Jody Gerut HR

Despite the silliness of some fans, the game itself was pretty good. It would have been nice if my favorite players did a bit better (Cameron, Gamel and Escobar went a combined 1 for 10), but Cam did have the first RBI and do one of the most awesome things I have ever seen (more on this later).

The game was cruising along in the fourth when the Brewers managed to load the bases. That was the good news. The bad news was that there was two outs and Jody Gerut was at the plate. At 2-2 I was biting my nails a bit, but then something happened that hadn't even crossed my mind as a possibility. He hit a grand slam... RIGHT TO ME!Or at least it felt that way. In actuality the ball was caught by a person sitting two rows more or less directly behind me. I made the leap, but I wasn't nearly tall enough and I kicked over my beer in the process. The person who catches the ball is a Cubs fan (which is funny when you see how happy he is in the picture above) and is given the "throw it back" treatment. I box my man out and prepare to defend the shot, going for a Mutombo esque block complete with finger wagging, but I am nowhere near tall enough and the ball sails into the field.

Of course as soon as I spilled the beer it splashed all over the pregnant woman. Thankfully, someone had went to the bathroom and left their shirt behind so I was able to clean it up. Kidding. I actually took off my jersey and wiped her arm off until she finally said "Okay, it's been fifteen minutes. You can stop now." THEN I asked her if she wanted anything: water, Gatorade, food, but she declined. That's how you handle spilling beer on someone. Apologize and then attempt to make things right by purchasing goods. It's kind of like cheating in that way. After that one of the pregnant woman's friends said "See? Nobody messes with a pregnant woman." I said "I know, that's why I keep a girl pregnant at all times." Oh, YOU.

After the whole homerun debacle Braun strikes out and the inning ends. Now feels like a good time to yell "I am the nicest guy you have ever met!" I mean, if you think you can be a total moron for four innings and it will all go away because you're not sitting right next to me anymore. I don't know what to tell you.

It's about time for a beer/bathroom run. I have been dreading this moment since the day I bought the tickets. I've said this before, but I'll say it again: one time I got someone's puke on me in a Wrigley Field bathroom. I don't like the troughs. It's not fun for me. So to my surprise when I walked down the stairs to the bathroom I found that this particular bathroom had toilets and urinals. I'm not sure how happy you are allowed to get over something like this, but I definitely pushed the limit of whatever it is. I can admit when I'm wrong and Wrigley did this particular area's bathroom right. Good show.

When I went up the stairs to grab a beer from the vendor (can someone explain to me why they just park at the top of the stairs? Why can't they walk up and down the aisles like every other vendor in every other sport? What makes these guys special?) I was interrupted by a Cubs fan. He was clearly trying to impress his buddies when he pretended to know me and asked if I was from Fond Du Lac. Nope. "Oh man, Kenosha then?" After Racine I asked him if hanging out by the beer vendor and harassing people in Brewers jerseys was fun. Apparently, it is. There must not be much to do in Chicago if buying a tickets to a Cubs game and by the beer vendor where you can't see the game is your idea of a good time.

Speaking of beer vendors I noticed this guy started pre-pouring his beers before he sold them to save time. What the hell is with that? These beers are warm as it is, it's 110 frickin' degrees and sunny. I'm not taking your pre-poured beer. You will get me a new one that is resting in the ice because it will stay colder 15 seconds longer than the rest of them. Seriously, how easy do you guys need your job to be? You already skipped out on the walking part and now you are trying to skip out on the keeping the beer cold part? Do me a favor Wrigley Field bleachers beer vendor, die.

The apathy in the stands is pretty incredible. When the Brewers get the lead the Cubs fans seem to take on the mood of "it doesn't matter anyways" and are never fully committed to seeing their team make a comeback. Many fans leave by the seventh. It's a decent sized group of fans sticks the whole thing out and gives Corey Hart a hard time when he enters the game in right field. (Anyone else find this move funny? It's like Macha said "Gerut, you won the game for us and you're probably better than him at defense but we're putting in Corey anyways.) This is where Wrigley is fun. When Gerut was in the outfield there was no real attempt to taunt him. I heard one fan yell "Gerut what's your sister's name?" and the security guard said "Come on now, no family" (which I obviously found hilarious), but that's about it. Until Hart came in I had the best taunt of the day with "Hey Bradley, two outs", but when Hart came in is when it really started. It was generally good natured (then again he was white), funny and it makes it so you can see why some people swear by the bleachers. It's a good time.

By the way have I ever mentioned that Mike Cameron is awesome? In the past I have said this about his offense, his defense and his work as a teammate. In this game though Mike Cameron did something that was so totally and completely awesome that I never, ever want him to play for anyone else. In the bottom of the eight he caught the last out of the inning and went to throw it into the crowd, but then stopped short. The crowd started going crazy wanting him to throw it and he did a pump fake with the ball, stopped and headed back the dugout. The crowd started booing like crazy and when he came out for the ninth a big "Cameron sucks" chant started in the bleachers. It was one of the coolest things I've seen a baseball player do. I love Mike Cameron.

When Trevor Time came around I tried to get a "Hells Bells" sing-a-long started, but it failed just like the "Roll Out the Barrell" sing-a-long we attempted at the 7th inning stretch. Weird, I know. Hoffman made easy work of the Cubs and the Brewers sealed the win. Roll out the L flag.

After the game we went to a bar called Mullens that was pretty excellent. The food was good (cheesy garlic wings were great) and despite the regular Wrigleyville prices they did have game day specials. I was drinking Fat Tire Sunshine for $3 which was just fine if you ask me. We chose this bar because I actually met some people that work there a few months before at a bar in Wisconsin. We talked for about twenty minutes about Cubs fan that are douchebags and I have to tell you, they made me look like an amateur. These guys were college professors on the topic and they taught me a few things. Basically, I loved them and they told me to come down when I came to this series. After going I can honestly say that I loved this bar and would probably make it my #1 hangout if I lived in Wrigleyville.

IN FACT, I will go so far as to name it "Miller Park Drunk's Go-To Bar If You Attend a Cubs game in Chicago", high praise indeed. So check it out next season.

The train ride home was unspectacular. Everyone in my group slept while I drank beer with some random people I met. They loved me when I said "This is a good train ride and I'm going to let you guys go home, but Beyonce had on the greatest train rides of all time!" I wonder if that's old already. Overall, it was a great time with some good people. Nobody got in any trouble, the weather was great (judging by my sunburn), I drank a good amount of beer AND the Brewers won. What more can you ask for?

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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One comment on “MPD Field Trip: Wrigley Field Part dos

  1. Anonymous on said:

    “but it failed just like the “Roll Out the Barrell” sing-a-long we attempted at the 7th inning stretch.”

    We actually got that to work at the St Louis game we went to a few weeks back. After we sang the whole song people around us started clapping, but most of us were too hammered to care.

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