Good news Brewers fans you will pay the same price for Brewers tickets in 2011 that you did in 2010!


That's right after raising ticket prices in 2008 (because they were good) and 2009 (because they made the playoffs in 2008), the Brewers will not raise ticket prices in 2010 (because they sucked). Let's go to Mark A for the story:

Your unwavering support over the past four decades was especially appreciated during a disappointing 2010 season. Despite investing approximately $50 million in free-agent pitchers and assembling a team with the highest payroll during my six-year tenure as principal owner, we only marginally improved our pitching, and our offense, while potent, was inconsistent.

Translation: Due to our bad record we lost money. We won't lose money next year.

In the end, we won three fewer games this year than we did in 2009. Notwithstanding this result, more than 2.77 million fans came through the turnstiles at Miller Park to help celebrate the team's 40th anniversary year in Milwaukee, resulting in the 11th best attendance record in Major League Baseball.

"In addition to the 2.77 million of you who came to Miller Park, an additional 15 people watched my son's band Pan-Am at SummerFest. This resulted in their showing having the 11th best attendance of all mid afternoon shows on the COOLTV Rock Stage With Miller Lite and for that I can not thank you enough. He actually paid his own water bill that month."

The steadfast loyalty of our fans, sponsors and partners provides us with the resources to enhance our strengths and, more importantly, to address our weaknesses going forward.

Translation: Thank you for your money. We will try to make the team better, but please continue to give us your money which we thank you for. Did we mention how appreciative we are for your money? Thank you for that money.

On a personal note I haven't decided if I am going to renew my 20 game package for next year. I split the Sunday Plus package last year and while it's always nice to go on Sundays (bobbleheads, tailgating, etc) I still found myself going to more games outside of the package than I did within it. I've had the package for two years and I'm always able to find better deals on the secondary market, but that's probably just because they've sucked the past two years.

Of course, if the Brewers do end up returning to contention next year that won't be true. The fans have shown they will come out for a winner (unless the Packers are on TV) and I would regret not doing it if the team does make the playoffs. I guess the question I need to ask myself is: do I think that is possible, but that's not a question I am ready to tackle just yet. Tell the ticket office to give me some time.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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8 comments on “Milwaukee Brewers to fans:We sucked last year so we won’t be raising ticket prices. Please keep giving us money.

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  3. Anonymous on said:

    Very informative graph.

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  5. SconnieGirl808 on said:

    I guess my problem in this whole situation is this: What does the cat face mean? It’s not in the legend, there are no trends in the graph from which I can extrapolate any sort of significance on to this cat face plunked in the lower right quadrant of the graph.

    I understand that the New World Order will play some sort of significant part in the Brewers’ 2011 playoff chances (and honestly, we should be pinning our hopes on the Wolfpac, if we’re really going to be contenders), but still, I feel this basically begs the question: How much WILL the Cubs suck next season?

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Are we done talking about you now? Can we talk about me and my needs? I don’t like buying the 20 pack cause I always get caught sitting next to or near some half wit/wits and then I have to see and hear them over and over and over – so I’m done with that shit. Plus – I need to drink more at games and think about drivin home less – plus – I think I need to buy me a new brewer shirt cause Prince aint gonna be playin first no more!

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  8. Anonymous on said:

    To be fair, if they don’t raise ticket prices, the “cost” actually went down by the yearly inflation rate.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Star trek episode to finish in my mother’s basement basement.

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