I've been following the voting for John Axford's 2011 closer music closely now for a couple of weeks and now it is down to the final four. Each choice offers its owns benefits and each choice has its drawbacks, but they are all decent. The thing is that this is a really important decision. John Axford is 28 years old and if all goes well he could end up being the Brewers closer for the next 5-10 years. We could be stuck with this song for a long, long time. That's why it's important that we choose it ourselves and because I did such a good job when I personally selected Todd Coffey's entrance music, you should do what I say because I know my stuff.

What we should be looking for is a song that won't get old, but also a song that builds us up to a point where we want to scream our brains out. Something that gets the adrenaline pumping for the final three outs so we can get the win and go drink some more. That's what it's all about. Now, let's see what we're working with.

#1 Audioslave - Cochise

Probably the most popular of the bunch. Something you'll likely hear on 102.9 The Hog after Bob & Brian in the morning. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. When the Brewers are rolling and Axford is racking up the saves the song will fill you with pride for your team. However, when the Brewers are struggling and Axford blows a save or two you will want to throw your radio through the window. There were times last year when I heard the first few notes of "Hell's Bells" and pulled my truck into oncoming traffic. Those kids on that school bus know what I'm talking about. Not good times.

I picture the song starting as soon as the last out is made with Axford popping out of the bullpen right around the fifty second mark which would be pretty damn cool. I could see this one having some staying power and for what it's worth this is John Axford's personal favorite.

#2 Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A classic song that nobody actually knows who it's by. You know, that one song that goes "dooty doo.. doo doo doo" from that one movie with the cowboys? A nice little song, but I don't really see it working as a long term solution. Would you even be able to hear it over the crowd after the first few notes? Does this song build you up, at all? It sounds cool, but it doesn't really say "get up on your feet."

It's like when a bunch of Brewers used Michael Jackson songs after he died. Sure, it was cool for a couple days, but I don't want to hear "Annie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?" every day of my life. NEXT.

#3 Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade

A classic, awesome, powerful song. Hard not to like this one, but do we really want a song about the American military-industrial complex leading us into the ninth inning of a potential win? Isn't that a bit heavy? One of the great things about "Hell's Bells" before Trevor Hoffman ruined it was the way the entire crowd sang along. Do you really want the crowd singing along lyrics like "Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes, not need, just feed the war cannibal animal"? Oh, who am I kidding nobody could actually knows the words to a Rage Against the Machine song. Zack De La Rocha doesn't even know the words to a Rage Against the Machine song.

Besides, have you ever listened to a Rage Against the Machine album from beginning to end? If you haven't believe me it is exhausting. I've gone on runs that were less tiring than listening to one of those things. Remember that thing I said about building you up? Rage doesn't do that. This song starts built up and stays there. It's like a second Red Bull. Bulls on Parade is a great song, but much better in smaller doses and not exactly what we're looking for.

#4 Refused - New Noise

Everyone has heard The Good, The Bad and The Ugly theme, Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine have sold millions of records and then there is Refused. A Swedish UmeƄ hardcore punk band that only music nerds and guys with eyebrow rings have ever heard of. How the hell did they get into the mix? Twitter. Jared from the defunct Brewers blog Right Field Bleachers sent John Axford a tweet recommending the song and John Axford said that he digged it. Since then it's been endorsed by friend of the blog Tyler Maas, gotten a lot of votes each round and even launched its own facebook page. It's like a Cinderella story, if Cinderella were a whore.

Jared recommends that the Brewers begin playing the song at 3:30 of the video with Axford kicking down the doors at the 4:08 mark. In the right circumstances I could see the song really exciting the crowd, building up from the part where he yells "GO!" and it getting REALLY loud by the time he steps out of the door. It might be a bit too hard for some people's taste, especially during the screaming part that would play as he threw warm up pitches, but I'm sure they could figure a way around that by sticking with the instrumentals. If this song was chosen it would be the most original entrance music in all of the Major League Baseball and that has to count for something.


In the end I have to go with my friends Tyler and Jared and vote for New Noise. Having a song that I know nobody else will have is just too appealing to pass up and it really passes the build up test. New Noise is the right song for the job. VOTE NEW NOISE!

If you want to vote for the song just go to John Axford's facebook page or access the polls directly.



Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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31 comments on “Let’s pick John Axford’s new closer music

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I dunno, New Noise, while awesome, takes a full minute to get going. Rage has that funky beat right off the bat that says “get the fans on their feet”

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Oh, come on. Metal/hard rock = cliche as entrance music. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” theme would immediately be the coolest entrance song in baseball. Hoffman entering to “Hell’s Bells” became iconic because the sound of the bells made it unique, not because it was yet another hard rock song.

    Plus, Axford is a film guy so it makes double sense.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Agreed New Noise should win!

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Definitely New Noise.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    New Noise. Absolutely.

  6. Anonymous on said:


  7. Anonymous on said:

    New Noise rocks, yes it does, but how’s that going to play with anyone other than the 18-34 male demographic? All we’ll hear from the females is “I hope the Brewers win big so we don’t have to hear that stupid song.”

    Do you want the entrance music to make people NOT want to see you come in the game?

    I agree with “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Instantly the best entrance music ever. Ever.

    • Not Just Some Random Drunk on said:

      I just want to give a big fat grrr! to the person who said that all the females will be bitching about not wanting to hear New Noise. You’re right, mouth breather, women hate good music. We also only watch baseball to look at all of the pretty guys on the field. Ass.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Sorry to offend you. I was referring to the females I generally come into contact with. Must have forgotten the “women who growl at people they disagree with” demographic. All the songs are cool, but my vote stays for “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

  8. Anonymous on said:

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by far.

    • Anonymous on said:

      i want the good the bad and the ugly as well, but a combination of whaa whaaaa whaaa and metallicas tribute to ennio morricone in their version of the ecstasy of gold. that would be great and eliminate the problem of it not really building you up.

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  10. Anonymous on said:

    Audioslave. It’s what he had last year. Why mess with perfection?

  11. crack haus on said:

    As much as I love Rage, it’s too intense for baseball. You might as well go with death metal! Beastie Boys’s Sabotage would’ve been cool. Come on John, you can change it! I guess I’ll vote for New Noise.

  12. crack haus on said:

    Maybe Sabotage can be Saito’s music. Oh my god, that would be brilliant!

  13. Anonymous on said:

    The Good, The Bad. and the Ugly. Period.

  14. Anonymous on said:

    I’m gonna have to disagree that having a very recognizable song for the closer entrance is a bad thing. Hell’s Bells may have been a little tough when Trevor was struggling for Brewers fans, but I bet you’d get a different take from long-time Padres fans. Fundamentally, a closer entrance song needs to do a few things: 1) pump the closer up, 2) get the ENTIRE crowd excited, 3) create an atmosphere that is electrically charged and maybe a little intimidating for the batters, and 4) not be something that you’re gonna get sick of when you hear it 50+ times a year.

    By those criteria, Conchise is the best option. Yeah it might get annoying if he struggles and you hear it on the radio, but it still does the best job of fulfilling the four roles: 1) it’s Ax’s favorite and what he used last year, so he’s comfortable with it and that’s important, 2) it’s a good, hard song that is recognizable – so even the WAGs that don’t follow baseball will probably get pumped when they hear it, 3) it builds to the point where it can create a good atmosphere, and 4) we’ve been hearing this on the radio for years and most people still aren’t sick of it.

    I don’t think any of the other options can match that. The Rage song is definitely only gonna appeal to some, and I think the same can be said about New Noise. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly would be fun (and funny), but might not really pump the crowd (and Ax) up much. Also, that will be REALLY hard to hear if he struggles, and I feel like it’d get old faster than the others. Finally, think about the iconic closer entrances – Hell’s Bells, Enter Sandman, etc. They’re all well-known songs that everyone can get excited about. My vote is for Conchise.

    • Anonymous on said:

      I’ve never heard the song CONCHISE before… screw the wanna be RATM, gotta go with the real deal: Bulls On Parade!

  15. Anonymous on said:

    Don’t count out the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly being chosen by Axford. He majored in Film in college

  16. Anonymous on said:

    Come Out & Play by Twisted Sister

  17. Anonymous on said:

    Audioslave by Cochise

    Well I been watchin’
    while you been coughin
    I’ve been drinking life
    while you’ve been nauseous
    and so I drink to health
    while you kill yourself
    and I got just one thing
    that I can offer

    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me
    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me yeaaaah!

    well I’m not a martyr
    I’m not a prophet
    and I won’t preach to you
    but here’s a caution
    you better understand
    that I won’t hold your hand
    but if it helps you mend
    then I won’t stop it

    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me
    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me
    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me
    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me yeaaaaah!

    drown if you want
    and I’ll see you in the bottom
    where you crawl
    on my skin
    and put the blame on me
    so you don’t feel a thing

    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me
    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me
    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me
    Go on and save yourself
    and take it out on me yeaaaahh!!!!

    • Anonymous on said:

      this was the dumbest post you could’ve possibly thrown on here …. that being said, my write in: “they perch on their stilts pointing and daring me to break custom” by saosin!!!!!

  18. Anonymous on said:

    COME OUT AND PLAY – Twisted Sister

  19. Anonymous on said:

    Someone could dub in some different lyrics (such as follows)

    Johnny Axford…
    Come out and play…
    Johnny Axford…
    Come out and play…
    Johnny Axford…
    Come out and play…
    Johnny Axford…
    Come out and play

    Are you afraid
    Of things that go bump in the night?
    Behind closet doors
    Of things when you turn out the light
    Don’t be afraid of the night
    There’s a light in the dark burning bright
    Don’t be afraid
    Don’t be afraid
    Don’t be afraid…
    …of the light

    Come inside our world
    An oyster ’round a pearl
    You’ll all be safe inside
    A perfect place to hide, you’ll see
    Fun by decree
    Ride above the storm
    The average and the norm
    A new found ecstacy
    A wild fantasy come true
    This one’s for you
    Oh, welcome to our show
    Oh, welcome to our life
    Just follow me and you’ll set yourself free
    Now won’t you come out and play

    Come out and play
    Come on out and play
    Come out and play
    Come on out and play
    Come out and play
    Come on out and play
    Come out and play
    Come on out and play

    Join our cavalcade
    Enter the world you made
    We’re only here for you
    To do what you won’t do, you know
    On with the show
    A place where fallacy
    Becomes reality
    We’ll spin you head around
    We’re programmed to astound, stand by
    Prepare to fly
    Oh, welcome to our show
    Oh, welcome to our life
    Just follow me and you’ll think that you’re free
    Now won’t you come out and play

    Come out and play
    Come on out and play
    Come out and play
    Come on out and play
    Come out and play
    Come on out and play
    Come out and play
    Come on out and play

    Come out and play…
    Come on out and play…
    Come out and play…
    Come on out and play…
    Come out and play…
    Come on out and play…

  20. Anonymous on said:

    does anyone besides RANDOM DRUNKS read this stuff ????

  21. Anonymous on said:

    As a Padre fan, there was nothing like Hell’s Bells. In 1998 during games 3 & 4 of the NLDS against Houston, the Murph was literally shaking when Hoffman came out in the ninth. The bells starting it slow, then it builds up, and everyone goes nuts. Unfortunately I don’t think any of these songs do that. Good luck Brewers fans!

  22. Anonymous on said:

    what is rickie weeks 2011 music

  23. Anonymous on said:

    Gotta go with The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Not only would be the coolest entrance music ever, but he kind of has a Lee Van Cleef thing going on with the looks and all.

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