The trade deadline has come and gone and seemingly every team in the league was making deals, looking for that one piece to take their team from contender to champion.

The Indians got Ubaldo Jimenez! The Giants got Carlos Beltran! The Red Sox got Erik Bedard! The Rangers got Mike Adams and Koji Uehera! The Braves got Michael Bourn! The Phillies got Hunter Pence!

Some very good teams got better and in the process the road to the World Series got a whole lot tougher for the Brewers. Those weren't the only moves of the weekend either. The NL Central is so close right now and the two teams chasing the Brewers made moves to bolster their teams as well. Big moves that could shake the very foundation of the National League.

The Pirates got Derek Lee and Ryan Ludwick!

The Cardinals got Edwin Jackson and Rafael Furcal!

I mean, wow. Am I right? Those guys weren't messing around! Those Pirates really added some big bats... from four years ago. Normally the Brewers would be shaking in their boots right now seeing big names like those going to their rivals at the same time Rickie Weeks went down, but not this year. They know that Doug Melvin has their back and that he would make some deadline deals of his own. No worries, they possibly thought, we're going to do some trades of our own to blow these guys out of the water because in Doug we trust. And you know what? They were right. Doug Melvin went out and got exactly what this team needed to get to the next level.

The Brewers got Felipe Lopez and Jerry Hairston Jr.!

Umm... wait, what?

While other teams were adding former All-Stars and everyday starters, the Brewers added a second baseman who has spent 2011 in Triple-A and a career utility infielder with a .697 career OPS. Are we sure we know what Doug doing here?

Of course we do. He got exactly what he needed. Why? You're really asking me why? In Doug We Trust, dog. That's why.

Also, because our team is on the field.

Look at the major players that were traded at the deadline, how many of them would you have really wanted? I'd rather have our current outfield than Ryan Ludwick, Hunter Pence or Michael Bourn. Carlos Beltran would have been nice, but it also would have set up an outfield rotation and you never know how those things are going to turn out when people are used to playing everyday. Do you want to be the guy who tells Nyjer Morgan he's going to lose playing time? Didn't think so. Ubaldo Jimenez or Edwin Jackson might have been nice too, but who would the Brewers move to the bullpen? Narveson has earned his spot and the cost of those two was far too high. Our rotation is set. We covered the Furcal thing before, but let me reiterate that he is a broken down old man with a back made out of paper mache and that Yuni has been destroying the ball for the past two months. Like it or not the team that you see is the best team the Brewers can put out there and they will live and die by them.

It would have been nice to get a reliever, but it would always be nice to get a reliever. Show me a GM who thinks his bullpen is perfect and I'll be like "besides Jim Hendry" (AND!) and we already picked up the best reliever on the market. Remember? K-Rod? This team is freakin' stacked. What more do you want?

Doug Melvin went out and got exactly what this team needed. Two guys who can fill in for Rickie Weeks while he's gone, start in place of Casey McGehee when the Brewers face tough lefties and hopefully get a few pinch hits. That's all the Brewers needed and that's all these guys should be expected to do. The Brewers weren't looking for that one piece of the puzzle at the deadline because they didn't have to. The puzzle is done.

That being said, Doug can you please get a left handed reliever before the waiver deadline? thx!


Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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2 comments on “Brewers make trades for has been, never was

  1. disgustingbastard on said:

    If Lopez is anything like he was in ’09, Casey better watch his back. Rickies due back in 2-6 weeks(meaning no more than 3 weeks). Don’t quite understand batting Lopez 5th though.

  2. Can you do a picture Daniel LaRussa ( the Karate Kid) and put Tony LaRussa’s head on the Karate Kid getting beat up by Joey Lawerance (Nyger’s Face on joey)

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