Brewers get Marcum from Toronto for Brett Lawrie, Lawrie revealed as tool

Before I could finish my "What are they gonna do?" series, the Brewers went ahead and actually did something. Trading their top prospect, Brett Lawrie, to the Toronto Blue Jays for a proven starter in Shaun Marcum. This is a good trade for the Brewers and the trade is universally liked by experts, insiders and fans.

Shaun Marcum was basically the #1 starter for Toronto last season going 13-8 with a 3.64 ERA and, even better, a 3.74 FIP (a pitching statistic that takes defense out of the equation) shows that ERA is close to his true talent level. He's going to fit in nicely behind Gallardo and Wolf can move to a more natural spot behind him. It's going to be awesome. Everything falls into place. Brewers win the pennant.

Can you tell I like this deal? Here's four things you should know to like it too:

  1. Marcum averaged more strikeouts per 9 innings (7.60 to 7.40) and less walks per 9 innings (1.98 to 2.25) than everyone's favorite trade target this winter, Zack Greinke. (h/t Brewers Bar)
  2. Marcum versus non-BOS/TB/NYY: 2.74 ERA, 6.1IP/start, 8.0k/9, 2.0 bb/9, 0.9hr/9, 1.08 WHIP in 21 starts. (h/t Al's)
  3. If you put Marcum on last year's team he would have been the second most valuable pitcher on the team.
  4. Unlike all the people who take less money to sign with perennial contenders or California teams, Marcum is from the Midwest and might be convinced to sign long-term.

And he gives great beard!

Get excited! I have a total Marcumer right now.

As for Brett Lawrie the Brewers are losing their best offensive prospect which sucks, but on the bright side some scouts see him not fitting in the infield and needing a move to the outfield. If they are correct his value is much lower as a corner outfielder as compared to a second baseman. (I don't know, that's just what they tell me.) He should be a good offensive player someday and we'll miss that bat one day. That being said, I couldn't be happier to see him go because Brett Lawrie seems like a douchebag.

At the Miller Park Drunk Pants Party I met a guy (who wants no credit) who told me he had some pictures from Brett Lawrie's facebook that he wanted to send me. The pictures were, um, interesting and I honestly didn't know what to do with them. I reacted to the pictures the same way I did when someone offered me "the scoop" on Prince and Chanel's marriage, I did nothing. This isn't the Milwaukee Brewers TMZ page, this is a blog about the Brewers because I like the Brewers. I like to make a few jokes at the player's expense, but that's about it.* I would never set out to hurt or embarrass a player from my favorite team. I love those guys.

(*= Lies.)

Now, with that being said Brett Lawrie is a Blue Jay now and he should have figured out facebook's privacy settings when he had the chance.

I'm told the kids call this "Edward 40 hands". The hand motion would seem to imply oral sex. Together? Pure class.

Pictured is Brett's fiance, fellow Canadian and UCLA soccer player Sydney Leroux. I mean, of course.

Most homoerotic picture featuring a former Brewers prospect? Most homoerotic picture featuring a former Brewers prospect.

The guy who takes this picture is the same guy who takes a picture of his penis and texts it. Just saying.

My personal favorite picture of the bunch. At first glance it's a positive, inspirational quote that would inspire someone like Brett to make it all the way to the majors. On second glance, it's a PG paraphrased version of the lyrics to Eminem's "Lose Yourself".

The tattoo reads:

Success is my only option failure's not

so here I go it's my shot feet fail me not

this may be the only opportunity that I got

Eminem's lyrics read:

Success is my only mothafuckin' option, failure's not

Mom, I love you, but this trailer's got to go

I cannot grow old in Salem's lot

So here I go with my shot, feet fail me not

This may be the only opportunity that I got

Apparently the part about growing up in a trailer park doesn't apply to Brett.

Anyways, have fun with this guy Blue Jays fans.


Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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128 comments on “Brewers get Marcum from Toronto for Brett Lawrie, Lawrie revealed as tool

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I Marcame~

    • Anonymous on said:

      I don’t see the issue with the his fiance. She is a lovely girl and they have known each other since they were little kids.
      As for the facebook pictures who gives a crap. Almost every person in our generation have pictures of themselves like that. He’s just being a guy and goofing off.
      As for his tattoo sorry he didn’t want to have swear words on his arm forever. That’s a huge crime! And as said above should we then make fun of him for his other tattoo with his sister who passed aways name on it?
      Whoever wrote this is an arrogant shit who takes time out of their day to bash a 20 year old kid.
      Grow up
      Jays are lucky to have Brett and he’ll go far.

      • Anonymous on said:

        I’m a Jays fan, Lawrie looks like he knows how to live it up. And at 21, that’s how you live it up…good for him, and judging from those pics of himself, I am glad to see he is in awesome shape + that’s a great inspirational quote a little edited from one of the best musicians around.

        Literally looks just like one of my buds, a natural athlete at hockey as a power forward, same idea, knows how to live it up..and has a tattoo with his passed away mom’s name, similar to Lawrie…the only tattoo’s I’ll get are similar, family names

      • Anonymous on said:

        I am a Jays fan and I love the trade. Marcum has a whip, he is a great pitcher. Maybe Lawrie’s cockiness is keeping him down in Vegas. He is young and wild and maybe the big club just isn’t ready for HIM. But he is coming and everybody up here in CANADA has been waiting since April

    • Looking like Toroto got the better deal now.. EH?

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Um, he’s 20 years old you know. And successful, has some money, is engaged to a hottie and he’s previously your franchises best prospect. So he has a bad tat (thats what- 30%+ of pro athletes) likes to party and is into himself….OMG! Instant loser!

    Yes I’m a Jays fan by the way.

    I will miss Marcum- good luck to you sir, you deserve success wherever you go.

    • Anonymous on said:

      @Some Drunken Random: Ah I can smell the arrogance. Way to be a tool just like your bud Lawrie. – Love, Marcum

      • Anonymous on said:

        This from a fan of a shitty franchise that hasn’t won anything in their entire existance. We’ll miss Marcum – you are getting a bulldog, but we’ll take a good Ol’ Canadian boy that’s going to hit. Something the Brewers will miss very soon.

        I feel bad for Marcum – Lawrie will see the playoffs before Shawn ever does.

        GO Jays.

        • You're a moron on said:

          The Brewers haven’t won anything in their entire existence? Does the 1982 A.L. Championship title mean anything to you? How about the 2011 N.L. Central title?
          Sadly, you’re part of a growing number of douchebag Canadians who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    From a Jays fan. THIS TRADE BLOWS

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Lawrie is not implying “oral sex” in the first picture, he is imagining himself smoking a giant, probably expensive (Cuban?), cigar.

    With Adam McCalvy reporting that some execs were surprised to hear that Lawrie had been available, it kinda makes me wonder if they might have been able to get a better pitcher in a 1-for-1 trade for Lawrie. But, this is definitely a better trade for the Crew than the Jays, in my opinion. Hopefully, if his performance doesn’t decline too much the Brewers will be able to get some kind of an extension with Marcum beyond the two years remaining on his contract.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    LOL – nice find on the origin of the tattoo.

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Enjoy Marcum, he was one of my favourite Jays (by the way I’m spelling “favourite” should clue you in that I’m Canadian…or drunk). I’m sure there are countless pics of MLB prospects of similar nature so I’m not too concerned about Lawrie. I will try to get someone to give him a tutorial on Facebook privacy settings though!

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  8. Anonymous on said:

    Lol, big deal, ever heard of Josh Hamilton. I guess his tattoos, drug and alcohol abuse meant that he had bust written all over him. Guess who’s “having fun” with him now.

  9. liquid courage on said:

    Lawrie’s been watching too much Jersey Shore.

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  11. Anonymous on said:

    Amazing trade. Marcum is the most underrated pitcher in all of baseball.

  12. liquid courage on said:

    And an Escobar-Lawrie DP combo would have been way too retarded anyway.

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Good luck to Shawn. He deserves good fortune with the Brewers. Hopefully, his arm holds out for five years, but with Romero, Morrow and Cecil all likely to pass him in the rotation had he stayed, it’s a good deal for both teams.

  14. Anonymous on said:

    Have witnessed Lawrie when he played for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, word from the clubhouse was that he was all about Lawrie.

  15. Anonymous on said:

    May look a little douchy, but douches usually get that way by being awesome at what they do, so douche away Brett.

    On the other hand, I had really high hopes a few years back for M & M (Marcum and McGowan). Didn’t pan out, but Marcum is a real talent and if he stays healthy i’m sure Brew Crew fans will be enjoying his changeup for years. Best of luck, hopefully we’ll see you in October.

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  18. Anonymous on said:

    If Brett is a tool, that makes you what exactly? An underdeveloped nark in highschool that physical specimens like Brett would throw around?
    Let’s get serious, your argument is pretty weak.
    -Bret is a tool for having a picture of his tattoo that he decided to not include profanity in. K….
    -Bret is a tool for having abs
    And my personal favourite: Bret is a tool for having pictures with his fiancee. What a fuckin crime that is.
    Grow up

    • Anonymous on said:

      Have any of you people actually met this kid? If you have you will know excatly what this article is about. If you haven’t then you are the lucky ones who havent had to deal with him, and until you have actually met him and have the “privelege” of being around him then NONE of you have anything to say.

  19. Anonymous on said:

    Give the kid a break, this is sour grapes from a scorned (brewers fan) lover. wHO DOESN’T LOVE ORAL SEX? he’s a human being, he’ll grow up, and kick ass on the diamond.

  20. Anonymous on said:

    Did you seriously make fun of him for having pictures with his fiancee on his facebook? Oh my god, he’s in a committed relationship and obviously proud of his girl — what a travesty.

  21. Anonymous on said:

    Looks like Bret decided to defend himself in “anonymous” posts here three times in a row. And seriously, that is one of the most ridiculous tattoos. ever.

  22. Anonymous on said:

    I didn’t like this guy until I saw these pictures.

  23. Anonymous on said:

    You can teach baseball skills but stoopid is a natural talent.

  24. Anonymous on said:

    Um….we all realize that he’s a 20 year old kid, right?
    I would argue that a great deal of us had similar nights of “Edward 40 Hands” (though perhaps without involving duct tape) in our late teens/early 20′s. I sure did.

    And guess what? If you, or I, or anyone reading this has a set of abs that can match his, we’d ALL BE TAKING PICTURES AND POSTING THEM.

    He’ll grow up, we all do.

    Enjoy Marcum. He’s reliable, likeable and I don’t recall him ever being shy about talking to the media (after good or bad performances). He’s a class act, and while he doesn’t have the best “stuff” he’s got all the right tools and puts it all together. When he’s on, he’s on.

    Lawrie is still too far away to say who won/lost this deal. For now, the Brew-Crew gets a great arm, and we Jays fans get a new (Canadian!!) prospect.

    Hugs all around?

  25. Anonymous on said:

    I can’t believe people actually think these pictures are a big deal, or really that embarrassing. Stop being old stuck up jealous losers.

    Edward 40 hands is an embarrassing photo? Pictures of him drinking with a few guys in silly outfits is embarrassing?

    I definitely think that having a picture taken with my hot girlfriend would be soooo embarrassing……

    Who the hell are you people kidding, what a joke.

    • Jaysfan on said:

      Still like the trade???? Highest slugging % in MLB HISTORY after 30 at bats…… sorry brew crew but AA bent you over on this one

  26. Anonymous on said:

    Beard vs. Abs! Fight to the death!

    I love the subtext in all this: MPD acting like he just got dumped. How long did you stare at those pictures of Lawrie’s abs before you posted the picture? Most homoerotic post by a Brewers blogger? Most homoerotic post by a Brewers blogger.

    Poor MPD had no fun when he was young!

  27. Anonymous on said:

    @Some Random Drunk: stop being such a stubborn close-minded fuck

  28. Anonymous on said:

    The person who blogged this is clearly a much bigger tool. Just because you don’t have a hot girlfriend, and you didn’t have fun in college and you don’t have that physique doesn’t mean that you have to call others who do ‘Tools’.

    Have fun with Marcum if his arm holds up from TJ surgery, I truly hope it does.

  29. Anonymous on said:

    Some Random Drunk in Toronto says:

    You turned on your top prospect calling him a tool. What normal 20-year-old doesn’t have a few naughty pictures floating around in this day-and-age? Thankfully, we didn’t have facebook or the internet when I was young. He looks like a normal kid in some extraordinary circumstances and seems to be handling himself well. He handled this “scandal” well acknowledging his errors, apolgizing for them, and resolving to do better moving forward. Whoever is giving him advice seems to be giving good advice and even better, he seems to be listening to the advice.

    He seems like a young man that parents could be proud of. Who has a perfect kid?

    Hopefully this deal is a win-win for both sides.

  30. Anonymous on said:

    Some Random Drunk in Montreal says:

    You must be from West Allis to come up with such tantalzying stuff. Real Major League.

    Just in case you were looking, but didn’t see, Rick Kranitz was named by Roenicke as your pitching coach for 2011. Career minor leaguer who guided the O’s youthful pitching staff to a collective ERA of 5 ++ in 2009 and 2010, last in the AL.

    Enjoy your 4.2%’s in the bleachers this year

  31. Anonymous on said:

    Who knew Canadians were so angry? Take a joke, people! I think Brett can handle it. He’s going to make millions playing professional baseball. Getting mocked by opposing teams is part of the job.

  32. Anonymous on said:

    hes a stud. hes from bc canada. he hits bombs. he makes paper. hes living the life.. u guys are all just jelous.. what else is there to it?

  33. Anonymous on said:

    too early to tell who wins this trade but fuck i miss marcum already. nasty pitcher when he’s healthy.

  34. Anonymous on said:

    Best of luck to Marcum… he is a finesse pitcher who can adapt to any situation . He will be missed in TO

  35. Anonymous on said:

    My loyalties do not lie to either the Brewers or the Jays, but this is unquestionably a win for the Blue Jays. Any educated baseball fan can and will look past some stupid pictures of a 20 year old kid. He’s one of the top middle infield prospects in baseball and his ability to rake doubles and triples is only indicative that he will grow into a real power hitter as he develops. He can hit, run, play defense, and offers excellent versatility. The Brewers got desperate and parted with by far their top prospect for….

    Shaun Marcum. Marcum is a bulldog, a great leader and will find a nice niche between Gallardo and Wood in the Crew’s rotation. However he peaked last year and it’s not likely he will continue the trend moving forward aside from moving to the NL. Marcum is not far off removed from Tommy John surgery, and his throwing motion/release offers absolutely zero assurance that he won’t have a setback in the very near future. Hopefully not, but it’s always going to be a threat so long as his release is as it is. His velocity is significantly low as well. Brewer fans will like Marcum, but the 29 year old has plateaued and will prove to be nothing close to what Lawrie will be.

    The Brewers got their short term #2 starter while the Jays continue building one of the best farm systems in the MLB, however it may cost them this year, we’ll see. Irregardless, it’s very easily a win for the Blue Jays, and by a landslide. Lawrie is a top shelf prospect and Marcum is a #2/#3 starter with no upside. Sorry Brewer fans, as I said, you’ll like Shaun Marcum, but you’re not going to be happy when Brett Lawrie is tearing it up within the next year or two as a 21/22 year old for the Jays.

  36. Anonymous on said:


  37. Anonymous on said:

    What’s up with Canadians who can’t take a joke? Getting mocked by opposing teams’ fans is part of being a pro baseball player. He’s going to make millions in his career, so I think he can handle it.

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  39. Anonymous on said:

    hahaha this guy is a joke so bias towards the brewers…. haha his kid probably take “homoerotic” just like these or worse… my point is i like the trade and im sad to see marcum go but in the long run its probablyfor the better. the jays still arnt at the point where they are truly area ocntending team. they are still rebuilding and i support anthopoulos completely hes not like other gm’s who say they are going to rebuild and in one year they think they can compete again . anthpoulos is building the hays with patience and you can see the results already. The jays are in a tough devision and 89 wins isnt gonna get you into the post season as easily as it will for the brewers division. GOOD TRADE

  40. Anonymous on said:

    I’ve tried to post this to several websites but of course, the only thing that seems to go through would be if I chose to bash on Lawrie like almost everybody else.

    It’s crazy how people are so quick to judge, a stupid photo of him and his friends on halloween, an Eminem tattoo.. of course we have to make fun of him for that. Should we make fun of his other arm which is a half sleeve dedicated to his deceased sister? Of course, he’s such a tool. Let’s also make fun of him for having pictures of him and his fiance! That’s a crime in itself.

    It’s seriously so sad that people have to try and take someone down so they can feel better about themselves. He’s a confident 20 year old kid who burns with passion for the game of baseball. If he truly believes he can make the bigs, let him believe that. Whatever happened to having dreams? He signed for almost 2 million dollars and made history being the highest drafted position player to ever come out of Canada at 18 years old. Give him a break.

    Everyone seems to call him this cocky, arrogant, egotistical kid.. of course everyone knows everything about everybody. Ask yourself if you are perfect. I can assure you, you aren’t and neither as he and he’s admitted to the stupid pictures (which really aren’t that bad) surfacing the internet.

    Right above where you write comments it says that the website will remove any personal attacks, what is this? What is the story from Dan O’Donnell? What do you call that?

    We are all writing about a 20 year old and we are probably much older than him working a 9-5 job and this kid plays baseball for a living. Is it fair to say that it’s possible some people could be jealous?

    People really need to get a life. Watch him live up to his expectations and then everyone jumps on his bandwagon. I hope people remember all the nasty things they said about him when they buy his jersey a few years from now.

    We say he needs to mature and grow up, maybe we do.

  41. Anonymous on said:

    lawrie is the man. end of story. watched him drop bombs at the world junior championships in 2008. he is a stud, jays got a great pickup. sad to see marcum go, but we got enough young pitching to fill in the gaps

  42. Anonymous on said:

    Well said I think we all understand the last statement!!!!!

  43. billEhall06 on said:

    Have loved the blog for awhile, I’m glad your are getting hits with this entry but this is far from your best entry. Great trade for the Brewers, Lawrie is overated worse than Gamel 08.

  44. Anonymous on said:

    I’m a Jays fan and a fan of baseball and I am still a little rattled by this trade. Marcum is so underrated it makes me sick. He has two change-ups that come from the same release point and drop to opposite sides of the plate. He has two just missed no-no’s, one coming when former manager Gibson pulled him after 7 innings of no-hit ball. Lawrie looks like a great baseball prospect with a NORMAL teenage ego. Didn’t this guy once hit 5 homeruns in a double header? Anyway, they call it edward forty handS because there are two of them and clearly he finished one. Thats a feat. Go on and smoke your imaginary cigar! This whole post reminds me of when the Toronto media ruined Jiri Tlusty’s chance with the Leafs when they exposed naked pictures of him on every media outlet possible. For shame. This kid hasn’t signed any major league deals yet so you can’t shit on him for still being a kid. Shouldn’t you be writing articles on how to retain Prince Fielder or keep up with a Phillies team that is guaranteed to win 115 games next year? This trade clearly shows the direction that both of these teams are going: the Jays are STOCKPILING talent so when the Yankees die off of old age they’ll be right there to stick it in them, while the Brewers are looking for a solid starter that isn’t intimidated by anyone (consider why Halladay is so good in the NL [his experience against the monsters of the AL EAST] and Marcum is chock full of that, man! Good luck to both teams but far more good luck to the jays because they don’t have fans like this douchebag blogger.

  45. Anonymous on said:

    Whatta fuckin mook! show boatin canadian, go back to where you came from. He’s due for some gnarly rookie hazing…with brass knuckles.

  46. Anonymous on said:

    He’s not just a tool for taking those pics(although those were enough to make him automatically qualify) but his demeanor was douchey enough for the organization to want to move him as soon as possible.

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  48. Anonymous on said:

    why don’t you stuff a bratwurst where the snow doesn’t fall you hoser.

  49. Anonymous on said:

    Oh hey guys, look, Lawrie ripping up spring training. Marcum was good, we all loved him, but he wasn’t an ace like a lot of our fanbase thought. He will be missed but Lawrie is an awesome prospect with a stunning glove and a powerful bat.

  50. Anonymous on said:

    @Anonymous December 27, 2010 at 10:22 am
    >Whatta fuckin mook! show boatin canadian

    an American saying this? Nice try but you people are way worse than us.

  51. Anonymous on said:

    @Anonymous: @Anonymous:
    yeah I have. known him for 19 years and I he is an amazing kind hearted person who has a lot of drive

  52. Anonymous on said:

    There’s no wearing matching white unitards with your friends and taking pictures together holding a homemade beer bong while sitting on top of a 1988 Volkswagon in baseball! So gay! Canada sucks and so do the Blue Jays…Go Crew!

  53. Anonymous on said:

    @ last anon

    How many WS do the brewers have?

  54. Anonymous on said:

    Liked Marcum, but his time as our staff ace was already on overtime. To parlay a 2-3rd starter for a guy with the ceiling Lawrie has was a steal. Thanks Brewers!

  55. Anonymous on said:

    You my friend sound like a homophobe, which usually means closet homosexual…so have fun coming out after you spend your whole life bashing gays. I could probably pull up your facebook pictures and make fun of your stupid drunk faces while 100% guaranteeing that no girl you’ve ever been within 10 feet of looks half as good as Brett’s fiance. Lawrie is going to be a stud in the Blue Jays organization for a long time. Have fun eating your words asshole!

  56. Anonymous on said:

    Maybe this kid Lawrie has some real talent. If he’s anything like his sister Danielle, who happened to be NCAA’s top female athlete a year or two ago in womens fastpitch for the U of W in Seattle. Did I say top athlete, oh and from Canada in the almighty U S of A sportsworld.

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  58. Anonymous on said:

    fuck this idiotic blurb… this aint an article

  59. Anonymous on said:

    Pretty immature article.
    You really didn’t need to go out of your way to do that.

  60. Anonymous on said:

    You Cannucks are a bunch of sucks. This shit is hilarious.

  61. Brewers Suck on said:

    Buddy your a douchebag!!! The difference between you and Brett Lawrie is that at 20 he’s havin pics like these taken and you were probably jerkin off in your mothers underwear to pics like these!

  62. JaysFan on said:

    I must say, he looked pretty solid out there in his series debut. 5/11 with a HR. So the kid has a bit of an ego… Its rare to find a professional athlete that doesn’t these days! Hes going to crack a lot of jacks, thats what matters…His class will come with time,until then, I just hope he can continue tearing it up in the best division in the league, the AL EAST.

  63. Bluejays on said:

    Grande Slam tonight bitch

  64. Former Teammate of Brett on said:

    Hope your as stoked about that trade now as u were before… lawrie (former teammate and middle infield partner of mine) is destroying so far :)

    • Brewers fans on said:

      Sure a lot of cocky Blue Jay fans coming out of the woodwork on here… Blue Jay fans who apparently haven’t noticed that Marcum is 10-3 with a 3.50 ERA and a big part of why the Brewers are in 1st place by 6 games right now. Yeah, I think we’re all still pretty stoked about the trade. We all know Lawrie can hit; it’s just everything else that’s questionable. And if him having a good week brought some excitement to your 4th-place season, well, good for you. The guy you sent to Milwaukee in return is pitching like an ace on a 1st-place team… and he’s a class act. On and off the field, we’ll take that trade any day. Thanks again!

  65. Happy Jays Fan on said:


  66. Brett Lawrie on said:

    Haha. Hope you all enjoyed the game last night. Go Blue Jays!!!

  67. langley lawrie fan on said:

    immature, cocky, brash and 21 years old. your posted pics were of all those descriptions alright mb drunk however you missed the key points. hit for avg, hit for power, HIT HIT HIT when it counts. and oh ya, EXCITING to watch. Brewers are all of that arent they? U suck and the Brewers suck.

  68. no name on said:

    lawrie is goin hit 400 home runs bat 300 and be the hardest working guy on the feild. smd you brewer bitches lawries a great guy, marcums a old fuck face

  69. Anonymous on said:

    were marcumming all the way to the playoffs.

  70. Ya huge joke, hows he doin this year in the minors?????? Oh wait he’s already in the bigs and hitting about 340. Brewers goofs

  71. Anonymous on said:

    marcum is awesome. lawrie is awesome. Good trade for both teams. Maybe we’ll see you in the world series… next year…why do people live in milwauke…thats weird

  72. marcum is awesome. lawrie is awesome. Good trade for both teams. Maybe we’ll see you in the world series… next year…why do people live in milwauke…thats weird

  73. hahahaha whos laughing nowww?

    first 20 games for laurie 338 average 4 home runs 13 rbis.
    HAHA hes gna rip it up and make that deal look as bad as it was for the brewers

    • too bad the brewers are in first place and are gonna coast into the playoffs, much in part thanks to marcum. where are the blue jays? oh yea fourth in the al east and will continue to miss the playoffs every year as long as the yanks and sox are in that division, and i’m pretty sure they aren’t going anywhere. lawrie will just continue to be a douchebag on a piss poor team so eat shit canada.

      • The guy has a 3.30 ERA in a terrible hitting league and you guys are acting like he’s an ace… LOL

        As opposed to Lawrie who in his first 27 games has 7 homeruns, 21 RBI, 6 doubles, 4 triples, 15 runs, 4/4 on steals, .330 average, .381 OBP, .691 SLG and 1.072 OPS. LOL and he’s only getting started, imagine when he’s used to big league pitching? I hope you enjoy watching him hit 40+ with 120 RBIs for the next few years

      • First off, the NL Central is a joke, and the Brewers wouldn’t make the playoffs in the AL East either. As much as anyone wants to deny it, letting go of Lawrie, knowing what we all know now, was a huge mistake.

      • First off, the NL Central is a joke, and the Brewers wouldn’t make the playoffs if they played an entire year in the AL East either.

        As much as anyone would love to deny it, knowing what we know now about Lawrie, letting him go for Marcum was a huge mistake.

  74. Anonymous on said:

    So… now that he’s one of the best players on the jays, I hope you are eating your words. I am a jays fan, and I understand that maybe he is a little cocky, but you cannot deny the results. I loved this trade, it opened up starter positions for the very talented young starters on the jays, plus, he is great at 3rd base, and is a machine batting. Even though he just started playing last month, I believe he is a candidate for rookie of the year, no one has affected a team this greatly in a while.

  75. brewers got ripped!! on said:

    hahahahahahahahha shawn marcum from brett lawrie trade ahaha what a win for the jays. This guy is destroying and he’s only 21!! Plus the jays have moved on from marcum we already have a great staff in the making. Plus is we sign yu darvish we’re set. ahaha and brewers fans thought this trade was a win lololol

  76. not a faggot on said:

    hey andrew i forgot the brewers are in the nl central. while the jays are playing the sox, rays, and yanks the brewers are playing the cubs, pirates and reds….. i think i’ve made my point

  77. usa.. more like usgay on said:

    wow everyone would beak canada. we’re smarter, more athletic and oh ya not fat!! I get 90′s in school, play AA hockey, high school baseball AND football in which im a WR and starting pitcher, and am the best 16 year old in alberta at long jump. and all you other noobs are probably fat asses who work at walmart ahahah. deal with the ego

  78. Jays Fan on said:

    Dont you feel stupid now chirping Lawrie lol

  79. Blue Jays Fan on said:

    Hey Moron, great assessment. Thanks for gift wrapping Lawrie to the Blue Jays jackass haha.

  80. Tdot Bitches on said:

    Hahaha whoever wrote this is a fucking twat!!! Bet you’re eating your words now fuckhead. And as for the retards chirping canada… You live in fucking USA, jammed full of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes… I think it’s mother natures way of cleaning the garbage off the earth. You should be paying attention to your bullshit government and financial woes rather than watching baseball and chirping talented Canadian athletes. We have time to watch sports.. Until your shitty country implodes an we get stuck trying to clean up the shit stain you leave on the world.

  81. Brewers fans on said:

    Marcum: 12-5, 3.11 ERA, the most consistent and statistically the best starter on the Brewers… who are 85-57 and leading the division by 10 1/2 games. Thanks again!

    And we actually love Canadian athletes. John Axford, for example. We just don’t care for arrogant tools, no matter what country they’re from. Glad Lawrie is giving you some big games though… you’ll have plenty of time to reminisce about them in October while the Brewers are in the playoffs.

  82. Thanks, we do enjoy Lawrie up here in Toronto! He is awesome.

  83. Who the hell chooses to live in milwaukee? Out of all the places to live LOL milwaukee? Get the fuck outta here pricks. Oh and to the dbag bragging about the brewers makin the playoffs..move them to the AL east and you won’t see playoff action forever. Idiots. Can’t believe you would even bring that up when the central is complete shit. Fuck all you cocky ass brewer fans.

  84. BOOOO USA on said:

    Hey MILLER PARK DRUNK why haven’t you responded back about lawries success eh? You little weasel. You can’t upload a shit ‘article’ like this and not own up to it. Lawrie is making all you twits in milwaukee look stupid. Fucking yank come suck my big ass dick

  85. Gerald on said:

    So, fn whatttttt? leave him alone. who wrote this? a christian? Well I can bet your facebook is boring but the skeletons in your closet aren’t.

  86. Just came across this article and loved it.Lawrie immediate success in the bigs long career ahead of him for Marcum.The brewers would likely be in the World Series if it wasnt for Marcums like 13 ERA,and the world series was your only chance at keeping Prince.You lost Lawrie for Marcum and have now pretty much lost Prince because Marcum is brutal! New story buddy

  87. Haloti Ngata Jersey on said:

    Great post, useful and interesting, please write more and more about this.
    I like your sharing its very interesting and i like to read these all things too much.
    Thank landlord impartiality. Come up with such a good article to share with us. This is the official information from articles I and my friends need. Thanks again!

  88. Ice Cream Jonsey on said:

    I come back here every couple of months and I seem to enjoy it more each time. Boy, Lawrie sure would look good behind Braun in the lineup with Prince leaving, wouldn’t he?

    The entire reason this trade worked out in the Jays’ favor is because you were smug about it. Live with it.

  89. Watching marcum getting used as a tee during the playoffs reassured me that the blue jays shafted Milwaukee in this trade.

  90. Jays Fan on said:

    Brewers-Braun on the juice, Fielder leaving town,Marcum at best a 3 pitcher in your Rotation

    Jays- Lawrie Potential MVP material, only 21 years old, Candaian Kid, Can Hit, Run, and Play Defense

    I think I know how this trade looks now

  91. x ray tech on said:

    valuable pitcher on the team.

  92. Exotic Car Rental Miami on said:

    Boy, Lawrie sure would look good behind Braun in the lineup with Prince leaving, wouldn’t he?

  93. Clabberty on said:

    We’ll certainly enjoy Lawrie for the next decade, thanks.

  94. George on said:

    I wish Shawn Marcum well, and the trade was possible only because there are half a dozen arms in The Jays’ system as good or better than Marcum. AMOF, if Sean Marcum were in A ball in The Jays’ system right now, he probably wouldn’t project as making the team. Oh, yeah, and how did he do for you in the playoffs?
    Brett Lawrie, on the other hand, would place as a top 1, 2 or 3 prospect in any system in baseball. I mean, did you think you caught him frackin a billy goat or something? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  95. suckonthislawrie on said:

    I went to highschool with brett. He was an egotistical asshole to kids who never deserved to be picked on. Even the mentally challenged, or socially awkward kids who already had it bad enough. He was the most cocky kid in highschool and everyone hated him just like the brewers hated him. The only reason why he is in the show is because of his father pushing him until he cried at times. In my opinion, i hope he breaks his arm and is a garbage man for the rest of his life.

    • This Guy on said:

      Just picked up a Lawrie Jersey… this kid is one of the important chess pieces that the Blue Jays are going to use to make the play offs this year. You got Bautista, Thames, Rasmus, Arencibia and now Lawrie… an offensive lineup that finally has depth for the Jays. I hope their newly improved bullpen holds up because if it does, magic is going to happen this year.
      IN MY OPINION, your ill wishes on this very talented kid is a sign that you are nothing but a jealous loser who is also suffering from penis envy.

    • JaysFan#1 on said:

      Your a fucking lier. Do you know how involved Lawrie is in the Community, raising money for charities, and going to see sick kids in Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital.

      I’m not saying the guy is perfect as we all have our faults, but I know that he is a good person and your just making up stupid stories.

      People like you should be put in a Mental Hospital!!! You sick fuck!!

  96. Anonymous on said:

    you must feel like an idiot now…

  97. Alomar12 on said:

    Brett Lawrie will be a superstar. This party attitude he has only shows his passion more. This guy tries harder than any other player I have seen. His early hitting numbers are just the beginning. He is built like a bull and plays like one as well. Oh you poor Brewers fans… Brett Lawrie and Prince Fielder will both put up huge numbers this year. Unfortunately neither one of them is playing for you.

  98. jaysman on said:

    Brewers are probably kicking themselves now. I would take this trade any day. Good ol Canadian boy is already a crowd favorite. The guy is a stud. Maybe some teams are going to think twice about walking joey batts this year.

  99. LAWRIE MAFUKA on said:

    The guys got fuckin swagger man, confidence, hes gonna be a beast for years to come

  100. Ablacksparrow on said:

    I think it’s hilarious that some Jays fans are on here talking shit, when the Jays didn’t even make the playoffs last year.

    You guys got who you wanted, and we got who we wanted. Calm down. I like the Jays, but I know that until they make the playoffs, the fanbase should probably keep focusing on getting there instead of thinking about what Milwaukee is up to.

    • JaysFan#1 on said:

      Fuck the playoffs, go try winning a world series back to back before you talk shit.

      You fucks even lost Fielder!!! LMAO

  101. Eric D on said:

    Obviously at the time, Vince Morales couldn’t see what Lawrie was going to turn into, in fact we still don’t know what he’ll turn into. I can almost guarantee his numbers will regress from last year, although I do believe he’ll be a great hitter. At the time of this deal, I wasn’t so sure the Jays were making a great deal either as I like Marcum and thought he was a great pitcher. I really respect the effort that Lawrie puts into the game, and obviously he is a dick, but I’ve seen him in interviews and think he has matured a bit. To my fellow Jays fans, you guys are making yourselves look like fools by saying Marcum wouldn’t even make the rotation for the Jays, obviously he would. We have unproven 3-5 starters. As for the Brewers fans, the Jays are a very comparable team and its arguable they may even be better. They are a strong team, it’s just unfortunate that they are in a division with 3 of the best teams in the majors. Your division on the other hand is much weaker with the Reds likely being the best team right now. I’d like to see you guys prove me wrong and hopefully the Jays will prove you wrong.

  102. Most baseball people and knowledgeable fans saw the Marcum-Lawrie swap as a steal for the Jays at the time. The only ones who didn’t were people taht did not know anything about prospects, like the casuals.

  103. JaysFan#1 on said:

    Brett Lawrie was the steal of the century.

    He will be a Hall of Famer and Marcum will be playing for your AAA team in 5 years.

    So you and all the brewer fans can fuck right off.


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