On August 29th 2010 people gathered at Miller Park from all over the fine state of Wisconsin to take part in an event known as "Miller Park Drunk's Pants Party." Few knew what they were getting into before the event, but after some amazing food, a great party, a Brewers win and a pantsless kegstand; everyone who attended realized they just had one of the greatest times ever and their lives were never the same a-gain.

For a variety of reasons 2011 did not feature a return event and many people were left extremely disappointed. Some turned to hard drugs to ease the pain, others to crime. (One dude even ate another dude's face in Florida.) Relationships crumbled, the dead rose from the grave, humans were sacrificed, cats and dogs started living together... it was mass hysteria! But that's all over now because today is a new dawn.

The clouds have parted, the sun has come out and Miller Park Drunk's Pants Party has returned. Rejoice because on July 15th...

(wait for applause)

And not only is Miller Park Drunk's Pants Party returning this year it is going to be bigger and better than ever. Check it out.


DATE: 7/15/2012
PLACE: Miller Park parking lot
TIME: Whenever they let us in the parking lot.
OPPONENT: Pittsburgh Pirates
PRICE: $36

Price includes:

  • (1) Terrace reserved ticket!
  • (1) OFFICIAL Pants Party t-shirt!
  • (1) Awesome sticker from ForwardFabrics.com!
  • (All) The delicious keg beer you can drink!
  • (All) The sausages you can eat!
  • (1) raffle ticket for sweet Brewer related prizes!
  • Stadium Sauce Bloody Marys!
  • Bottled water!
  • Highly competitive parking lot games!
  • Intelligent conversation!
  • Not so intelligent conversation!
  • Beautiful weather (hopefully)!
  • Other things that you'll really like!

We'll have more information on the food menu in the coming weeks, but know that it is completely different than last time and completely awesome. The official t-shirt, while still being finalized, is also completely awesome and you'll want to wear it everyday.

I have no doubt in my mind when I tell you that this will be the best tailgate of the summer and you would be silly to miss it. SO DON'T! Secure your place now!

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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3 comments on “Pants Party 2: Sausage Fest

  1. Will on said:

    Lame, I’m out of town then.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Dearest Vince-

    Totally thought I saw you at the game yesterday and I wanted to show you my swamp ass, but it wasn’t you. Anyways, I want to come to Sausage Fest, but I already have tickets to the game. Is there a chance that we can just attend and pay for the tailgating part and pass on the tickets? What are the chances of us ladies walking away with a sausage?

  3. Rabbit on said:

    Can i still get in on this? A bunch of Brew Crew Ball guys convinced me to come. Can i still get tickets through you?

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