So the other day I tell someone my name. I say "Hey, my name is Vince" and they get all excited and say "Whaaat!? VINCE!? You must be Italian!" Umm, no I'm not actually. "HUH!?" they say, "How would you ever get the name Vince if you weren't Italian?" Because that's what my parents named me when I was born?

The thing is that this isn't the first time this has happened to me. It happens all the time. Like several times per year. I wonder if this ever happens to Vince Carter. Or Vincent Jackson. Or Vince McMahon. I bet Vince McMahon would murder someone for saying something like that.

So, why do people think that Italians own the name Vince? When I was looking in a baby name book I didn't see an asterisk next to the name Vince and big bold letters that said ITALIANS ONLY. Was there supposed to be? Am I breaking some sort of name code? Am I going to get whacked?

Anyways, we better get this TRL Friday over with before the mob comes for me so let's get to the questions.

My boy Kevan Feyzi (Pants Party 2012 Represent!) wants to know my opinion of Haudricourt lately.

Honestly I can't remember the last Journal Sentinel thing I read. I've just completely given up on it. I think the last thing I saw was about "the Brewers playing the way they meant to" or something silly like that. I did find it hilarious when he blocked the Mission 162 guy on twitter though. I mean, seriously.

Haudricourt has become like your racist uncle. There is nothing you can say that will ever get him to change the way he is. He'll always annoy people in the booth with his talking, he'll always complain about games being too long and he'll always be the most negative person alive. There is nothing we can do. We're just kind of stuck with him. Sometimes I feel like Haudricourt is our karma for getting Uecker. Like a sick trade from God or Buddha or whatever. Okay Milwaukee you get the best radio announcer possible, but in return you have to get the worst beat writer too.

Thanks a lot, Higher Power.

wookiestomp says "I know you don't always drink beer, but if you did, what would it be?"

It probably wouldn't be Dos Equis if that's what you're asking. If I can only drink one beer for the rest of my life it would have to follow some of these rules:

  • Nothing fruity.
    Sure, everyone loves a Berry Weiss once in a while, but everyday for the rest of my life? No way.
  • Nothing too heavy.
    I love a good dark beer, but do you know what else I love? Not feeling full after two beers.
  • Nothing that requires a garnish.
    What am I, made of fruit?
  • Nothing too fatty.
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is tasty, but at 175 calories and 14g of carbs per bottle? Are you trying to make me fat?
  • Not too much alcohol.
    Ever try Sam Adams Imperial Stout? 9.2% alcohol! Drinking this everyday would turn me into Mel Gibson in a matter of months. No thank you.

Based on all of this information the winner of beer I would choose if I only had to drink one beer for the rest of my life is....

Thankfully I don't have to actually go through with it.

Michelle asks Who do I think will make the playoffs and why?

Little known fact about me: I spend 15-20 minutes on baseball-reference everyday. What am I doing there? I don't even really know! Because of this I have a good grasp on how everyone is looking and here is how I think it will all shape out.

AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Tigers
AL West: Rangers
Wild Card: Athletics
Wild Card: Rays

Why? Because the Orioles have been playing over their head all season and the combined age of the White Sox starting lineup is 400 years old.

NL East: Nationals
NL Central: Reds
NL West: Giants
Wild Card: Barves
Wild Card: Pirates

Why? Because F the Cardinals and the Dodgers missing the playoffs will just be funny.

JohnnyC wants to know which celebrity team I would rather play on? Tony LaRussa or Skip Bayless.

Tony LaRussa. Hands down.

Look, Jon Hamm is a Cardinals fan and if he were somehow involved in this game he would want to be on the former Cardinal manager's team, right? So if Jon Hamm and I are on the same celebrity softball team then there is a good chance that we'd be able to talk, right? And if we are able to talk then there is a good chance that we would be able to become best friends and he'd let me stroke his hair hang out with him. I hate Tony LaRussa, but not as much as I love Jon Hamm.

Also, there is no way Skip Bayless is going to have a team that beats Tony LaRussa's team. It's impossible and I'd always rather be on the winning team. Even if that team is being coached by the Devil himself.

bj_feelgood is wondering my thoughts on Alex Gonzalez being re-signed by the Brewers and how that will factor into playing time with Jean Segura.

This isn't something I've thought a lot about, but it might be something Doug is considering. Jean Segura has proven he could be a decent everyday shortstop, but a little more seasoning in AAA (where he has never played a single game) might be good for him. I love Bianchi, but I don't think the Brewers are quite ready to hand him an everyday position. Alex Gonzalez could be a good stopgap next season and he probably won't be too expensive considering he'll be 36 and just missed most of a season. And if it doesn't work out? Segura is still there.

Joe Ritchie asks if I could you poop successfully in the Dark without making a mess. Like cant see your hand in front of your face dark.

And I'm just going to say yes and walk away slowly.

SecondHandStore is wondering how much I think the Brewers will spend on the free agent market and where they will spend it?

The 2012 payroll was right around $100m, right? Right now they only have $50-something million committed to next year plus the arbitration cases. So we'll guess $65m. I don't know if they'll push $100m again so for argument's sake they'll have roughly $25m to fill 7 or 8 spots.

I think the Brewers will make a move to bring back Shaun Marcum back. Will he get the $12.5m qualifying offer needed to get the Brewers a draft pick if he signs elsewhere? I doubt it, but I suppose anything is possible. Hopefully he can come back on a short "prove it" deal because he definitely hasn't proven anything since returning from injury.

I could also see them making a move towards Edwin Jackson, but I think he might be a tad too expensive since he'll be most teams backup to Greinke plan. You never know though. I definitely see a starter coming because while Doug may say he wants to go young I just can't see him going you in four out of five rotation spots.

Someone with power who could play right field seems like a thing that could happen.
Jonny Gomes feels like he could be a match.
I just don't see Josh Hamilton coming here, but I've heard that too many times to dismiss it.
Hey, how about Melky Cabrera joining Ryan Braun to form Team Testosterone? No? Not a good idea? Alright then.

Oh, and lots of bullpen help. Lots and lots of bullpen help. Everyone is on the table here. Let's just hope they are more Saito than Riske.

He follows up with the question "Brewers don't make a single trade this offseason, right?" As well as one about where Kintzler and Henderson should start 2012.

Anything is possible. I could see a trade involving Maldonado if the Brewers could get back a pitcher that could help next season. Maldonado could start on a lot of teams, but with Lucroy in place it is definitely a good "sell high" opportunity. Beyond that I really don't see anyone being moved. The lineup is solid and the system should probably be left alone until at least the trading deadline next season.

As for Kintzler and Henderson they'll both get a shot in 2012, but I doubt either of them will be counted on as a top four guy out of the bullpen. This thing is getting tore down and rebuilt. I wouldn't accept anything less.

Finally, I got a lot of these jokes this week.

TStads20: #TRL questions? Like MTV #TRL? Okay, I got one: Can you play "No Scrubs" by TLC?
sffolger: Who are you Carson Daly? #TotalRequestLive RT @millerparkdrunk: Last call for #TRL questions!
sbiagioni: what's the numba one jam on the countdown today? Probably Mariah or Eminem, they were always on top.

To which I say...


Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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