rickpetersonI've been a fan of Drew Rick Peterson for a long time. His approach to a pitching staff is a pretty simple one of throw strikes, don't walk people and don't give up homeruns. Oh, and don't get injured. I've argued in the past that it is injuries to pitchers, above all else, that cost the Brewers their 2009 season and sometimes I almost believe it. Rick Peterson, it seems, believes it too.

They won 80 games with a (rotation) ranked last in the league. If you can just get it to the middle of the pack, you're probably looking at 90 wins.

So we agree then? Awesome. Today, I read an old interview he did with Baseball Prospectus (which you should totally read) and found something that even Manny Parra can get excited about.

BP: Does this mean you need to be incredibly smart to pitch for the A's?

RP: No, not at all.

Clearly this is a great, great hire for the Brewers and I really couldn't be more excited about it. He wants to integrate an organizational philosophy on pitching, a philosophy that Doug Melvin also wants and I think he's the perfect man to do the job. His philosophy worked great in Oakland and then not so great in New York, but I always felt that was more to do with the Mets not being open to his ideas than anything he did. Give the "Big 3" all the credit you want to for his success, but the Brewers are putting his chances of success in Milwaukee in his own hands and I don't think he's going to let us down.

Peterson told the press that he couldn't wait to get started and would begin studying the current staff immediately. I imagine he's going to be watching a lot of video and then doing a report card of sorts. We here at Miller Park Drunk always want to do our best to help and have compiled a guide to the pitching performances that can help guide Peterson in his studies. What can I say? We're the giving sort.

  • Yovani Gallardo: Watch every start. Twice. Turn him into your new Tim Hudson. Thank you.
  • Braden Looper: Under any circumstances, do NOT LOOK INTO HIS EYES.
  • Jeff Suppan: Watch two starts. One win and one loss. Skip the rest, they are exactly the same.
  • Manny Parra: Hire a team of physicists, doctors, psychics, psychologists, chemists, therapists and a few analrapists (analysts/therapists) to watch these games. Hopefully someone will be able to come up with something to break the code that is Manny Parra.
  • Dave Bush: Keep him healthy. Put him on a strict diet of tea leaves and portabella mushrooms and only have him go outside on days when it's over 70 degrees. Whatever it takes.
  • Trevor Hoffman: Skip it. Can't teach an old dog a new pitch.*rimshot*
  • Todd Coffey: Work on that running time. I think we can get it under 3 seconds.
  • Seth McClung: More strikes. Also, if you have the time please work on him with his grammar and general spelling. I mean, have you seen his twitter?
  • Carlos Villanueava: Don't watch anything before 2009. That player is gone now.
  • Mitch Stetter: Only watch him vs LHB
  • Mark DiFelice: Only watch him vs RHB

Hope that helps Rick. Seriously though, it's great to have you and if you can turn Manny Parra into something of value I will personally carve your name into the Brewers Walk of Fame. This is the first move the Brewers have made for the 2010 season and no matter who is signed from here on out it could very well turn out to be the best.

Get excited.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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3 comments on “Miller Park Drunk welcomes Rick Peterson

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Maybe Manny Parra is a never-nude and all of his craziness comes from the fact that his cut-offs don’t fit under his uniform…

  2. Anonymous on said:

    i think there is only one certified analrapist

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