Last night I went to the Brewers game with wezen-ball and on the drive home I formulated in my head an entire post that I wanted to write about the Brewers recent home stand. I was all set to write it right when I got home. Then I got home and decided to write it in the morning, but I was going to get up extra early to write it. I set my alarm for early in the morning and was all set to wake up and write about the Brewers, but then the morning came and I hit snooze and slept til 11:30.

This is how watching the Brewers can make you feel. I don't want to stop watching them, I don't want to stop supporting them and I don't want to stop doing this blog, but I just don't feel any sense of urgency to do any of those things. It's tough. Outside of Trevor Hoffman, I don't really want anyone to lose their job. I don't hate them, they just make me say "ehh" and that is a place you don't want to be. I imagine that some of you are in a much worse place than I am when it comes to this team. That's why I have prepared this mini-FAQ on the Brewers suckitude.

Do the Brewers suck?

Right now, yes. Overall, probably not.

Should I throw in the towel on the playoffs?

No, but you should probably pick up the towel and be prepared to throw it. This team does have a good, long stretch of winning baseball ahead of it. It's impossible for them not to (my guess is July). They haven't even played the Astros yet and have barely played 1/4 of the season. Still, seven games under .500 is seven games under .500 and at some point you can get too far back.

Should I boo them?

No. Booing is stupid and only makes them want to play their games somewhere besides Miller Park. Why should Pittsburgh get all the Brewers wins? That's not fair.

Why do the Brewers hate Milwaukee?

I think they're pissed because the Wisconsin weather teased us with an early summer with beautiful weather in early April followed by cold weather for the next six weeks. I honestly can't say I blame them.

Should we fire Ken Macha?

Now, that is the million dollar question. For answers to that and more continue reading the Monday Mailbag.

Ken Macha, gone before or after Memorial Day? - Jake

Is Macha headed for the HOF with Griffey since they both like to sleep during games? - Scott

brewerparadise Think Macha will get fired before mid-June?

jae_dubb How does next Monday sound for a Macha firing? Does he need a 3-4 road trip at minimum to make it through next week?

Tanner1976 Bring back Ned Yost! Trade Escobar to the Royals to bring him back! Throw in Hart and Davis if necessary.

How worried should Macha be about his job? - Lara

Any chance that Doug Melvin could be relieved of his duties midseason? - Scott

If we're going off of public opinion I am guessing that Ken Macha should be fired, but is that the right move? Is it the right move, Casey McGehee?

"He ain't thrown a pitch, he ain't hit a ball, he ain't made an error. None of that," McGehee said. "I think sometimes managers get too much credit and too much blame sometimes. When it ain't going right, it ain't going right. There's nothing you can say or do. He's trying to keep us all together and we're all fighting. I think the manager's biggest job is to make sure he's getting effort out of his guys, and I'd be hard-pressed to find anybody that questions the effort that's taking place out there. It might not always look pretty, it might not always go our way, but I think the way we battle says enough about the coaching staff and our manager."

Excellent point. This isn't Macha's fault and he's doing the best he can with what he has. Does that mean he shouldn't be fired? Of course not! He's a baseball manager! He only exists to write names on a lineup card and for us to complain about. He's just holding the job until we find someone else to complain about. (Hello, Willie!)

From a PR standpoint the Brewers need to do something to show the casual public that "yes, we are doing whatever we can to make this right and start winning at home again" and their only real option is to fire Ken Macha. He broke one of baseball's unwritten rules by having a crappy home record and that can't be stood for any longer. It's not fair to him, but who cares about his feelings? He's a stupid baseball manager! He probably lost to the Phillies on purpose because he lives in Pennsylvania.

acwilber What is the guy wearing the Favre Vikings jersey doing in my section? And why is this guy yelling at him?!

What is this, a question from last summer?

can we skip the tazer and just use rubber bullets and billy clubs to stop people from running on the field? - Roberto

Are you on drugs? Tazers are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Have you ever seen someone get tazed? It is AWESOME!

blind_sherpa what is craig counsell's favorite pizza place in milwaukee?

This question was a bit out of my league so I contacted Milwaukee's best pizza review website, Doctors of Za and asked for their input. Here's what they had to say:

My sources tell me that the little guy is quite partial to Monkey Joe's, a national chain with a location in Waukesha. No word on what Craigers thinks of the pizza itself, but he reportedly loves the inflatable slides and the ball pit. Hold your child's party on an off day during a home stand and chances are, you'll see the two-time World Champ pounding orange soda and jumping around until his parents make him go home and start on his homework.

If we're talking straight up Milwaukee though, I'd have to guess Lisa's Pizza because it's not too exceptionally far from his Whitefish Bay residence, and it's fucking sw33t.

- T. Mario

Who the hell thought that Davey Nelson was a serviceable place holder for Uecker on the radio? Who would you have selected? - Dan

In all honesty, I was surprised they had anyone replace him. Why couldn't Cory Provus just call these games alone? I would have been okay with that. I like the way he says "Brewers Radio Network", he really gives it his all.

Whatever happened to the big "Vote 4 Rickie" campaign you were going to do? R.W.

Don't even talk to me right now Mr. 0-5 with 3 strikeouts in the 14 inning game I had to sit through.

do you attend less games/drink less when the brewers are performing poorly? - Erika

If I have tickets to a game, I go. If there is a Wednesday or Thursday day game and I don't have to work, I go. There's been a few times where I will hang out in the parking lot and go into the ballpark later than usual if I don't think they have a good shot of winning the game, but that's a pretty rare occasion. When they aren't playing well the hardest thing to do is find someone to go with you if you have an extra ticket.

I don't think anyone should drink less, win or lose. Drinking is awesome, it makes boring people seem interesting.

Is there any truth to the rumor of the govt. bailing out Melvin with a Cash for Closers program? - Jay

Can you do a cost-benefit analysis between staying in the parking lot vs. going inside? Assume 2 beers purchased(at $6.75 each) if you go in but also assume no one will take that extra ticket off your hands. - Jake

I don't know about a cost-benefit analysis (it's more expensive), but I could do a coolness-benefit analysis.

As you can see from the graph hanging out in the parking lot is pretty cool before the game starts, but hanging out in the parking lot for the entire duration of a nine inning game is extremely lame.

What needs to happen for Chris Capuano (who has a 0.00 ERA after 8 IP in Nashville, and is awesome) to get another shot in Milwaukee? - Tyler

It's going to happen. It's impossible for it not to happen, but I think they are going to take their time with him before bringing him up considering he hasn't pitched in two years. Still, I can't wait for the day it does.

(By the way, what does it say about the state of Brewers pitching that we are anxiously awaiting the return of a guy who hasn't pitched in two years and once pitched in 22 straight losing games?)

blind_sherpa when do you think trevor will make it to 600?


Should I just go ahead and put in my application for Ryan Braun's Restaurant?- Ken M.

No, you would look terrible in a Remetee.

thischarmingham when can we start freaking out? is now a good time to freak out?

If the Brewers make it to ten games under .500, I can accept applications for freaking out but most will be rejected. If they get to ten games under .500 and don't make a single serious non-injury related roster change, I will accept applications for freaking out and give them a serious look through. Overall though, I don't plan on accepting applications for freaking out until the All-Star break. There is still so much baseball left to play and the Brewers still have one of the best lineups in the NL. I just can't see them being this bad all year long.

The other night I cut the head off my Jeff Suppan bobblehead and replaced it with the head of a dead kitten. Am I going to hell? - Michael

Depends what you did with the rest of the dead kitten.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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6 comments on “Mailbag Monday: Fire Ken Macha

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I def. agree with the booing, i think thats the stupidest thing, thats what a hole fair weather fans do. i mean i love to boo the other team but it’s dickish to do it to the brewers, even if they do suck lately

  2. Fellow Drunkard on said:


    Why not? Unless there is no reasonable replacement, in which case we just tough it out until the team lives up to their potential.

    Who IS a reasonable replacement?

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  4. Anonymous on said:

    They can fire Macha as long as Doug Melvin goes with him. The reason that this team isn’t going anywhere is lack of pitching. Melvin has a long track record that dates back to his days in Texas of a guy that can’t find pitching. I thank Doug for getting the Brewers back to respectability but it’s time to go in a new direction.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    I am all for the firing of Ken Macha. The Brewers need to shake up things and fast. Watching that guy doing his post game interview is mind numbing. He doesn’t even seem upset with the fact that we were just lost 8 games in a row. Show some passion out there before someone show you the door. The “Fire Ken Macha” facebook page is alive and well, so join now!

  6. Anonymous on said:

    hoffmans a washed up shell of a player flush him now

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