Are the Brewers meant for more?

September 16th, 2011

I may have mentioned this before and I might not have, but earlier this year I was fired from a job. It wasn't a particularly good job, but it was my job and I'd been there for awhile and they fired me. (FUN FACT: Did you know you can get fired for telling your boss "f*ck you"? It's true!) When I got fired from my job I wasn't upset about losing the job. I was upset that I worked at that job for so long. The reason being that I believed I was meant for more. I believed that the job that I had was not worthy of my employment and that I was selling myself short by working there for so long. I was not being the person that I believed myself to be and that was a terrible feeling. I can do better. I am meant for more than that.

I heard a story the other day about a guy who was getting divorced. He was married for 30 years, longer than I have been alive (by a couple months at least), and his wife decided that she needed a divorce. It wasn't anything to do with him or their relationship, she just didn't see herself where she thought she was going to be when they got married. She looked in the mirror and didn't like what she saw anymore. She believed that she was meant for more than what she was.

Another good friend of mine lost her job this year too and she had the same feeling I did. She wanted to do more with her creativity. She wanted to use her mind in her work. She wanted to do something that mattered, something she could believe in. She wanted more and she believed that was what she was meant to do.

You know what else happened this year? I broke up with my girlfriend. That was..... not fun. Like all breakups it was complicated and there are a lot of reasons why things ended up like they did. (Apparently wearing a Rey Mysterio mask in bed is a bad thing!? Ladies can I get confirmation here?) There are no regrets about breaking up because it was mutual. It wasn't about love or chemistry. It was about us. You see we both were unhappy in our lives. We both didn't like the place that our lives found us. We both thought we were meant for better. It wasn't anyone's fault. It's just the way things go sometimes. We were meant for better and we knew it. Unfortunately, we couldn't get there together.

Now, the Milwaukee Brewers are going to make the playoffs this season. Barring one of the worst collapses in the history of sports that would defy some mathematical laws, the Brewers will be playing October baseball. This is a very good thing and it should be a reason for excitement. Unfortunately, thanks to the last eight games, this is not the feeling among many Brewers fans. Apparently, this season making the playoffs is not enough. That was okay in 2008 when the Brewers hadn't made the playoffs in 26 years. This year, for whatever reason, it's different. This year the fan's want more. What they mean when they say it, whether they admit it or not, is that they want the Brewers to win the World Series. An early playoff exit is not enough. These Brewers are destined for more. The fans deserve more.

The question, I suppose, is are we right? Do we deserve more? Are we meant for more? Are the Brewers? Do any of us deserve anything more?

The answer is yes. Or no. Maybe. I don't know.

It's hard to say whether or not any of us deserve anything more than what we currently have. Our decisions that we have made in our life have led us to this moment in time. Everything that we have done before has put us in this place where we currently sit. (For me it's my mother's basement.) If we think that we deserve better than this then we should do something about it. We should strive to get better. We should make the changes in our lives to be the person that we think we can be. I try to do this everyday and I hope that the other people I talked about do it too. It's the only way things will ever change. Nothing in life is ever handed to you.

The Brewers have played 150 games. They are 87-63 in those games. That is good. There are only 6 teams who lead their divisions in all of baseball and the Brewers are one of them. That is good. There are only six National League teams above .500 and the Brewers are one of them. That is also good. The Brewers are one of four teams who will make the National League playoffs that is very good.

Unfortunately, baseball is not like life. The Brewers cannot make any changes to make themselves better. Not anymore. They made a few earlier in the season, but they are done changing. They are who they are. Yuniesky Betancourt is the shortstop. Casey McGehee plays third. Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder are the 3-4 hitters. Zack Greinke, Shaun Marcum, Yovani Gallardo and Randy Wolf make up the rotation. Francisco Rodriguez sets up and John Axford closes. None of this is going to change. The Brewers are who they are.

The good news is that who they are is a very good baseball team. They should win over 90 games. They have an imperfect lineup with a lot of really good hitters in it. They have a great rotation and a strong bullpen. They have an average defense with some imperfect fielders. They are a very good team.

The bad news is that so are all the other playoff teams. The Phillies, Diamondbacks and Braves are all very good teams. How the Brewers do in the playoffs depends on how those games go. Who gets hot, who gets cold, who gets lucky and that's it. It doesn't matter if you think that you "deserve" to see them win the World Series because fans of every team think their team "deserves" to win the World Series. These are just our projections that we put on the team because that's how we want to see them go and maybe if those things happen our lives will be better. That's not how life works though. The World Series trophy will not be handed to us just because we think it should. We have nothing to do with what they do or don't do, we just watch them and therefore we deserve nothing.

I want the Brewers to win every game they play. The Brewers themselves want to win every game they play. That is not realistic. I want them to win the World Series and so do they. They probably want it way more than you or I could ever dream, but that doesn't mean it will happen and until the day the playoffs start none of us know how that is going to turn out. Not you, not me, not Ron Roenicke or Doug Melvin. No one. A series against the Phillies or an eight game stretch of crappy baseball has zero effect on the outcome of the playoffs. The playoffs are a new season. It's a cliche, but some cliches exist for a reason. The season is a quest to get you there. What you do when you're there is a completely different story.

So relax. Enjoy the ride. It's going to be fun. I promise.


Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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2 comments on “Are the Brewers meant for more?

  1. crack haus on said:

    I’m with you, dude. I like the Brewers blogs, but the whining is annoying! One thing the Brewers do deserve is for their fans to show them some confidence. They’ve played great this year. And the armchair managing is annoying too. Most blog nerds were against the Morgan trade, so there you go. You don’t know everything! My advise to the fans: Enjoy the show, and don’t be a giant vagina!

  2. Spotted Cow on said:

    At the risk of landing myself on the “giant vagina” list, I think it’s important to remember where these great expectations originated: Doug Melvin and Mark Attanasio. They were just as guilty with the “all-in” mentality as any blogger. Great expectations put butts in seats, so you can’t blame them.

    I think 99% of the anxiety stems from the Phillies series. With the exception of Yo’s 12-K performance on Sunday, it was easy to feel like the Brewers couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath with Philly — like, even at home, we weren’t THAT caliber of a team. And so the closer the D-Backs got, the more anxious the Brewers faithful became at the prospect of being bounced prematurely by the Phils. And of course, looming over all that is the nagging fear that Mat Gamel is our answer to Prince Fielder in 2012.

    Not that any of that justifies some of the incessant doomsday crap.

    Either way, my ass will be attending at least 1 playoff game at Miller Park — my first post-season with actual tickets. I’ll keep riding the wave, and enjoying every minute of it.

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