9 Totally True Milwaukee Brewers Stories That Will Literally Blow Your Mind (For Real!)

Warning: These Brewers facts may change everything you know about reality.


kyle lohse

He is developing his own program called "Lohga."


mark reynolds

Nike is hoping to settle out of court.


Scooter Gennett

Scooter has his own YouTube channel where he posts his "bitchin" Razor Scooter tricks.


mark attanasio

Mark sold it to Facebook for a hundred million dollars.


bob uecker

Bob Uecker also made moves on Miss Elizabeth in the 80s, but he was unable to close the deal.


ryan braun

It is a big hit at parties, but his girlfriend/fiance/wife doesn't like it when he does it.


carlos gomez

The S stands for Sebastian.


Ed Sedar

He owns three cats: Twinkles, Sprinkles and Rexx.


Ron Roenicke

He sent a gift basket and a card.

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