michael_scott2jpgLet me get personal for a second here. I love, like love love ))<>(( love love <3 love myspace love, sexual innuendos. I love saying that'swhat she said. Besides my friend Emily I probably say it more than anyone I have ever met. I just love them. Whether they are actually meant in a sexual way, just meant to be funny or just plain stupid, I love them. So why not combine two loves? Why not list a few of my favorite Brewers related sexual innuendos? Why not list ONE HUNDRED FIFTY of them?

Sounds like a plan.

  1. I'd like to Prince her Fielder
  2. I'll Yount you over this car
  3. I'll give you something to Suppan
  4. I'll Usinger you
  5. You'll be hurtin' for Weeks when I get done with you
  6. McClung? Like a horse baby
  7. I've got Hells Bells... in my pants
  8. I've got some bean bags you can toss
  9. I don't usually like David Bush
  10. If you think Todd Coffey's fast...
  11. McGehee? Maybe after a few more beers.
  12. It's always Stetter the second time
  13. She's a little Oglivie, but she'll do
  14. Fielder? I hardly knew her!
  15. I'll Seitzer alright
  16. If you think he's Hardy..
  17. Catch one in your Wry
  18. I'd like to coach her bullpen
  19. If you think Mike Burns just wait til the morning
  20. If you think the Polish is big
  21. I got your High Life right here
  22. I've got a bean bag for your cornhole
  23. Throw a hot dog in your Billy Hall way
  24. Bernie your Brewer
  25. I got some mustard for your hot dog, right here
  26. I'd like to Bam her Berger
  27. Mark Brouhard, I brouharder
  28. About sixto, six and a half
  29. Put my Gamel in your hot corner
  30. Ready for my BJ Surhoff
  31. Let's have some Kohl's Family Section
  32. Ricky Bones, so do I
  33. I've got some meat for your Sausage Haus
  34. Candy for your Maldonaddo
  35. Get between her Ben Sheets
  36. How'd you like to join my Walk of Fame?
  37. Don't worry my Happy Youngster is nowhere near that ugly
  38. It's Trevor Time... in my pants
  39. I'd like to see your Helfaer Field
  40. I'll Cap-u-a-no
  41. Rollie Fingers
  42. C It Go inside
  43. My doubleheader won't take six hours
  44. I'd like to pull your Parra after five innings
  45. I got something for you Gallardo
  46. I'd like to see your infield box
  47. I'll show you my bobblehead
  48. Put one in your Airtran Airways Landing Zone
  49. Show you my Hebrew Hammer
  50. I was a Harvey Wallbanger, til I moved to the floor

*Please no smartass comments that some of these don't fit the definition of innuendo. I am aware.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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11 comments on “50 Brewers related sexual innuendos

  1. SconnieGirl808 on said:

    This is quite possibly my most favorite MPD post ever.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Is #6 supposed to be “horse baby” or “horse, baby”

    Because the idea of horse babies freaks me out.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Come on, give us 50 more!

  4. Anonymous on said:

    How about a couple more,

    1. I’ve got endurance, like Danny Kolb
    2. Open your shirt, let me see your Jaha’s
    3. I don’t know about you, but I think there are some Steve Sparks between us.
    4. It’s the return of Hammerin’ Hank, all over again
    5. I know the perfect place to have Richie Sexon
    6. Just another minute and you’ll see my “O”verbay face
    7. Mike Cameron can tell ya, NO gold glove, No love
    8. I’ll show you my bat if you let me see Vaughn’s Valley.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    Miller Park Drunk, we should go to a game together. You can kiss me on the strikes and I will kiss you on the balls.

  6. Miller Park Drunk on said:

    (desperately tries to trace IP)

  7. Anonymous on said:

    1. I don’t mean to Braggs, but when I get stiff, I can move furniture.

    2. Dave “you brought her, you” Parker.


  8. Anonymous on said:

    We lack this type of classiness at the Talking Chop Braves blog. Keep up the majestic work.

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Hardy needs to have more patience in the two hole…

  10. Anonymous on said:

    Inside the park’er? OK, if you don’t mind everybody watching.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Is a Jose Hernandez when you strikeout trying a Dirty Sanchez?

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