JJ sure does miss Rickie

March 24th, 2010

We've heard in a few different places that Rickie Weeks misses JJ Hardy and that JJ Hardy misses Rickie Weeks. They were teammates, they occasionally turned double plays together, they even went out drinking together. Rickie and JJ were friends, both inside and outside of baseball and they remain friends to this day. It's hard enough to keep up with friends that you don't see everyday as it is, but how do you keep up with friends that you don't see everyday and play for another team? Well, by emailing each other of course.

Rickie said to JJ:

Hey bro,

Just wanted to check in and see how things are going. Things are pretty good here and the team is looking good. That Escobar is pretty good, but I still miss turning the double plays with you. Hopefully we'll meet each other in the World Series this year! Anyways, I gots to go right now. Me and some of the guys are going out to a club with Braunie. (Before you ask, yes he is wearing a Remetee with a long sleeve dress shirt underneath. As if you even had to ask.) Hope you're having a good spring man.


JJ said to Rickie:

yo ricky,

man spring is a lot different over here. my best friend on the team is prolly joe, but i dont get to hang with him much. after the games the team locks him in this room that makes him like that bubble boy from seinfeld. hes got the gloves and everything! surprised the brewers never did that with braun rly. the rest of the team is pretty cool. except for delmon young, i went up to him and was like "hey want some skittles?" and he threatened to hit me with a bat if i didnt give him some! i was like "uhh, i just asked you if you wanted some." weird. i guess his brother is even weirder. feel free to call or text me anytime man. its boring here!


And Rickie said to JJ:

lol thats so funny about mauer. i heard he got paid tho, if the brewers paid me like that i'd let them put me in a bubble too. we got this new guy on our team called katterass or something and he's almost as good looking as you. no homo. hes greek tho so he's always got these weird smelling meats and i think he puts butter in his hair. its so slick man! i know about that young guy, he's crazy. you should watch yourself. i gotta go hit some balls now, but i gotta ask whats jim thome like?

So then JJ said to Rickie:

you should see mauer since he signed that contract, it's awesome. last night he just gave me $100 and told me to go get him a pack of gum and to keep the change.

man jim is CRAZY. i should give you his email because he writes the craziest stuff. he's such a nice guy tho. i just dont think he understands the concept of the internet. like he'll send me these emails that say "call me i want to talk to you about something" and i call and hes like "whats up". its like why didnt you just say that in the email lol. i really like him tho. not as much as you tho man. i really miss you. you should call me. i dont have any plans tonight.

And Rickie said to JJ:

That's cool. I can't call tonight I am going to play laser tag with Counsell. Maybe later this week.

So JJ said to Rickie:

dats cool man. hey, have you ever checked out this movie twilight? i know it seems really stupid, but its actually pretty cool. theres this vampire dude who sparkles in the sun and hes got this hot girlfriend who isn't a vampire. its pretty neat. i am getting into the books now. theres this one part where they play baseball and everyone hits like crazy. i should have become a vampire last season and maybe i'd still be a brewer lol. if you want to give me a call after laser tag thats cool. i'll just be home reading this book. i miss playing with you man, those were the best days of my life.

Before he could reply JJ said to Rickie:

hey rick, jj again. i hate to be all email stalker, but i was just thinkin about that time we talked about getting houses next to eachother in florida or hawaii when we retire. were you serious about that? because i was totally serious man. i really want us to retire together and live next door. our kids could be best friends and go to the same school. it'd be awesome man.

And then JJ said to Rickie, AGAIN:

man this twilight book is amazing. i gotta send it to you. you will love it man. i am crying right now. tears are streaming down my face. love you man.

So Rickie said to JJ:

Dude, seriously. Enough with the emails. You're freaking me out.

And JJ had nothing left to say, but:


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2 comments on “JJ sure does miss Rickie

  1. Anonymous on said:

    how is jj doing anyways?

    anyone know what time the parking lot opens on opening day?!? nothing like brats for breakfast…

  2. Anonymous on said:

    if you roll with big jim, rest assured you’re hunting. big jim thome was a beloved figure here on chicago’s southside, and it’s reported that even the general manager wanted to have him back where ozzie (thankfully) said fuck that

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