Hi. The Brewers are one game over .500 for the first time in the history of baseball (or so it seems) and are suddenly very much in the Wild Card Race. This is happening. So let's talk about betting on them to win the World Series.

Brewers World Series Betting Odds (OddsShark.com)
November 11, 2011: 22/1
March 6, 2012: 28/1
April 22, 2012: 35/1
May 28, 2012: 60/1
July 3, 2012: 65/1
August 20th, 2012: 300/1

As a fan it's not hard to see why things got like this. The Brewers just got worse and worse and their inability to win on a regular basis is well documented. You could have put the Brewers at a million to one on August 20th and not a lot of people would have jumped on it. Not after the K-Rod: closer experiment. Not after being swept by the Rockies. Not after dropping two of three to the Phillies. The Brewers were done. They were playing out the string. They were biding their time until the offseason. Then they got hot and..

Brewers World Series Betting Odds (Bovado)
TODAY: 40/1

The Brewers making the playoffs is still a long shot. Despite being three games out their playoff odds sit at only 7.1 percent. The Cardinals and Dodgers start a four game series tomorrow (a series that suddenly looks like Timmy vs. Jimmy) that could see one of the two take a big chunk out of the other and take a big lead. After that the Cardinals play nine against the Astros and Cubs that could see them lock this thing up. Meanwhile, the Pirates start a four game series against the Cubs and then head home to face off against the Brewers in a series that could decide one of the two team's playoff fate, then move on to face the Astros. Basically what I am trying to say is that the Cubs and Astros suckiness could ruin things for everyone. We're having a lot of fun right now, but it's pretty hard to expect the Cubs to do anything to help us out. They're like a Cubs fan who gets you pregnant. Don't expect any help or monetary support. We're on our own.

But things are no longer as impossible as they once seemed. I can see the promised land and it is beautiful. The Cardinals choke this thing away, the Dodgers continue their Adrian Gonzalez led exodus and the Pirates continue to remember that they are the Pirates. The Brewers stay hot and enter October as the scariest team in all of baseball. This happens. They knock out the Barves in the one game playoff thanks to a complete game shutout by someone ridiculous like Tyler Thornburg. We steal another series, then another and suddenly the World Series is in Milwaukee. Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez combine for like 20 homeruns in six games and the Brewers win it all. This all happens. If only they can just get to the postseason.

Why do I think like this? Am I that much of a Brewer optimist? (A Broptimist?) Am I that deluded? Am I crazy? No.

This is how sports works now. The best team never wins it all. The hottest team does. Look at the 2012 Stanley Cup champion LA Kings. Look at the Packers when they won the Super Bowl. They were 10-6, a sixth seed that needed a lot of favors to even get there. Then look at the Packers last year, 15-1 and out in their first game. Or the Phillies last year with best record in all of baseball and knocked in the first round by a Wild Card and a squirrel. The Cardinals, the team with the worst record of any team to make the playoffs last season, won it all. Is this fair? Is this right? Probably not, but if you are a fan of the team that does it then it is the greatest thing ever.

So why not? Why not us? We did it the right way last season and we got knocked out in the NLCS. How about we do it the wrong way this season and win it all? How about we make talking heads complain about the new playoff system because this team won it? It's no longer impossible. All they have to do is make it there. After that anything is possible.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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  2. I am going to print that out and hold it up at the game tonight! It can be done by the Brewers.

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