I can't seem to turn on the internet machine without seeing pictures of cute kittens something about Corey Hart and Prince Fielder being traded from the Milwaukee Brewers. Every baseball writer, analyst, talking head and fan thinks that it's important for the Brewers to trade Prince Fielder and Corey Hart. Right now. Corey, because he's hot and will never be hotter (which apparently people who are paid to evaluate talent won't realize, haha suckers!), and Prince because he's good and he's probably not going to re-sign with the team when he becomes a free agent in 2012. This has a certain amount of logic to it and if the Brewers get the right deal then they should probably do it, but I would be  really surprised if one or both was traded during the season.

The reason I believe this lies in the fangraphs post from today by Jack Moore titled "What the Milwaukee Brewers Should Do" (which is weird because it never actually says what they should do), in the post Jack writes:

the contracts of Jeff Suppan, Trevor Hoffman, Bill Hall, David Weathers, Jody Gerut, Craig Counsell, Claudio Vargas, Jim Edmonds, Dave Bush, David Riske, and Gregg Zaun coming off the books, the Brewers will clear around $45 million in salary for next season. If Fielder and Hart are traded, that would be another $15 million cleared. The Brewers will see some raises for arbitration eligible players, but they should have a lot of money to play with in 2011.

Jesus, the Brewers are paying more people not to be with them than Larry King.

With all that money coming off the books as is, there is no need to get Prince and Corey off the books. If the goal is to build this team for a run in 2011, a run that they are totally capable of making, then there is no rush to trade two of the team's best three hitters unless they bring back someone who can significantly help them now. I'm talking a top of the line starter with arbitration years left. I'm talking Yovani Gallardo: the squeakquel.

Trading away Prince and Corey because of the team's poor play this season in return for prospects that won't help this team win next year is a stupid, stupid decision and guess what? Doug Melvin knows that. He'll listen, but he needs to be blown away and I'm not sure there's anyone out there willing to blow him away. At least not during the season. It's why he's a good GM.

/dodges tomatoes

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6 comments on “The last days of Prince Fielder and Corey Hart?

  1. Jack Moore on said:

    I think you have to take an elite, ML ready SP if offered. The potential replacements at 1B/OF via either the FA market (Werth, Berkman, Crawford) or farm system (Gamel, Cain) are better than at SP (Beckett? who else? And the farm system? Nope.)

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Your view on Hart is flawed IMO. Corey is hot this year… there are some teams that will have only this year to be in a playoff race…. They could use a hot player or injury and be willing to part with something for this year. Hart also does not have a monster contract that has to paid, so his future cost is low. A hart trade could be a win /win… as long as fans don’t expect to get a top line starting pitcher in return.

    I think the Brewers would be just as well off in the long run to play Gerut in left than to keep Hart…. if you get to the wrong spot in the outfield or make a base running blunder quicker than other players, so what, speed is not everything.

    Prince is not worth 25 mil, or whatever he is asking, so a lot of fans want him gone… I do too… but I think it would be best to see in the offseason what is available and how the roster is shaking out. They still need a draw but I don’t know that this team should have too many expectations next year unless they make a major move. Just my opinion tho… I don’t even have a blog, so what do I know.

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