I had this friend once, we've all had this friend once or twice, that broke up with his girlfriend and it was an ugly breakup. People were put in the middle of things that they wanted no part of, friendships were lost and the whole thing was wholly un-enjoyable for everyone. After things started to blow over he started to call her at bar time, you know what for. This was a terrible decision. Sure, the reason he called her would work out in his favor, but it was the morning and the days after that would be the problem. The same old drama would bring itself back up and they'd have to have a talk. Nobody likes to have talks. I once saw a man jump out of a five story building to avoid having a talk. Still, a week later the same thing would happen all over again. Why?

Prince Fielder likes to swing at high fastballs. He does this a lot. He does this a lot with two strikes on him when you and me and everyone we know know it's coming. Hey Prince, don't swing at this pitch because it's going to be a high fastball and you can't catch up to it! And then he strikes out. This happens all the time. There is no way that the other team doesn't know that he likes to swing at high fastballs because everyone knows he likes to swing at high fastballs and they continue to be thrown at him in these types of situations. Most of the time, he strikes out. Why?

I am a regular attendant of what people like to call "after bars". The period between whenever I arrived at the bar (anywhere from 1PM to 12AM) until the time they close is just not enough for me sometimes and I need to go somewhere that I can drink more. I don't really care where it is; my place, a backyard, a hotel room, a friend of mine who still lives with his parents' basement or anywhere else. Hell, I don't care WHAT it is. I once had an after bar with a bottle of Apple Pucker. I just like to continue drinking with people long after the bar is closed. No matter what I have to do in the morning, I do this. I know it's not smart or necessary, I just do it. Why?

Manny Parra has a problem with pitch counts. It takes him a lot of pitches to get through innings. In his seven starts this season he has never made it past the sixth inning and in every game that he has made it through at least 5 he has thrown over 90 pitches. This isn't efficient. For Manny Parra to give himself and the team the best chance at winning he needs to go deeper into games, but he doesn't. Why?

I was at the bar the other day and this guy came in, dressed like Yovani Gallardo, and asked the bartender what kind of beer they had. The bartender proceeded to list off all of the beers you tend to find at bars in this state "Spotted Cow, Leinie's Honey, Summer Shandy, Miller Lite" when the man stopped him and said "Miller Lite, how much is that?" WHY?

I don't know why anyone does the things that they do because honestly I don't know why I do half of the things that I do, how am I supposed to tell why other people do things?

I imagine we all do these things because we think somehow they will be worth it. My friend thinks he's going to get laid, that's worth the rest of it to him. Prince Fielder thinks he's going to get a hold of one of those pitches and hit it for a homerun, that's worth it to him. I think the party is going to be a lot of fun, even though it rarely is, and that chance is worth it to me. Manny Parra nibbles at the strike zone and sometimes it works out, sometimes he gets 7 strikeouts in two innings and that is worth it to him. Maybe we are all making bad decisions, but the reasoning behind them isn't necessarily bad because we think that it's worth it. We believe that something good is going to happen and that is worth trying for. I understand why these people do these things.

Except that Miller Lite guy. Seriously, why would anyone do that?

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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