thehappyyoungsterThe Happy Youngster is a much maligned character among Brewers fans because he caught a baseball and wanted to get something in return for it. To a guy like me he is pretty damn cool. I wear my glove to every game, but I haven't caught anything. This dude? According to his website he's caught over 50 game home run balls, WOW! I shot him an email to tell him that we wouldn't be making fun of him as much and he was kind enough to grant me an interview.

WFD: Mr. Youngster, can I call you Happy?

THY: Actually I'd prefer you didn't. Haha, just kidding.

WFD: Dude I just spit my Mountain Dew out that was so funny.

THY: lol thats funny I am drinking Mountain Dew too.

WFD: Okay lets get serious. You took a lot of heat for the whole Chris Coglan thing. How do you feel about it in retrospect?

THY: I guess if I had to do it all over again I would ask for more stuff lol.

WFD: lol

THY: No, but seriously I think it's all good. More people know my name and what I look like than ever before. Heck, I am being interviewed by this awesome blog so I must be doing something right.

WFD: Did you ever catch any more flak from the Brewers or Chris Coghlan from the situation?

THY: No, I like to think Chris and I can put this all behind us and be friends. I don't have many and it'd be cool to go out to eat or something with him when the Marlins come to town. I just sent him a t-shirt and my phone number the other day.

WFD: You mention not having many friends, but I think you are cool as hell. Why is that?

THY: Ballhawking is kind of a lone wolf sport, like boxing. In high school I didn't play sports or drink so girls didn't like me and I thought "hey what if I go to Brewers games and catch homeruns? I'll bet everyone would like me!" So that's what I did.

WFD: It seems to have worked out pretty good for you.

THY: I think so. Although I did go to prom with my cousin.

WFD: Now the former editor of this site gave you a lot of shit and even created this shirt mocking you. What do you think about that?

THY: I think he's probably pretty jealous of me. He's one of those guys who goes to the game just to watch baseball and hang with his friends. He doesn't realize how serious it really is out there. It's war.

WFD: War? Is that why you bring hats and clothes for both teams to games?

THY: To win the Ballhawk League, to be their champion, that's all I care about. My wife, my kid, my family, my job, all of that comes second to getting balls at a baseball game. I just want to be as cool as Zack.

WFD: So what do you think about the Brewers? They're obviously done for the season, but what about next year? Return to the playoffs?

THY: Honestly, who cares? I don't even like the Brewers. I just want to catch baseballs. If they make the playoffs it's just more chance for me to do it. The game doesn't really matter to me though.

WFD: So what does the Happy Youngster do when he's not catching baseballs?

THY: Ever heard of LARP? I'm pretty much the best LARPer in the greater Milwaukee area.

WFD: Any final words Mr. Youngster? lol

THY: I just want to say, again, that I am sorry to Mrs. Dennison for knocking her down at the last Brewers home game. I really did think that you were using that walker to block my path to the ball and I'm sorry that your hip got dislocated.

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    Wrigley North Drunk
    A first place loser that enjoys Old Style and urinating side by side with other men. One can also be identify this individual by poor sportsmanship in general or the unrelenting ability to blame a crappy team on a curse.

    Thanks to Bartman we are never going to win a World Series. Would be an identifiable Wrigley North Drunk statement

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    MPD I miss you!
    I hope you return to the blogosphere when the Brewers return to Milwaukee this weekend. :)

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