I can think of a lot of reasons that I don't write like I used to. Here's a few of them:

  • They haven't really been that fun.
  • I think the front office still thinks it's 2011.
  • Even though I think that I fail to latch onto new stars like Gomez or Segura in a significant way despite the fact that they are proof that I am wrong about that last thing.
  • Ryan Braun made me feel like a fucking dick for defending him. He's still the best player and I'm glad he can help his win (and I still don't really give a shit about steroids and think the world would be a better place if they were legal), but he's a douchebag. Which is funny because we made our bones calling him a douchebag. I should have known.
  • The pitching.
  • Rickie Weeks, my favorite guy, is kinda what people say about him now.
  • The front office doesn't really jive with my own feelings about what a baseball front office should be and they aren't winning so I feel like they are outdated and wrong. Whether this is real or not (it probably isn't), it still has bearing on how I enjoy the baseball team.
  • The stupidity of baseball, the corporate office that controls things.
  • The Brewers, despite being the hometown nine, are still just another corporation out to rob us of every cent we have. (See: the dog, Hank)
  • I've been really into wrestling. Which is funny because it pisses me off and makes me love/hate it just as much as the Brewers do. I'm flying to New Orleans in two weeks for WrestleMania and all I can think about is how awful it will be.
  • I really don't get why they keep bringing back K-Rod. He's a good pitcher who is the worst pitcher ever for a few games at a time. That's one thing, but my real issue is that he's a guy with some not so good stuff towards women on his resume and I have a hard time reconciling that with my feminist nature. There are a lot of guys who can get a bunch of saves, blow a bunch of games and then get a few more saves without having a history of being a dick. Just because the woman you hit fled to Venezuela doesn't mean you didn't hit a woman. In short, fuck him.
  • The stupidity of baseball, the business that makes things unfair for teams like the Brewers.
  • The inevitability that no matter what we do, who we draft, who we sign, what dogs we save, who the GM is, who the owner is, what the cost of beer is or how healthy the economy is; that we will never be as consistently great as the Cardinals. They will always find a way to win through some combination of knowing what they are doing and devil's magic. We will have great seasons, but we will never be them. It is the absolute worst and it is the toughest, most disgusting pill to swallow.
  • The stupidity of baseball, the sport that is so dependent on the quality of pitching when pitching is the hardest thing to acquire, predict and keep healthy. Nine Ryan Brauns are no match for one Pedro Martinez and no cure for one Jeff Suppan.
  • And on and on. (And on.)

But if I had to sum up my lack of writing about the Brewers in one easy to read statement it would be this one:

The Brewers have made multiple moves, Braun is back and they might be good, but the only thing I have really paid attention to is a homeless dog.

Yep, that about sums it up.

I've been to a lot of Bucks games this year. Five since December. For those of you who don't pay attention to the Bucks let me just tell you that they are the worst. Like you know how it seems like the Brewers are the worst? The Bucks are the worst for real. They are the 90s Brewers. They have the worst record in the league, a coach that I can't figure out why they hired and a collection of guys that either might be something, probably aren't anything and everyone else is just stealing money. That's their team. (Giannis, however, is the best. If you don't know about him yet. Find out. He is going to save us all.) Yet here I am going to games, reading blogs, listening to podcasts, buying my son a Giannis jersey and strongly considering a partial season ticket package for next year. Am I nuts?

Of course. I am the most compulsive person in the world. I get into something, last season it was hockey, and I am SO into it. I watched every single Blackhawks game last season (except for the one where they won the Stanley Cup because if there is one thing I am more of than compulsive, it's bad at hangovers) and I was in love with it. I wanted to play hockey, I wanted to put my son in hockey, I played hockey video games, I picked fights with random strangers and pulled their shirts over their heads. I was hockey crazy.

(Quick aside: Don't be one of those assholes who thinks you can't like the Blackhawks because you live in Wisconsin. That is the stupidest shit you can say. WISCONSIN DOESN'T HAVE A HOCKEY TEAM. You can like whatever hockey team you want. The Blackhawks aren't exclusive to Illinois people and just because something is from Illinois doesn't mean that it is the dirt worst (Unless that something is a human being.) Besides, I'm not a Brewers fan because they are the Wisconsin team, I am a Brewers fan because I watch every game, go to a ton of them and care if they win or lose. That's what a fan is. Someone who cares. Not someone who shares a state.)

(This is also why I am a Seahawks fan. I lived in Seattle, went to more Seahawks games in a year than I've been to Packers games in my life, loved it and didn't stop loving it. I don't share a state with them anymore, but I never stopped caring. Also, because I like winning and think feet are gross.)

This year? Haven't seen a game. It's not that I don't like the Blackhawks or hockey, I just haven't seen any. I still go hard for them and I'll probably make a comeback in the playoffs, but I just haven't been watching. It's been basketball this year.

Baseball and more specifically the Brewers have always been immune to the seasonal change to me. I might ignore a whole NBA season (like last season), but I'll never ignore a whole Brewers season. That's why this site is still a thing. Even if my good friend who stopped me from closing it a year ago leaves me all alone, it's still here. Even if the end is near, it's still here. It's why I've been trying to write this post for the past week: I want to be back, I want to love the Brewers again, I want to be excited for this season, I want to blog about everything. It's just... hard.

It really is. I've said all I have to say about baseball. I've gone down the statistical rabbit hole. I've been in love with a player and a team. I've written so much about Ryan Braun's hair and clothing that I want to punch myself in the balls. I've felt all the ways I think I could feel about this team, this sport and these players. What is left for me to do? What can I possibly say to make this blog remain something worth being called The Best Brewers Blog in the World? I wanted to write this post three weeks ago, but I didn't know that answer. The future was a mystery...

Until now because now is when we usher in...


My name is Vince Morales and I am a casual fan. I don't know the rotation. I honestly have no idea if the Brewers farm system is good or bad and I can't name a single prospect. I wouldn't be able to tell you who is in the bullpen and what their strengths and weaknesses are. You could trick me into buying a jersey with the wrong number on it because I don't know any better. The only things I know about the lineup are things I learned two or three years ago. (Reynolds gets a lot of steals, right?) I am a baseball fan who knows nothing about his favorite team. Which is awesome. I don't care about the past unless it involves PENNANTS and WINNING. I am a clean slate. I am ready to root, root, root for the home team.

The time for living inside the baseball team for a season is over. No more hours on fangraphs. I am just a guy who watches as many games as he can. Roots for the wins and whines about the losses. I just want to be a fan and enjoy baseball. Sometimes I'll blog about it. Sometimes we'll throw a party.

In the casual era there are only three things we must remember:

  1. Cardinals suck
  2. Miller Park is awesome
  3. Go Brewers

Sound good to you? Sounds good to me.

Happy baseball season.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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