Mike CameronMy undying love for Mike Cameron is well documented and if you think I wasn't biting a few nails as the August trade deadline rolled around, well, then you haven't been paying attention have you? A lot of people were pining for the team to trade away Cameron and a few of the other veterans, but count me among the people who agreed with the team's course of action. The Brewers will once again be contenders for the playoffs next year and a sell off just to save money is pointless. In fact, it's probably counter productive because as has been pointed out ad nauseum the Brewers sold three million tickets this year, therefore the Brewers need to put a good product on the field for the rest of the season and a good product doesn't go by the name of Jody Gerut. (Whether that's a fair statement or not, I don't really feel like getting into.)

Anyways, I have no doubts that the 2010 Brewers will be better than the 2009 Brewers. I mean, there is no way that the pitching staff could be THIS BAD again. Even if you put the same guys out there next year they would have to improve (5 of the top 6 Brewers in innings pitched (Looper, Suppan, Parra, Bush and Villanueva) have the worst FIP of their career, which doesn't even seem possible when you really think about it). Beyond that you could hypothetically think that the offense, despite it's amazing-ness now, could be even better next year. A full season of Weeks, GAMEL, a halfway decent Corey Hart and anyone besides Kendall, it's exciting to think of the possibilities. The team will be good again next year and I fully expect them to be a contender. Well, as long as they re-sign Mike Cameron I do.After the golden trio of Braun, Fielder and Gallardo, Mike Cameron has been the most valuable Brewer this season worth 3.9 Wins Above Replacement. He's third on the team in home runs, RBIs and runs and fourth in OPS, SLG and wOBA. Defensively he's been the team MVP with a UZR of 8.6 (or saved the team 8 runs with his glove). According to the Value section of his fangraphs page, Mike Cameron has been worth $17.4m to the Brewers this season. Of course none of this takes into account his ATI (awesome teammate index) of 47,000,000 or his smooth, attractive black man rating of 5 Denzels. In my mind the Brewers wouldn't be the Brewers without Mike Cameron and I think Mike Cameron knows it because he wants to be back.

"I would be willing to make a sacrifice to make that happen," he said. "You just never know how it's going to work out financially. It would be cool, because I like it here. Doug [Melvin, the Brewers' general manager] is pretty straightforward, and it's just a matter of what direction they want to go in."

You hear that Doug? He'd be willing to make a sacrifice to stay here! (Virgin or animal?) If the direction you want to go in is the playoffs then re-signing Mike Cameron should be a priority. Now I'm not a psychologist, but when someone comes out and says something like this you should probably make them an offer, immediately. It's like a girl asking you to go talk some place private, you don't ask if you can re-schedule the talk for when she is sober. After the season things get muddled. Other teams call the agent, the agent starts working his ear telling him this team or that team is interested, then you start overthinking things and talking yourself into Melky Cabrera. Listen to me very carefully when I say this Doug, DON'T DO IT! Just re-sign him now. He wants to be here, he wants to be in Milwaukee. I repeat,

He wants to be in Milwaukee.

A few years ago nobody wanted to be in Milwaukee. Now? An above average player, the third best player on your team, is willing to take a discount to stay here. Keep him. Who cares if he is old? He has seen virtually no drop off between this year and last. His speed, bat speed and all the other things you look for in a decling player are still there. Not only that, but there is nobody on the free agent market next year that can come close to matching his production. Rick Ankiel? Andruw Jones? Gerut/somebody platoon? Don't kid yourself Doug, Mike Cameron is your best option. None of these guys can do what Cameron does for this team. A one year contract won't kill you. Make it happen. It's the right thing to do.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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5 comments on “Do the right thing Doug, bring back Mike Cameron

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I agree but still thought it was going to be about the cheese fries in a helmet

  2. SconnieGirl808 on said:

    Wow – I totally didn’t factor the ATI factor into my fantasy draft choices this season. That my explain my inability to crack 1st place in my league.

    That aside, I think Cameron replaced Hart as my Favorite Brewer Ever when he said he’d be willing to sacrifice a bit to stay with the Brewers. Who SAYS stuff like that anymore in pro-sports?

    (And no, I don’t really have a good explanation as to why Corey Hart is my favorite player, other than I liked his at-bat choice of “These Are My People” in the 2007 (I think) season.)

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