even though they are a lock for the AL Central for at least the next two years) because they are still in the AL and have to go through Boston and/or New York to get to the World Series. It wasn't about family because the chances of his family getting shot/hooked on drugs/turned out just went up about 5000%.

The reason Prince Fielder is a Detroit Tiger is because of the money and that's pretty much the only reason he is a Detroit Tiger. This isn't a bad thing. If someone is going to offer that to him he deserves it and he should take it. The Brewers certainly weren't going to (and thank god for that.) Good for you Prince. Get that money dog. I wish someone would pay me $214 dollars to write this site for the next nine years. I can't imagine what I'd do if you added six zeroes after that. That being said, Detroit? Really?

(While we're here how the hell does Detroit have the money to offer contracts like this? The population has dropped 25% in the last decade, the auto industry is a thing of the past and the city itself is going bankrupt. If I owned that team I'd be less concerned with Prince Fielder and more concerned with getting the hell out of Detroit.)

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Brew Year’s Resolutions

Baseball, milwaukee brewers January 16th, 2012

It's been more than two weeks, over a fortnight, since the world awoke to a new year. And though New Year's day is really just another day we're forced to trudge through in this harsh and unforgiving hellscape called "life", the beginning of the calendar can serve as the origin point for significant personal change and improvement.

In 2011, I started a business. I met my incredible now-girlfriend. Death From Above 1979 reunited, and I saw them in Chicago. The Packers won the Super Bowl and Brewers had an unforgettable season. Still, I look back on 2011 and I think it--for the most part--sucked maj dog-dick. Sure, it looked good, on paper, but I'm still a fish-lipped geek without heath insurance who's living in a shitty 2 BR upper on the Southside of Milwaukee. I have only 145 Twitter followers... almost all those are of the fake hot chick virus robot account variety. Almost every one of my major life goals remains unmet. Things could always be better. So it's nice to feel like the flipping of a calendar can bring change, usher in improvement and make room for personal growth... even though, you know, none of that stuff will probably happen.

The Brewers, too, enjoyed a decidedly good 2011. However, any season not ending in a World Series win is one to be improved upon. Obviously, the club aspires to win the World Series this year, even though the Alex Gonzalez signing seems to indicate otherwise (rim shot!). Beyond that, we can only speculate the resolutions of each individual Brewers player. And since signing Brooks Conrad and a lumpy ginger to minor league deals isn't exactly post worthy, speculate is exactly what I'll do. Here are your 2012 Brew Year's Resolutions.
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