The Milwaukee Brewers open up a strange four game road trip today in Los Angeles. The Brewers will play two in Los Angeles and then two in San Diego before returning home Friday when they will be like "aww man, I want to go back to California."

The Brewers are 6-2 over their last 8 games and finally pushed themselves past the Pirates in the standings, but still remain two games under .500. For the Brewers to continue to push themselves towards the top of the NL Central and an expected playoff birth they need to play well in this small West Coast swing. It won't be easy. The Padres have some great pitching and the Dodgers are a baseball team.

Beyond baseball there are a lot of distractions that come with a West Coast road trip. There's beaches and clubs and movie stars and Disney Land, it's rough out there. For the Brewers to have success on this road trip they need to avoid all distractions. That's why we've put together this list of the four biggest threats facing the Brewers on this road trip and why they need to avoid them.

4. A Tour of Ryan Braun's House

We've all been there. We think we're just going over to someone's house for a nice dinner and maybe some drinks, but then we spend the next three hours getting a grand tour of the house and hearing about how the host "got a great deal on this faucet." Gross. Stay away if you want to get any sleep.

3. Soup's Sports Grill

I know what you're thinking "Oh Jeff Suppan is our former teammate we should check out his place," but that would be a terrible idea. For one thing if the food is anything like his pitching it's way overpriced and will send you to the showers, or in this case the bathroom, by the fifth bite. Secondly, that place was built on the ashes of your championship dream. Think we forgot about game four Jeff? Never.

2. That awful "I Love LA" song

Let's forget a second that Randy Newman ruins five minutes of every movie his songs appear in. Let us also forget that this song plays after the Dodgers win so we definitely don't want to hear it and instead focus on just how bad this song is.

Originally intended to be (somewhat) satirical with it's references to LA's homelessness and poverty, the song has morphed into a straight forward love letter to LA which has made Randy Newman even richer and somehow made his song more worthy of my hate. (As if being the anthem of the the Dodgers/Lakers/Kings/Galaxy/OJ Simpson wasn't reason enough to hate it.) Despite all of that the song's biggest offense is that no matter how much I hate the song I cannot help but to get it stuck in my head. For this alone Randy Newman is an awful, awful man.

Seriously guys, just wear earplugs or something. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go stick a screwdriver in my ear.

1. Kardashians

No explanation necessary.

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3 comments on “4 Things for the Brewers to avoid on their 4 game road trip

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Nyjer Morgan wants to know if this applies to him too. Specifically, the Kardashians one.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    you should add on….staying away from the dubass running this site

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