RIP 2012 Milwaukee Brewers

July 25th, 2012

Well, the improbable has become the basically impossible and I am throwing in the towel on the 2012 Milwaukee Brewers playoff hopes. Notice I said playoff hopes and not the team itself? Yeah, that's how you do it. There is a lot of summer left with basically nothing to do so watching the Brewers is still going to be one of the cornerstones of my life until the season is over. I will still want them to win baseball games because watching my favorite baseball team win games is fun for me. I've never understood why some people take on the opinion that once a team is eliminated from the playoffs they should lose every game for the rest of the season to improve their draft pick. What fun is that? You people watch too much basketball. I'm not saying the Brewers should be adding pieces or not doing trades to improve themselves for the future, but if Yovani Gallardo is pitching and Ryan Braun is hitting then that can be a fun team to watch. You should want those guys to win especially if you, you know, have tickets to a game and want to have a good time. This isn't rocket science. This is rocket science:

It's okay to still like a baseball team that isn't going to the playoffs. If you don't agree just watch the Packers practice in sweatpants or whatever.

I really had high hopes for the 2012 Milwaukee Brewers and there has been nothing that happened this season to make me doubt those high hopes. Things simply didn't go their way. Their shortstop got hurt, their bullpen wasn't that good which was exacerbated by the fact that some of their better arms had to fill in for injured starting pitchers, a handful of players decided not to show up in April, John Axford had his wisdom teeth pulled and decided it would be fun to pitch like he was still in the middle of surgery and luck never once felt like it was on the Brewers side. A few breaks the other way and this team is right in the thick of it, but if I start agonizing over "what ifs" now I might start crying. WHAT IF ROENICKE DIDN'T GO MARCUM THEN NARVESON IN GAME 6 GUYS!? WHAT IF HE USED BEST RELIEVERS INSTEAD!? WHAT IF!?

/looks at unused NLCS game 7 ticket


With the loss of the weight of expectations regarding the Brewers in 2012 I am a lot happier now. How awful would it have been for them to finish like three games out of the Wild Card? I can point to like 15 games that the Brewers could have won this season and for them to be that close with those on the resume would absolutely destroy me. For the Brewers to be 12.5 games out of first place six days before the trade deadline makes that a non-issue. I'm over my World Series dreams, my playoff hopes are officially dashed and now I can fully enjoy what is about to unfold. Which is the building of the super awesome 2013 Brewers.

Are you ready for Logan Schafer? You should be because he could be here next year and he's going to be awesome. He'll be like Nyjer, but homegrown and not crazy. I bet girls will think he's cute. Or maybe we will see Caleb Gindl who is 5'9" 205 pounds and everyone is going to fall in love with him. He'll hit like Corey Hart, but not be scary looking. Are you enjoying the Michael Fiers experience? Good because he's going to be a big part of what goes down next year. Are you pumped for a new shortstop? Because we're probably going to have yet another one. I love that new shortstop smell. Maybe this one will be good. (Please?) Ever heard of Scooter Gennett? He might be good enough to replace Rickie Weeks next year. (I don't know how I feel about this, but whoever the 2B is next year will probably be my favorite player.) Sick of this bullpen? It will look a lot different next year. Tired of Greinke and Marcum? Good news, one or both won't be back! We'll have some young starter who will fill us with hopes and frustration. Maybe the Brewers will sign Josh Hamilton and we'll all become born again and quit drinking. Who knows! 2013 is the year of possibility!

(Dear Mr. Melvin, please don't even consider doing that last thing. I'm begging you.)

Change is good and change is fun. The 2012 Brewers needed some things to go right to be contenders this year and those things didn't go right. The 2013 Brewers will need the same things to go right and maybe they'll have a bit more luck than this year's club did. I'm excited about the idea of a new team with new possibilities. Anything can happen. It's just not going to happen in 2012. I'll still be watching and I'll still be loving, but it's not going to happen.

RIP 2012 Brewers. It's been real.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Next week is OFF TOPIC WEEK where we are going to write about everything but the Brewers. What better way to eulogize a season that is still on going than to pretend that isn't going on? Should be fun, but if you just want baseball talk maybe you should leave us alone for a few days.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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2 comments on “RIP 2012 Milwaukee Brewers

  1. scott on said:

    Great Post! You have the right attitude. I am still going to the game tonight and I will still cheer if they score…. heck the team will be different by tonight already, I hear they have a muppet in the bullpen now!

  2. Kurt Smith on said:

    Not suggesting for a moment that people ever take it for granted, but a game at Miller Park is such a blast I would never tire of it, no matter the team’s fortunes. I don’t live in the Milwaukee area, but whenever I’m there I wish I did. The tailgating and the food inside the ballpark is off the hook. Great value there too, especially compared to both ballparks in Chicago.

    It’s too bad the Brewers have struggled like this. Prince was a big loss, I guess, but I understand letting him go. Can only commit so much money to one guy. If the future stars are as good as you say they are Vince, baseball at Miller is going to rock. I hope so.

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