A Brief History of MPD Memes

August 17th, 2012

In case you guys haven't figured this out by now I am down with internet memes. I like to stay current on them, I think they are funny and I like to figure out a way to integrate them into the Brewers. This is what led to the creation of LOLBREWERS, the official MPD tumblr. From Sad Keanu all the way to McKayla is not impressed I love them all. (Except for that overly attached girlfriend one. That one doesn't really do it for me/hits too close to home.) Memes are fun, even if they are a major cause of brain rot and in ten years people will communicate exclusively through a white Impact font with black outlines.

Over the years we've used quite a few here at the site and even created a few of our own. Since I have Chikara brain today (Which is tonight! Get your tickets! See you there!) and am having trouble stringing sentences together I thought I'd compile all we've done in the past in one handy, dandy post. So let's do that now.

The first instance I could find of memes being incorporated into the site was when we penned LOLBREWERS: First Place Edition back in 2009. (Wait, the Brewers were in first place at one point in 2009? I completely forgot that.) This wasn't the modern "funny words in all caps Impact" font style, this was some straight up LOLCATS stuff complete with awful spelling. Simpler times.

I seem to remember that post being a big hit at the time (80 views) and would later come back to it. The next post we did that was inspired by memes (I think) was the Brewers flow charts. I really don't remember how I came up with this idea, but it was fun.

In July of 2009 we would return to the well with LOLBREWERS: All Star Edition.

All of this was before we had Photoshop so we lied low on the memes for awhile. In April 2010 we would come back with our first video meme. It was based off a Google commercial that (I think) aired during the Super Bowl that everyone was making parodies of at the time. This one centered on Gregg Zaun and his early season slump.

There was also Jeff Suppan. Of course.

The Brewers went to LA in May of 2010 and we answered with LOLBREWERS: I Love LA.

Gregg Zaun wasn't the only Brewer that didn't play well in 2010. We also had Trevor Hoffman lose his mojo and drive me absolutely insane. How insane? I wrote this post titled Even the Animals Hate Trevor Hoffman. I don't even know.

And who can forget the end of Jeff Suppan brought to you by Keyboard Cat?

This picture of Mark Attanasio's son Dan is the first picture I can find where I used Impact font outside of LOLBrewers because Summerfest.

June 2010 also saw our first use of a meme with, what else, Sad Keanu. Posted on our facebook page.

August saw us dip back into the video meme well when we made a Social Network trailer parody. Watching this now I think I could do so much better, but the idea was strong. Plus, I love that song.

We also posted the Inception meme on our facebook after the Brewers destroyed the Cubs with 26 hits in a game. I don't think I fully understood the meme now that I look at it (it wasn't a dream and Inception is), but whatever. Cubs.

For awhile there I had a thing for posting pictures of sad dogs in pictures of Brewers players. Like in this post 5 Reasons NOT to Hate Manny Parra.

The Brewers would not make the playoffs in 2010 which eventually led to the firing of Ken Macha and the return of Sad Keanu to the blog in the post Ken Macha out, Bob Brenly In?

Later in 2010 I outlined an offseason plan and for some reason posted this picture. I have no idea.

And then the Brewers traded for Zack Greinke and lobster dog made his debut(?). He has been an MPD staple ever since. I seem to remember reading a lot of Warming Glow at this time.

The Zack Greinke trade also brought us Yuniesky Betancourt who we felt compelled to write about.

While not a meme our picture of Zack Greinke after he got hurt playing basketball is one of my all time favorite photoshops we've done.

Spring training 2011 also saw our tribute to the great Where's Randy Savage?

Then in April 2011 Ryan Braun signed a long(er) term deal and our unofficial logo was born.

The Brewers made it to first place in June 2011 and we celebrated by using the Fry from Futurama meme.

Later that month I would try to appropriate Hipster Childish Gambino as our own with Childish Gambino lyrics on Rickie Weeks. A bit ahead of it's time really. I should've waited for Camp to drop.

At the All-Star break we stole from Brandon Stroud and did the Best and Worst of the Milwaukee Brewers First Half featuring Hipster Dog.

Then Rickie Weeks got hurt :( and this freshman was really bummed out.

The Brewers and Cardinals played a series that featured some beanings ordered by LaRussa in the beginning of August.

With the Brewers playing awesome (remember those days?) there was some question over who the NL MVP should be. Advice Dog had this to say.

Hey, remember that time Prince and Nyjer were considered among the most hated players in the MLB? No wonder.

Lobster Dog returned for the playoffs.

The playoff run led to the creation of our own meme Brewers kid.

It also led to the creation of LOLBrewers. Here's one of our first posts.

Good Guy Greg made his MPD debut in this post about being nice to Casey McGehee.

The Brewers playoff run brought a lot of good stuff out of us and we were no more excited than we were before game 5 of the NLDS. Still, we had to acknowledge what happened in Arizona and what better way than the "at first I was like" meme.

After the Brewers lost the NLCS we were crushed and put the blame squarely on Ron Roenicke and his handling of the pitching staff in the deciding game. We might even be over this now (we're not.) There really wasn't a better way to sum up our feelings better than this.

The playoff loss sucked and it took us a long time to get over it. We would (somewhat) start to feel better later and continue making things. Like this Corey Hart/I am the 99% mashup.

We also invented the World Belongs To Ryan Braun meme.

As you can see MPD is basically the coolest site ever that is totally hip on all the memes. I'm not going to go through every meme that we've posted in 2012 because, you know, it is 2012 and a lot of that stuff should still be fresh in your mind. I will, however, end with a couple of my favorites.

Like this post? Hit up our tumblr LOLBrewers for more Brewer related meme goodnesss.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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