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Destroy the Cardinals: An OOTP15 Diary

ootp15 July 25th, 2014

Out of the Park Baseball is the greatest baseball simulation there has ever been. In fact, I'd argue it is the greatest anything simulation there has ever been. It is so deep, so detailed, so realistic and so awesome in every way that it is easy to get into a game and see hours, days and weeks pass by. I've reviewed the past two years of the game (OOTP13, OOTP14) by playing fantasy seasons as the Brewers. One year I went to the playoffs, another year I fired Ron Roenicke. They were fun and I was able to fulfill some wishes, but that's not what we're doing this year. It is one thing to take a team you like and make them as good as you want them to be. It is a complete other thing to take a team that you hate and make them awful. That's what I am going to do today. I am taking the Cardinals and making them bad. Real bad.

To do this there is only one man I can trust to handle the job.

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Gomez Photoshop Contest Results

Games, Off-Base, Site May 3rd, 2013

vvfJ6gwLast week, we decided to hold a little Photoshop contest for our readers with a grand prize of a ticket to our Pants Party 3D on June 23rd ($35 monetary value, infinite fun value), and a Forward Fabrics shirt for the runner up. Entrants were given the amazing Morry Gash (lolz again... Gash!) photograph to the right as a basis for a funny Photoshop redesign of their own.

We received lots of submissions from a whole bunch of readers throughout the week, and we didn't even have to be desperate about getting people to participate at all. Chalk up another successful promotion for the MPD boys!

Actually, participation only climbed to upwards of three people. Yikes! Anyway, since we promised stuff to people, I thought we'd share the efforts and name the runner-up and winning submissions below.
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MPD Contest: Gomez Ducking Photoshop

Games, Off-Base April 26th, 2013

vvfJ6gwYeah, yeah, we know this photo is from a few weeks ago, but this Morry Gash picture--lolz "Gash"--is the modern baseball equivalent of that iconic photograph of the soldier who just returned from war who's passionately kissing his wife. Or at the very least, that "Hang In There" poster with the cat.

It's a testament to Carlos Gomez's speed. It displays Ryan Braun's lingering spirit in the face of constant and unjust adversity. It kind of reminds me of The Matrix. And really, those are the three things I look for in a good picture. But I feel like MPD readers can make this great image even better, weirder and more hilarious. That's right, it's time for a Photoshop contest!

Miller Park Drunk and Forward Fabrics want to offer a prize to the reader who can manipulate, redesign or incorporate elements of this image into something funny, unique, creative or just plain awesome. Whether you focus on the water stream or crouching Gomez or anything else is up to you. If you don't think you're good at Photoshop (or any other photo editing software), no big deal. Crude attempts might even increase your chances of winning. Speaking of the prize, one grand prize winner will take home a Brewers-oriented prize pack complete with:

• A ticket to Miller Park Drunk Pants Party 3D, June 23. This includes a free game ticket (Polish Sausage bobblehead game), a Pants Party shirt, unlimited food, beer and fun.

One runner up will also get a Forward Fabrics shirt of their choice.

There's no limit on the amount of entries. Deadline is Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Central and a winners will be named Friday. Email entries to with "MPD Contest" in the subject line.

Good luck!

Remember this game is called bags

Games February 11th, 2009

This game is called bags, not cornhole. Got it?

This game is called bags, not cornhole. Got it?

Let's talk about bags. If you are reading this site and have actually been to Miller Park I don't think I need to explain to you what bags is. If you need explaining as to what it is, visit this site and remember that they spell bags like cornhole. Don't ask me why.

That being said, I've been in more than one game where people have argued. Argued over the rules, where to stand, where to throw from, everything. Drunk people like to argue, what can I say? That's why right here, right now, we are setting the record straight on how to play. What we say goes. No more arguing. Got it?

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