300 Days of Fielder

August 12th, 2010

Last night the Brewers saw a pretty cool record take place. No, I'm not talking about becoming only the seventh team in history to give up four straight homeruns in an inning. That'd be stupid. Why would I want to talk about that? HUH? WHY!? MY PARENTS GOT DIVORCED WHEN I WAS A KID DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT TOO!? (*takes deep breath, hugs Teddy Ruxpin*)

No, what I am talking about is Prince Fielder starting his 300th consecutive game. He already broke Robin Yount's 274 game streak earlier this season, but you know how baseball is with it's big round numbers and 300 just sounds better than 274. Coming on a week in which we saw the Brewers roll out an outfield of Alcides Escobar, Joe Inglett and Lorenzo Cain because of injuries to Braun and Hart, it becomes even more impressive. I mean, if you put Braun, Fielder and Hart in a lineup and asked someone to pick the healthiest of the three would anyone pick Prince? Anyone? Yet, that's the way it's been for over two years now. In fact, since becoming a Brewer Prince Fielder has never spent anytime on the DL and the least amount of games he's played in a full season is 157. Since 2006 Prince has appeared in 751 of a possible 763 games. Seriously. Prince is the shit, yo.

The most impressive thing about Prince Fielder as that through all of this he has remained consistent throughout the year. Unlike the "Iron Man" of baseball, Cal Ripken, Prince Fielder is a real man and he plays some of his best baseball in September and October. (Cal Ripken's September/October batting average, slugging and OBP were all lower than any other month and by quite a bit. It's true, you could look it up.) For some reason Prince Fielder in September is a hell of a lot scarier than Prince Fielder in April and that is a good thing.

We've talked many times about Prince Fielder. We've said that he will be gone soon (because he will) and we have said that a lot of you won't know what you had til it's gone. This is true. We are going to miss Prince Fielder a lot and that's why this record is so nice. You'd never be surprised to see Prince's name in the Brewers record books under homeruns or RBIs. He's a monster at the plate, but one day someone new will come along and challenge his consecutive games record and you will think to yourself "Wait, what? Prince Fielder played over three hundred consecutive games? Really? Damn, that guy was awesome." And you will be right.

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    thought this was gonna be about prince leaving when he hits UFA

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