What did you expect?

April 30th, 2010

I've been getting a lot of this "what did you expect? You knew this team was crappy" crap lately and it is really annoying me. I didn't expect the Brewers to be the 1927 Yankees this year or even the 2009 Yankees, but I do think they will compete. They aren't this bad and this bad isn't really that bad. Look who they've played so far:

Rockies: Contender
Cardinals: Contender
Cubs: Maybe good, not this bad
Nationals: Surprisingly good
Pittsburgh: Average, not as bad as last year or year before
San Diego: Surprisingly good

This isn't last year or the year before. Maybe the Nationals, Padres and (to a lesser extent) the Pirates are something more than the National League's punching bags. The players they have are in the major leagues for a reason, right? Maybe we just need to hold our breath til we play the Braves or Reds or Astros. The thing is that even if our expectations were too high, there is no way anyone could have expected things to be this bad either.

What did you expect from Doug Davis? Doug Davis has a career ERA of 4.37. His worst season in his career was his rookie year of 2000 when he had a 5.38 ERA. His current ERA is 8.87.

What did you expect from Jeff Suppan? Jeff Suppan has a career ERA of 4.70 and his worst season was 1998 when he posted a 5.72. His current ERA is 8.16.

What did you expect from Gregg Zaun (who, by the way, is more or less a part-time catcher)? Gregg Zaun has a career OPS .729 and his worst season was in 1998 when he posted a .566. He was only under .600 one other time in 2002 with a .594. His OPS is currently at .587.

The point is that the time is going to come when Doug Davis wins three games in a row and looks halfway decent. Gregg Zaun is going to have games like the one he had on Monday where he went 4 for 4 and before you know it he'll be hitting .240. These things tend to even out and people just don't go through the entire season with ERAs in the 8's. They just don't. So step off the ledge.

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