Outside of Carlos Gomez and Jonathan Lucroy, the Brewers most consistent (healthy) hitter has been Scooter Gennett. GOOD ON YOU SCOOTER! YOU DID IT! WAY TO PROVE THOSE DOUBTERS WRONG! LITTLE GUY DONE GOOD! HUMAN HANK!

Only it's not really a compliment because the Brewers offense kinda sucks right now and his solid .283 batting average is somewhat negated by his .319 OBP and .398 SLG. His 4.9 walk percentage is pretty dang low and he doesn't hit for much power. Basically, the dude hits a bunch of singles and if he doesn't do that he probably isn't doing much. He is a solid baseball player and one that the Brewers are lucky to have to plug into this sorry ass lineup, but that is all he is. He reminds me of my teenage self, he's lucky to get to second base. He isn't a key to your lineup. He isn't a solid #2 hitter or an acceptable #3 hitter, no matter how many injuries you have. You know when Roenicke batted him third that time he was like:


He is a dude who hits a lot of singles and that's it. That's not a bad thing, it's just not the best thing. What would be best is for Ryan Braun to come back and do Ryan Braun things. (Ryan Braun things in this case means hitting baseballs. It is not a euphemism for using drugs or getting urine collectors fired.) But who knows when that will happen. Another thing that could happen is for Rickie Weeks to get some more at-bats.

I know, I know. It's Rickie Weeks. He had a bad 2012 and a worse 2013. He strikes out a ton and he hasn't cut his hair in years. (Seriously, Cool Runnings, it's over.) Everyone is just sick of the guy. Hell, I almost wrote a post called "DFA Rickie Weeks" begging Doug Melvin to set the poor guy free just a few weeks ago and I'm supposed to be his biggest fan. Things have been tough, but you can't deny that Rickie Weeks has way more talent than Scooter Gennett. His upside is homeruns and on-base percentage, Scooter's upside is a double. Weeks is just (potentially) better.


Sure, he is. He is hitting a ton of singles, but did you know his OPS of .718 is actually worse than Rickie Weeks' 2012 OPS of .728? You know, that year Weeks was bad? Rickie hit .230 that year and still had a higher OPS than Scooter does in this young season.


This is a possibility, but 2013 was an especially rough year for Rickie based on his .268 batting average on balls in play, a career low for him and .032 below the league average. A little bit of evening out and his average might've still been below .240, but he'd be a lot closer to 2014 Scooter than most would like to admit.


I don't (which is why I'm writing a word about the pitching), but Rickie is currently behind Lyle Overbay, Logan Schaefer and JEFF BIANCHI in plate appearances. He's better than all three of those even with declining bat speed and a nest of birds living in his hair. We came into the season expecting some sort of platoon situation, but Weeks has only started 6 of 35 games. "When Scooter is tired" is not a platoon. My point is that Weeks has a lot of talent and while you should go with the hot hand when it makes sense, a .718 OPS should not ever be considered a hot hand. A .283 batting average is not a hot hand. Scooter will do this because this is what Scooter does, you don't have to worry about losing it. It'll always be there. Scooter is Jennifer Aniston. Sometimes you have to go after something that is potentially sexier even if it might blow up in your face.

Will Weeks crash and burn as a starter? I don't know, probably, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a shot. He has a track record of someone who can hit the ball a long way and take pitches when needed. That seems like someone you'd want to get into the lineup. That definitely seems like someone you'd want to get into this lineup. Even if your plan is just to showcase him for other teams.


Seriously, why doesn't he get a first baseman's glove? I feel like we've been saying this for two years.

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