Some people think that this three game series is the most important series of the season. After all, anytime two disappointing, out of contention, under .500 teams meet in June for a mid-week three game series it has to be important, right?

Cubs fans and Brewers fans actually have a lot in common right now. They both want to fire their GM (that being said, I'd take Suppan and his contract over Soriano and his contract any day of the week, they still got four years of that guy). They both can't believe how many games their team has lost to the Pirates. They both were recently questioned by police in connection with a sexual assault at a Wrigleyville bar. They both expected their team to play at least .500. It's not been a good year so far for either team's fans and a win against the perceived "rivals" would go a long way towards healing a few wounds. For some fans, they need these wins.

(I tried to contact the Wrigley Drunk for this story to see how he felt about the series, but he said he didn't care about the Cubs and he was going to be watching the Blackhawks play in the "Hocky Super Bowl" tonight. When I informed him that the game was actually tomorrow, he said something about "icing a bro" and hung up.)

I know that I want the Brewers to win every game they play and I want them to win every series they play in. Do I want them to win this one? Yes. Do I want them to win this one more than any other one? Sort of. I am going to the game on Wednesday and I know at least twenty Cubs fans going to the game. There's probably going to be a lot more there too and for that reason alone I need the Brewers to win. Not because I think they "need" to win this series, not because I hate the Cubs, not because I believe that this will be the start of the Brewers playoff run, but because I don't like it when other people are happy and I'm not. If I am at a Brewers game and they lose I want 20,000 other people there to be pissed off that they lost too. I don't want people to be happy. I don't want people singing and dancing down the escalators. I want sad, sad looks on people's faces. I want guys lashing out at their girlfriends for no reason at all. I want people picking fights with their own friends about whose fault the loss was. That's what it's all about and if I can somehow combine the Brewers winning with watching other people do these things and feeling like I am better than them, well that's just the best of both worlds.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    So, maybe you should try to not write about the same things as KSK on the same day. I love most of your stuff, but when you start copying stuff from the Gay Mafia, its just tired.

    • Miller Park Drunk on said:

      How does making a reference to Wrigley Drunk icing a bro constitute writing about the same thing? Pretty sure this post is about the Cubs/Brewers.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Oh, I bet there won’t be 20,000 Cubbies in the seats on Wednesday, though they might be Friday’s or the left field bar. The Chitown poser crowd’s completely jumped on the Hawks bandwagon for the time being.

    And I agree that this series is big, since the Crew’s only 3 games back on the Flubs, so why not start the rally right now? Anything above third isn’t going to happen, so why not concentrate on that this Summer (in addition to sharpening my beer pong skills)?

    Jake M.

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