You’re sick of me? No, I’m sick of YOU!

So you say that you are sick of me? Well, I am sick of you too! You say that you want this "stunt" to be over? Well, I want your stunt to be over!

Look dudes I got better things to do than sit around on my computer and clickity-clack on the keyboard about baseball all day. I could go out and, you know, SLEEP WITH WOMEN. I am not a nerd blogger like you guys living in your moms basement. I like to go out and drink and sleep with chicks and update my fantasy team. I like to drive my BMW with the top down listening to Soulja Boy as loud as it goes. I could be shopping at American Eagle right now instead of writing on this stupid blog. I could be drinking a dub rum d (double rum and diet to the uninitiated) at a strip club getting a lap dance right now. Instead I am writing on the internet about baseball? No thanks. Baseball is dumb anyways. I prefer football. Not only that, but I have the best fantasy team ever this year. Check out my roster.


Sick right? So why should I care about the Cubs or the Brewers? It's not like they are going to win anything anyways. My fantasy team? CHAMPIONS.

Before I go and leave this god forsaken blog forever I just have one thing left to say.


And if you don't like that? I got two words for ya:

SUCK IT!!!!!!

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4 comments on “You’re sick of me? No, I’m sick of YOU!

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    The fact that this is over is the best news I’ve heard all day.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    It’s about time you get rid of the crappy colors. Not that I was reading that crap but it was hard for the eyes to handle.

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