ihartseattleCorey Hart is a Seattle Mariner and with that signing the dream of the baby Brewers who led Milwaukee to prominence died. No more Prince, no more Hart, Weeks is something and Braun sold his soul. The dream is over. It's not that Hart left (because that contract Seattle gave him is probably dumb) it's that I don't even know who this team wants to be anymore. Like I don't understand what their goals are.

Many of the likeable replacements (Axford, Aoki) are gone too and that's fine if it makes the team better, but what is the goal? If the Brewers are going to suck, why get rid of someone everyone loves like Aoki? If you aren't going to be good and you still want to sell tickets you need to be a little bit better than "Ryan Braun is serious this time guys". In the end we're left being "just one of those teams". You know the ones, they are a baseball team with players. A couple of the players are pretty good, but there is no real hot prospect that everyone is talking about and there is a bunch of veterans that make you say "huh, that guy is still around?" One of those teams. The kind of team that other teams think "Can we get them to trade us Gomez? They don't need him." The team that doesn't really contend, but still has to play 162 games. That's the Brewers right now. They are the 90s all over again. They aren't on the cutting edge of statistical analysis, they aren't in a rebuilding phase or one player away from being a contender, they are just a team that plays baseball. They are the Bucks. They are what people outside of Wisconsin has always thought them to be.

Nothing really sums this up quite like the Brewers alleged interest in James Loney. (Did they lose Gamel's number?) Nothing quite says middle of the road, plain jane, boring as fuck baseball team like James Loney. He's a talented baseball player, last season he was 10th in WAR among first baseman, but he just is what he is. He's the type of guy that a small market team signs in free agency because no good team wants him and no good players want Milwaukee. He's the perfect match for a team on the verge of nothingness. He's Kyle Lohse, first baseman.

But who knows if the Brewers can even afford him.

Loney is coming off a nice year with Tampa Bay and reportedly was seekint $27 million over there years, a level the Brewers probably can't reach. But if the price comes down the Brewers might make a strong play for him. (tom h)

Damn that Lohse contract, right guys? It's not like the Brewers just have an extra $25 million laying arou.... what? They do?! Every team has an extra $25 million dollars? For the next seven years!? wtf.


If I were to read between the lines I would say that the Brewers are pocketing this money. Or they know better than to invest it into this team. Or they already spent it on Aramis Ramirez and Kyle Lohse. Or Mark A's invested too much in his son's latest album. I guess it doesn't really matter though because I'm not sure an extra $25 million would do anything to fix this... I want to say mess, but it's not a mess. It's just at thing that is there. Fix this thing.

I want the Brewers to be good and win games more than anything, but more than that I want them to be something. I want them to decide who they are and then do that. This mixing of young guys with overpaid veterans thing isn't working. Think outside the box. Honestly, it seems to me that they are trapped in 2010 and think they are just a few pieces away from being right back to that point again, but that was a long time and a lot of players ago. They sold their future to get to there and the future is now. Things are different. Graffito closed.

Honestly, I don't even know what I'm talking about or what point I'm trying to make. Maybe I've just grown pessimistic after loving too much and being letdown too often, but I think it's time for a change. Time to do something different. Not only from a front office perspective, but from a organizational philosophy perspective. This thing worked for awhile, but it hasn't worked since and probably won't again. Maybe they should do something about that.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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