As The Weeks Turns

June 19th, 2012

Rickie Weeks is having a rough season. (Wait, that's not right.)

Rickie Weeks is having a really bad season. (You know what? That doesn't work for me either.)

Rickie Weeks is having the worst f*cking season you could ever f*cking imagine and it really f*cking sucks. (Much better.)

I'm sure it's been very hard for Rickie Weeks because it's not like he's been playing all that differently. A quick glance at his Fangraphs page shows no huge glaring difference (besides his swing percentage, but even that is just a couple points off) and watching the games it doesn't look like he's doing anything different. He just doesn't seem to be getting any hits, ever. It sucks and as a dude who once photoshopped a bunch of Childish Gambino lyrics on pictures of Rickie Weeks it really sucks. I love that dude.

The question of "what to do about Rickie Weeks?" is something that Brewers fans really love to talk about. Some people want him benched or cut or traded or something else just to get him away from the team. It's hard to blame these people because there have been times where it's been easier to look at Snooki's vag pics than it is to watch him play. I get where you're coming from haters, but you are completely wrong on this one because if the Brewers are going to do anything this season it is going to be because of Rickie Weeks.

Weeks season has been nightmarish at best and the Brewers are extremely lucky to be where they are right now without ever having a "good" Rickie Weeks. Braun may be the MVP, Hart and Ramirez may be the muscle, but Rickie Weeks is the heart of the team. Without a good Rickie there is no Brewers offense and I think everyone from the clubhouse to the front office knows this. If the Brewers are going to do something with this season it will only be if Rickie starts playing well. He doesn't need to be benched, he doesn't need to sit to "learn his lesson" after a bad game or whatever other gaga people spout. (Seriously, he's a professional baseball player you can't give him a freaking time out.) You just have to make sure he is healthy and let him play everyday. (I would even go so far as to move him back up to second in the batting order because that's where a "good" Rickie Weeks belongs and he could probably used the confidence boost. Plus it would drive sports radio people insane, but that's just me. Some men just like to watch the world burn and all that.) The point is that Rickie needs to play as much as possible and get as many at-bats as possible so this thing can correct itself. It's our only play really.

And hey, in the past seven days Weeks' OPS is .793 so that's something. We can build on this!

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