Worst: People saying the Brewers are all-in

They are trying to win, okay? They took K-Rod off the Mets hands for free. That's it. Next year they will still have Ryan Braun, Zack Greinke, Shaun Marcum, Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart, Yovani Gallardo and John Axford. The only players who might leave are Prince Fielder, Mark Kotsay, Takashi Saito, Craig Counsell and (God willing), Yuniesky Betancourt. Everyone else is under contract. All-in implies that if they don't win this year they won't have a chance next year. It's just not true and I wish you all would stop saying it.

And seriously, how all-in can a team be when they are on pace for 86 wins? Be for real.

Worst: An all-in team doesn't start Yuniesky Betancourt at shortstop

One of my favorite parts of this season has been that one amazing play that Yuniesky Betancourt made. You know the one. Backhand deep in the hole that he flips behind his back to Rickie Weeks who barehands it for the double play. How many times have you seen that play? I'll tell you how many times, 15 times per game since it happened. It's like Doug Melvin and the rest of the Brewers brass are forcing FSWisconsin to show this play five times a game to try and brainwash the viewers into thinking Yuniesky Betancourt is a modern day Ozzie Smith or something. Well listen here Brewers, WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. WE SEE YOUR TRICKS AND THEY AREN'T GOING TO WORK ON US. WE KNOW ALL ABOUT YUNI. YUNI IS TERRIBLE.

(image via SBN)

That said, if you're going to try and brainwash someone with a single play that's the play to do it with. If he did things like this more often, or ever again, I might be able to handle his .598 OPS.

Worst: Yuniesky Betancourt is not the worst hitter in the starting lineup this season

Oh, Casey. :(

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2 comments on “The Best and Worst of the Milwaukee Brewers first half

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Brewers fans this year have the added “never say die” bonus of limited or no football this season! Enjoy major-league professional sports while it lasts in Wisconsin, because after the baseball season there won’t be another professional game played in Wisconsin until baseball season.

    (Yes, I excluded basketball on purpose)

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Off topic yet honorable mention to the worst of the first half – FSN broadcasting:

    Jerry Garcia ‘tailgate tips’ commercials: Duder – you’re a class a douche; everyone I know makes fun of you. No one is going to make any of that shit while tailgating. You come off as a narcissistic tard, seriously…haul ass.

    Telly Hughes: How in the world you got a job in broadcasting is beyond any conceivable notion. You are HORRIBLE at your job, HORRIBLE. There is only one explanation for how you’re keeping your job – and that’s because obviously, you’re the quota. Consider a new career.

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