In an interview with a small town Illinois newspaper Gorman Thomas said that he would "like to play again." When asked why now, 23 years after retiring, he wanted to come back Gorman said that he'd "like to help the Cubbies finally get that World Series." Cubs general manager Jim Hendry declined to comment, but did admit that there was interest.

UPDATE: Gorman tells ESPN's Buster Olney that his quotes were taken out of context and he is enjoying retirement.

UPDATE 2: When asked why he would come back with the Cubs and not the Brewers Gorman said that he felt that Brewers management had wronged him and that Dale Sveum still owes him money from a poker game. He doesn't plan a comeback at this time, but admits playing for the Cubs "would be fun" and that "Wrigleyville seems awesome, lots of bars."

UPDATE 3: Reports are in that Gorman Thomas is in a helicopter over Chicago taking a physical and after he passes they will land the helicopter and he will sign a one year deal.

UPDATE 4: Gorman Thomas opted not to sign at the last minute citing air sickness and will stay retired. "It was the hardest decision I've ever not made. I hit .187 in my last season, who am I kidding? I still want my money Dale."

UPDATE 5: Reports out of Chicago have Gorman Thomas driving down I-94. He recently tweeted "on my way to wrigley field" so it appears a signing is imminent.

UPDATE 6: Gorman calls on his cellphone to report that his tweet was misread and he was actually on his way to "Wrigley Fold", a popular dry cleaning shop in Wrigleyville. Why he gets his dry cleaning done in Wrigleyville I cannot answer.

UPDATE 7: Just received this text from Gorman, "I'm back. Not." Followed by this one "Just kidding. Really, I'm not."

UPDATE 8: He's back. It's official.


UPDATE 9: Gorman has retired again. World doesn't care.

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