Prince Fielder: Who Needs Him?

November 30th, 2011

The Brewers offseason began a couple of months ago, but in all likelihood it won't really begin until Prince Fielder signs with another team. The players don't believe he will be back, Prince doesn't think he'll be back, the management doesn't really believe he'll be back and deep down you and I know that he won't be back, but still we wait. We wait because there is a chance, no matter how small, that Prince will be back and everything will return to normality. I mean, if nobody offers him a contract he'd have to accept the Brewers offer! That could happen, right? It won't, but it could and until it doesn't happen we will wait.

But why? Why should we wait? Sure, he's been apart of our team for years and he's given us some really great memories, but do we really need him? Do we even want him? Should we even care that Prince Fielder is leaving?


Don't get me wrong, I love Prince Fielder. I would like for Prince Fielder to be a Milwaukee Brewer forever, retire and open a car dealership in Milwaukee where I can overpay for a Ford Fusion with a big number twenty eight on the back. That's what I'd love to happen, but unfortunately we don't live in that world. We live in a world where every dollar spent needs to be held accountable and bring back a certain amount of production. That $/talent/production equation just doesn't work for Prince Fielder because Prince Fielder is not our future and if we're being honest he wasn't our past either.

Because Ryan Braun is all of that.

Prince Fielder is a talented hitter and he is a great person to have on your team, but make no mistake of who the star of the Brewers 3/4 hitters was. It was Ryan Braun. Prince Fielder was awesome, but he went as Ryan Braun went.

Consider this:

  • Prince's 50 homerun MVP candidate season came in Braun's rookie year. The same season Braun started batting in front of him. COINCIDENCE?
  • Prince Fielder's OPS dropped the following year. Also dropping? Braun's OPS. Beginning the patter of as Braun goes, Prince goes.
  • In 2009 Prince Fielder had a team record (and league best) 141 RBIs. Ryan Braun had a (then) career best on-base-percentage. Another coincidence?
  • 2010 was another off year for Braun and Fielder as Braun's OPS dropped 71 points and Prince's 173. What came first?
  • Ryan Braun finally took over the role of hitting alpha male in 2011 as he¬†inarguably¬†had a better season, winning the MVP award. Prince's great season once again coincided with a great season of Braun's, but this time it was clear who the better player was.
Last season wasn't an outlier. This is Ryan Braun's team now. He will have great seasons and he will have frackin' great seasons, but it won't be because of Prince Fielder. Braun's going to hit how he's going to hit with or without Prince. I wish I could say the same for Prince, but I just don't see it that way. In the next couple years we might see some amazing seasons from Corey Hart or Mat Gamel or someone else and we'll wonder why, but the answer is always right there in front of us because the answer wears number eight.
As Braun goes, so go the Brewers.
I love Prince Fielder and it'd be nice to have him back, but Prince Fielder is a luxury item. He's a jet ski when we already have an awesome speed boat. He's a girl on the side when you actually like your wife. It'd be nice to have both, I'd LOVE to have both, but we just don't need both.
We have Braun.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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4 comments on “Prince Fielder: Who Needs Him?

  1. Who needs an NL title? on said:

    “who needs him”

    Clearly your article has done nothing short of articulate that both players need one another to be statistically successful and surely you wouldn’t dare dream of a NL championship without him… whether you are pro prince or pro braun, doesn’t matter, neither would have had the monster statistics, nor the team success without the other.

    You suggest you would LOVE to have them both, but your disdain for Prince demonstrates you have no clue.

    To suggest Fielder is the only one who benefits from the other’s presence is to play ignorant to the fact that the #3 hitter is protected by one of the beasts of the league.

    I guess you will get your chance to see if you are right when Fielder walks and Braun goes from a protected #3, to targeted #4 sandwiched between Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart

    • Vince,

      Do you remember what happened when we got rid of Molitor? DO you remember how successful the BlueJays became because fo that move? We kept Yount (who reminds me of Braun’s situation), but got rid of Molitor and then didn’t end up winning until 2008. I mean seriously, if you did have respect for Prince, you would ask the owner and GM: Why wouldn’t you sign Prince? This opportunity comes once evry 20 years and to blow it again because we can’ compete? You are stating the obvious that Prince doesn’t think he will be back, and Management says the same. Why wouldn’t we be competitive in the Fielder sweepstakes, we have the revenue to do it ( 3 million fans + this year), but does managment have the common sense to pull the trigger (Probably not).

  2. With so much faith in Braun makes me more and more terrified he’s going to get injured, and not some “damn I broke my leg making a sweet play” but an “ow I tweaked my thumb AND my big toe what fresh hell is this” kind of injury. A BS one. Not gonna lie, my brain keeps going to worst case scenarios with next season.

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