In my "Who ya got?" post I wrote this about the Phillies:

if they win there is a good chance we will get another video like this which would be awesome because I LOVE this video.

God, I love that video.

Well, last night the Phillies locked up their 2nd straight NL championship becoming the first team in 13 years to go back to back in the National League. Quite the accomplishment. Not to be outdone, the city of Philadelphia has given us not one, not two, but THREE FIVE videos for our immense entertainment. Why did I ever root against these guys again?

In our first video, the fans of Philadelphia celebrate this special moment by BOOING TBS. Most people would take this as "typical Philly", but I think even Utah Jazz fans would boo the coverage Chip Caray has provided. #fisted

BONUS VIDEO: Why boo TBS? Maybe because their announcers can call a nine inning game and still not know exactly who was playing. The Red Sox? Seriously? They've been eliminated for like a month.

Speaking of special moments, at least one Phillies fan is excited for the win. Just not excited enough for a kiss from her husband (or boyfriend) Brett Myers, who is on the team. "I don't care if you just became the first NL team to make back to back World Series, keep your cigar breath out of my face! You're sleeping on the couch tonight. No sex for you, mister!" Watch out lady, he might beat the shit out of you.

Not exciting enough for you? How about videos of people climbing stuff? And people throwing beer at them? Is that something you might be interested in? I thought so.

Nothing says "woohoo my favorite team just made the World Series I am so excited" better than making a V with your fingers and tonguing it, then dry humping the air. Nothing.

Finally, who doesn't love Teen Wolf? I've always wanted to ride on the top of a car, but really it's kind of scary and I usually settle for dancing on top of parked taxi cabs. It's tons of fun until they start moving. Whoops.

Phillies fans truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

[TheFightins, among others]

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3 comments on “Phillies bring home NL championship, Philly brings me gifts

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Still, the guy gettin domed and fallin off the light tops it all.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I think I saw Lindsay Lohan in the crowd……man, she needs to quit drinking.

  3. Citizens Bank Park Drunk on said:

    What no Green Man sightings last night on Broad Street??? Well that is a bummer. He must save his appearances for World Championships.

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