Apparently today was "everyone is freaking out about the Phillies series so Brewers bloggers write posts about how it's going to be okay" day  and if there is one thing I never want to miss out on it's a good "everything is going to be okay" post.

Jack Moore of Disciples of Uecker tried to give everyone a little context today by looking at the Brewers record against their likely playoff opponents and even points out that, despite this weekend, the Brewers have a positive run differential in their season series against the Phillies. He also points out that the last time the Brewers played their most likely first round opponent, the Braves, they took three out of four games at Miller Park and that the team's record over 162 is more indicative of their talent than these games and those are all good points that give you something to think about, sure, but Moore stops short of admitting that this is a small sample size that says absolutely nothing about the Brewers' playoff fates.

The Brewers Bar took some time out this weekend to tell us that math was still on the Brewers side. This should seem obvious, but just seeing it on the page that the Cardinals would have to go 12-5 just to tie a 5-10 Brewers team puts a smile on my face. I'd give him more credit, but then he had to go and write this:

There's still a lot of baseball left to decide seeding, but there isn't enough left for the Brewers to realistically choke away a playoff appearance... even if it seems like they're trying.


Thankfully we have Adam McCalvy to point out that any team facing Chris Carpenter, Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee on consecutive days is going to struggle at the plate. He also points out that the Brewers don't play another winning team for the rest of the season, much less a team like the Phillies. Which is honestly all that really needs to be said about the weekend, but if you are one of the people who is worried about the Brewers let me ask you this.

Let's say instead of the Brewers losing 5 in a row to the Cardinals and Phillies that they won them all. That'd have been awesome right? They'd be number one on ESPN and everyone would be calling them World Series favorites. Only now they play the Rockies and the Reds and instead of playing them like I think we're going to play them, they lose five. Does that make the Brewers a playoff team who can't close the deal? Does that make them a team that can't "get up" for the lesser games? Because right now the Brewers are a playoff team who, apparently, "choke against elite starters" or "can't beat good teams" and I just don't see the difference. Losses are loses. This weekend sucked, but consider this:

  1. Rickie Weeks is back.
  2. The Brewers magic number is ten. A combination of Brewers wins and Cardinals losses equaling ten and this is done. Sure, it could go til the end of the season, but it could be over by next weekend or it could be over by Sunday. Relax.
  3. Rickie Weeks is back.


Remember when the Brewers won 22 out of 25? Did you think that was going to be forever? Teams have winning streaks and they have losing streaks, it's a part of baseball. Sometimes it's because the pitching stinks, sometimes it's because the hitting sucks and sometimes it's just because they get outplayed and maybe run into some bad luck. That's what this was, that third thing. Get over it. We're going to the playoffs.



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6 comments on “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Milwaukee Brewers recent struggles

  1. Is Rickie Weeks back?

  2. Losing to good teams is better than losing to bad teams, but either way there will be over-analysis. I’d prefer to beat good teams and lose to shitty teams. Then you can chalk it up to lack of focus or late-night partying.

    Your quote: “Losses are loses”. There’s a certain inequity there.

    • Indeed, all losses are not created equal. I didn’t expect them to win the series v. STL and PHL, but I don’t know how anyone can be sanguine when they played 2-8 ball over those three series, especially when seven of those games were at home. I mean, how about going 5-5 against those teams? Not great, but a showing good enough to argue that they are on par with those clubs.

      As it is, the evidence suggests that at this time the Brewers are a good team, but not one likely to have a bright playoff future. To me, no amount of cutting the season stats or shaping past outcomes is going to change the results of those recent 10 games played against good teams.

  3. He’s back for a few innings.

  4. crack haus on said:

    Dude, the playoffs are a brand new season. The regular season goes out the window. Everyone knows that. They played the Phillies alright. A couple of those games could’ve gone either way. It won’t be Narv-Dogg starting in the playoffs. It’s gonna be about Plushdamentals and the Zack Attack. World Series!!! *crotch chop*

  5. Anonymous on said:

    Don’t be a pussy, Chris.

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