I just got home from tonight's game (I actually went to all three this weekend) and had one quick thought about tonight's game. I don't want to talk about Soup or my boyfriend Rickie, I just want to say one thing.

If Milton Bradley doesn't get hurt, Prince Fielder hits a grand slam and we have a completely different baseball game. Reed Johnson won this game for the Cubs, hands down. Why didn't Piniella move Fukudome to RF and have Reed play CF, a preferable defensive alignment, when he came in? Dumb luck. Not only was it dumb luck, it's a perfect example of Reed Johnson making Piniella look like a genius (instead of the three pitchers in one inning, two days in a row at the beginning of April guy he is).

The score says 8-5 and it counts as a loss, but watching the game and seeing the things that happened give me no reason to worry.

Except for Suppan, what is up with him?

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2 comments on “A quick word about tonight’s game

  1. we need suppan to shift to the bullpen. this can’t realistically happen until trevor hoffman comes back though, as villanueva and mcclung are/were our long term relievers/ex starters. give suppan a total of 5 starts, if he can turn it around and look like a decent 5, we go with him, but if he continues down the path he’s been, he can’t be out there every 5th day. we can’t cut suppan cuz of the 12 mil he’s making, straight up, and in the bullpen, we can at least limit the number of innings suppan would get, maybe put seth back in the 5 spot and see that crazy red head mow em down, either way we can’t have pitchers throwing four pitch walks to koyie hill.

  2. Miller Park Drunk on said:

    I wouldn’t do anything until Capuano came back.

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