The Chicago Cubs lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 18-1 last night. Tying a record for hits given up in a game and basically being embarrassed on their home field in front of their home fans. I almost felt sorry for them.

Instead, I decided to collect a bunch of tweets people posted after the game whining about their team. That seems much more like me, laughing at others displeasure.

bleedcubbieblue On Wrigley scoreboard they ran out of yellow numbers to indicate hits for #Brewers. Had to use a white 26. #Cubs

Jack_E04 Cubs you are terrible. Time to be a die heart sox fan

BballDude23 Worst. Cubs. Game. Ever. Ommmgggg

krazymoe Glad to see the Cubs only lost by 17 runs tonight. We'll get em one of these days...

rokkherCASBAH had a lot of fun at the cubs game even though they lost horribly. it was fun. :] i'm gonna miss my 3BJ boys. <3

ajaywadhwa I heard that @JohnCusack was at the Brewers 18-1 victory against the Cubs. It must be serendipity. The cubs got destroyed like it was 2012.

Cocoluv1908 Hey Cubs have you just totally stopped trying?

StephanKelley Why are the cubs getting fucked every night

almaagAvnet The cubs lose by two touchdowns at home. Does it get worse?

garretthawkfan Thinking about offering my baseball allegiance to someone else after the cubs loss tonight. #Pathetic

Fullynvested Not going to discuss the Cubs, for fear I may just blow a gasket. How is this sort of ineptness even possible?

thatguypeterd I blame "Go Cubs Go" 4 how much the #cubs suck. It's so fun 2 sing, that while at wrigley we forget how bad we are & thus become complacent.

PFunkLange If it's not the not hitting, it's the not pitching. If it's not the not pitching, it's the not fielding. What can't we not do right? #cubs

mzkelsluvskobe Damn the #cubs got beat 18 -1...r they still considered professionals lmao

thespunkyone @JonathanRKnight I need Cubs are tanking. They lost to the brewers 18-1. Havent heard Go Cubs Go in days :(

alexajade87 I can't be a Cubs fan anymore!!!! This is disgusting and embarassing....

ConnArtist99 Well, I would guess Alan Trammell will pull his name out of the running as Cubs manager. #cubs #espn #mlb

wizardoftodd The fucking Chicago #Cubs ruined my Mother-Fucking vacation. I hope Lou Pienella and all the #Cubs die a horrible death! Pbbbbbbbbbbblllt!!!

davidgrzeslo i really picked the wrong cubs game to go to. 18-1 ouch. worst baseball game i've ever seen.

ChicagoRooftop Worst collective effort we've seen all year from Cubs in 18-1 loss Monday night against Milwaukee. Sad sad sad.

rszut 18-1? 18-1! Cubs pitchers toss extended bp tonight. Hey Lou, your boys quit on you back in June. You must be so proud of their EFFORT.

CapnCrunchtime I will always be a Cubs fan, but damn this season is sickening. Don't worry about the WS drought. Just try not to lose by 15+ every game.

dwebb456 im kinda really mad at the cubs :P

Cubsminorswrap Normally I think it's cute when my 2 year old runs around the living room singing "Go Cubs go." Tonight? Not so much.

geobliss I would say that THE meaning of life is clear. The cubs are the worst athletic team in human recorded history!

GourmetRambler @desireekoh13 Darlin', I still go to Cubs games for beer and company of lovely people like you! That should count for something, no?

ChiGuy1991 I think I've given up on the Cubs for about the next 5 years. Will check back then.

JmangoJ Before the seventh inning stretch is the earliest I've ever left a cubs game that's how bad this year is turning out to be. Let's Go 2011!

Sean_Heffernan Cubs are trending worldwide for sucking...son of a sea biscuit

pandapopss Dear Cubs, ouch.... From your not so devoted, but still a fan Mari.

LevNaginsky But one more thing before I go: I hereby resign as a 2010 Cubs fan, as they say "there's always next year!"

Louie_Ruffolo8 #Cubs pitcher Randy Wells says the Cubs pitching problems are "unexplainable." I guess it is until you realize that they are the Cubs.

Krackman45 Just edited the Cubs box score for the paper i work at. I almost vomited my lean pockets all over my monitor

bullsnbears7 Just think...the cubs doing this well with new owner...glad Trib/Sam Zell r out of the pic. Game 2nite could of been worse!!! Whew!!!

ivychat @thekapman What do we think? That the Cubs players were put here by a management team that owners say should be retained. Really? REALLY!?!?

monijoi Guess what the cubs fan behind me is talking about? Getting drunk!

RunMizzou11 I realize that trading Lilly and Theriot was the Cubs white flag for the season, but Jesus they've already started mailing in games

SplashofKatie The #cubs lost so bad they're now trending. aw man they're still my favorite but 18-1 thats kind of a joke :(

T_Robel Seriously? 18-1? Are you fucking kidding me?! It's so bad I'd almost rather be a #Pirates fan. At least they expect to suck!! #Cubs #MLB

jphilipsuofi Worst I've ever seen the Cubs play in my life. RT @CubsInsider #Cubs lose 18-1, allow 26 hits to #Brewers, ties franchise mark from 1957.

jeffgrand WTF is going on with the Cubs?? It's totally insane....

NickFerrin my poor cubs!!

bstearns6 having a great day, then I see the #Cubs score.

paulcusentino the Cubs just imploded....again....oh well, at least it's Shark Week

vanessajeanne Unfollowing me and then bailing on the Cubs when you're supposed to be a true fan sounds like you're NOT a true Chicagoan, @johncusack.

Culmer #Cubs - I realize there's not a good chance for the playoffs, but losing 18-1, I mean at least show up to play.

iamafanof Is there any point in watching a Cubs game anymore? Lou was stupid to not bench slow starters early. They started bad and will end up dead.

lovexrhymes Was going to comment on the Cubs, but fuck it. They don't deserve recognition from anyone.

beccatennis Lost by 16 points? What is up with that?! I'm going to sleep b/c I don't want to tweet something I'll regret tweeting! #Cubs

GoatKING When the Cubs win the World Series many years from now, I can say I watched them during seasons like these on nights like this

Oh GoatKING, please don't ever change.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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3 comments on “Last night the Cubs were a trending topic on twitter

  1. Anonymous on said:

    @ Jack_E04: what the hell is a die HEART sox fan?
    @ajaywadha: that’s not what SERENDIPITY is. an omen, perhaps, but serendipity is coming into something good when you were not expecting it. do they not have schools in Chicago?
    @beccantennis: they’re called “runs” in baseball, not points.

  2. SconnieGirl808 on said:

    @ 4:23 Random –

    I think @ajaywadha was trying to work in multiple John Cusack references (I’m pretty sure he was in the movie Serendipity).

    As for @beccantennis, not only are they not called “points,” but also 18-1 is NOT 16. I expect this from a Cubs fan, though.

    And I have to give @paulcusentino a thumbs up, though. I like that he’s consoling himself with Shark Week. Thank you for taking it on the chin & not being a whiny beeyotch like 99.9995% of Cubs fans.

  3. Tileromix on said:


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