I'd like to make an argument that all Brewers fans are either "Ryan Brauns" or "Prince Fielders" to highlight the debate over the 2011 MVP.

The Prince Fielders of Brewer nation are the kind of guys who don't care about a pitcher's FIP or a player's WAR. They care about two things: hits and homeruns. The Ryan Brauns love the statistical stuff. Prince may have more homeruns and more RBIs, but Ryan Braun is the better player. His OPS is 44 points higher and the Ryan Brauns know it. The Ryan Brauns can even tell the Prince Fielders about it, but they won't care. "Scoreboard," they'll say and point to Prince's 29 HRs and 102 RBIs going into tonight. The Fielders will point to Nyjer Morgan's energy as a reason for the team's success. The Brauns will point at the pitching and say "duh."

The Ryan Brauns are the kind of people who love to go to the game and get the best seat available. Leaving the tailgate early to ensure they are in their seat for the first pitch. The Prince Fielders think the party doesn't stop because the game is starting. The Ryan Brauns drink, we all drink, but they don't drink Miller Lite by the gallon. They settle in with a mixed drink or a local brew. Do I even need to say what the Prince Fielders drink? (HINT: It's not water.) The Prince Fielders are the guys eating for the cycle. The Ryan Brauns eat a brat on their "cheat day."

I could go on and on and like I said I would like to make this argument, but I can't do it. Their looks, their playing styles, their strengths and weaknesses, even the numbers on their back can all be used to highlight differences between us as people and as Brewers fans, but they do not tell the story of the 2011 MVP debate.

The thing about the argument of "Prince or Braun" is that it's not an argument at all. Ryan Braun would be good without Prince Fielder and Prince Fielder would be good without Ryan Braun, but they are both greater when they're together. (Kind of like the opposite of me and every girlfriend I've ever had.) When they are both clicking at the same time, like they are this season, there is no scarier duo in all of baseball. There is no way around one without having to deal with the other and everyone knows it. The Brewers are a very scary team to have on your schedule and the reason is these two, but you know all of this and it doesn't answer the question of who should be the 2011 MVP. The answer to that question is: it doesn't matter.

Whoever wins it deserves it and whoever doesn't win it deserved it too. Whoever ends up winning the award (and it will be one of them) should just cut the thing in half and give the other half to the other because they should know better than anyone that none of this would have ever happened without the other. I don't care who is better or who is the MVP. I'm just happy that we have them.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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    Um, word.

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