The Brewers recently released their 2009 promotional schedule and it features a whopping SIX bobbleheads. Perhaps more noteworthy is the fact that they are all white.

  • May   3 - Ryan "Token Jew"  Braun
  • May 31 - Trevor "You Bring the Cross, I'll Bring the Matches" Hoffman
  • Jun 28  - Jason KKKendall
  • Aug 30 - "The Grand Wizard" Jeff Suppan
  • Jul 26 - "Klatwurst" Bratwurst
  • Sep 20 - Doug "Bombed a church in Alabama in the 60s" Melvin

I don't necessarily have a problem with any of the selections, except for the ones that I do. If we're basing this off of last year, how does Jason Kendall(OPS+ 72) get one before Mike Cameron (OPS+ 110)? Could it be because he misplayed that ball in the playoffs? If that's the case, then why would Jeff Suppan get one? Jeff Suppan of 5 runs allowed in three innings fame of the deciding game fame. This spot should have gone to CC Sabathia, Yankee or not. After all he did last season I think most fans would have been happy to have him on their shelves. While we're giving people who aren't with the team bobbleheads, lets give Jack Z one before we give Doug Melvin one. He's the one who drafted the nucleus. Finally, I question the placing of Hoffman on the bobblehead list. They didn't do that for Eric Gagne last year (thank god), just imagine if this turns out similiarly (which isn't as far of a stretch as I'd like it to be). The bridge will be covered in smashed Hoffman heads.

Regardless, it's not like these things MATTER. It's not like who gets a bobblehead is inherently important to the success of the team and it's definitely not like the team purposefully went through and picked out every white guy they could find. If that was the case every fifth Sunday would be extra large, extra white Craig Counsell bobblehead day complete with white hood and pitchfork. Admittedly, the team would break four million in ticket sales if they did that but the point is they DIDN'T do that.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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