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I thought we were over this, you know? Ryan Braun, he of the 18 missed games and "paltry" .837 OPS, was supposed to be over being the most hated man in baseball. It was a long time ago in the 24/7 news cycle/twitter age and he isn't the best hitter in baseball anymore. Heck, he's not even the best hitter on his own team anymore. People should really find something else to obsess over.

But not Kirk Gibson. Nope. The manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks still remembers 2011, when he was relevant and Braun was using PEDs to hit .500 when the Brewers eliminated the Diamondbacks. He won't forget that. That was his time to shine and Ryan Braun's drug use took that away. Or something. Who knows? All I know is that Kirk Gibson ordered the code red:

And it started up a bunch of this stuff:



(That noise you hear is me stabbing myself in the eye with a fork.)

I don't want to talk about the beaning (it was dumb) or the reasons behind it (Kirk Gibson is dumb) or the reaction (it was all dumb) or its result (yayyy). Instead, let's talk about these people.

Let's say when you were in college you tried smoking crack. Then one day years later you get drunk and you tell one of your friends this story. Next thing you know he's calling you a crackhead. Then he's telling everyone else that you're a crackhead. Is he wrong? Technically no, but fuck that guy. He's being a dick whether he is ethically correct or not. More importantly, who wants to hang out with that guy? Nobody.

Yet that guy is everywhere and he's tweeting about Ryan Braun. He's freaking out at the notion that some people don't agree with him and would actually vote Ryan Braun for the All-Star Game. He can't understand why Ryan Braun is allowed to make money playing baseball or why he isn't suspended for life. Stats be damned, rules be damned, this guy wants JUSTICE because what Ryan Braun did is WRONG.

This guy and people like him are called assholes.

Which isn't to say Ryan Braun isn't an asshole. He almost surely is, but he's a professional athlete; of course he's an asshole. It's part of the job description. These people are different. They hide behind ethics and the power of RIGHT and WRONG. They think that guys like Ryan Braun don't deserve a second chance and that the MLB's rules simply aren't harsh enough. They will make needle in the butt jokes when Ryan Braun is 70 years old and they will threaten to boycott games whenever the next big scandal comes along. They are unwavering. They are resistant to reason. They are a lot of fun at parties.

It seems like these people are everywhere and they won't forget and they won't let go. Which sucks for people like us. We just want to watch baseball. We can watch Chinatown without thinking about what a terrible person Roman Polanski is. Yes, Ryan Braun "cheated" a few years ago and if he "cheats" again he will be suspended. As far as we know he hasn't "cheated" again and he continues to play baseball. That's all there really is to it. Okay? We don't care what happened in 2011, we care about what is happening in 2014. We don't need to be talking about this.

Which I guess is the point of this whole thing. Don't let them bring you down. They want to talk about it, they want to argue; but don't let them bring you to their level. Talking about Ryan Braun and steroids is an exercise in futility. It doesn't matter anymore. It is not two years ago. You will never win an argument when you care less about something than the other person and these people care very, very much. Let it go. Let them have their lives where they are right and the world is wrong. They can have it.

We just want to watch baseball, man.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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