April 27th, 2009

booOn Saturday we had to make a drive up to Appleton and back. This coincided with the broadcast of the Brewers game and I ended up listening to 9 1/2 innings of the game on the radio. To me, this is the great thing about baseball I listened to the whole thing on the radio and didn't feel like I missed a thing. During the game Pudge Rodriguez was ejected and then his manager was as well for arguing balls and strikes. For the rest of the game the fans booed every single ball and strike call that didn't go in their favor. At one point Uecker even commented that fans were booing a ball that was six inches off the plate which led him to say "these fans are going to boo the babysitter when they get home." I wasn't watching the pitches, but the way Uecker made it sound was rather ridiculous and this got me thinking about booing and how much I generally hate it.

When the Brewers were last home I went to a game against the Reds where Manny Parra was pitching. Parra was a little bit off that day(!). He walked one in the first inning, then gave up a double to score a run. In the second inning, he gave up a double and fans started to boo. He got out of it. Then in the third he gave up a walk followed by a two run homer and the fans REALLY started to boo. I turned to my friend and wondered aloud why they were booing as it was, you know, THE THIRD INNING and they were only down 2 runs. He then threw the next three innings scoreless. At the end of the day Parra gave up three runs and notched his only quality start of the season.

Thinking of this brought to mind a quote I heard from Jason Kendall on the pre game about "knowing which guys need a pat on the back and who needs a kick in the butt". As fans we want our team to do better. We dislike things that happen on the field, but is booing your own team really the best way to address this? I don't think so, let Kendall and Macha handle the "kick in the butt."

Think about it like this, you are at work. You do something wrong. What would you prefer to happen: A) your boss is nice about it, B) your boss says nothing, C) yelled at or D) booed by all your co-workers. Obviously, your answer is A or B and if you like someone you should always do A or B. So why when it's your favorite team at your home ball park do you go with C and D?

Here is a list of acceptable times/people to boo:

  • The Yankees are in town and Alex Rodriguez is batting: No explanation needed.
  • The umpires strike zone is actually all over the place: You are only allowed to boo, however, if it is clear to you. Don't be like those jackasses in Houston and boo any pitch you don't like. My seats are on the third base line and with a right handed batter up, I can't see the plate so I never question balls and strikes and you shouldn't either.
  • A former player returns and was a jerk and/or sucked the whole time he was here: Examples being Eric Gagne, Jose Hernandez, Jeff Suppan if he ever leaves and Bill Sharp. (feel free to add more in the comments if you'd like)
  • Another team is obviously throwing at the Brewers: This is the fans way of saying "Hey, f-you stop doing that and if you keep it up our team will come after you, but we don't really want them to because players involved in brawls get suspended and we can't really afford to lose Prince or Braun for a few games so stop doing that."
  • There is a fan in the stands being an asshole and someone stands up to them. Then the nicer fan is thrown out along with the asshole or the asshole stays.: You know what I'm talking about, this happens all the time. (I love when people are thrown out by the way because it leads to my favorite moment of fan interaction, fans singing the "nanana hey hey goodbye song" love that.)
  • An obvious call was blown by an umpire: This could be a home run, double play, someone was called safe when they were clearly out, anything.
  • Roseanne sings the National Anthem.

And that's just about it. Did you see any situation herein where you boo players on your own team? (You didn't.) The reason they are home games is because the people like the team that is playing at home and the team likes playing at home. When the team is booed, they'd rather be in Philadelphia and nobody should ever want to be in Philadelphia, ever. Seriously, Philadelphia sucks.

Stop booing the Brewers. It's annoying and stupid.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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20 comments on “Boo

  1. I generally agree. You should almost never boo your own team. One exception would be a guy like Gary Sheffield who is intentionally blowing plays (Sheffield also tops my list of former players you should boo). I’m okay with booing umpires for bad calls. I’m okay with booing the other team for dickish behavior. That’s about it.

  2. Miller Park Drunk on said:

    Wow, how did I forget Sheff? That’s embarrassing.

  3. Fischer on said:

    What about when a certain right fielder insults the fans who sat there and watched the Crew get swept by the Cubs?

  4. Danny on said:

    If that actually happened, boo away. If it’s fans misconstuing what said right fielder actually said in response to improper booing, then it’s not okay to boo for that.

  5. Fischer on said:

    I think we are talking about 2 different comments, his comment on the booing was dumb, but not boo worthy…

    After sitting there for the entirety of those 4 games only to hear Hart say that he wished the fans would show more support was upsetting… and after voting so many times to get him into the all star game???

    He just took a verbal dumped over the most hardcore fans

    Also what about when Hall wanted a trade because Russel The Muscle was on fire and starting?

    I think both cases the players got what they deserved, granted these are extreme cases, I agree entirely about not booing your own pitcher after a rough outing, but there are extreme cases where the players deserved it

  6. Danny on said:

    No, I was talking about the same comments. Corey was clearly talking about the fans that were booing, not all the fans. Like, it’s so obvious I can’t believe anyone took it in the context you’re taking it in. An otherwise stand up guy makes a totally harmless comment in a moment of frustration and a bunch of idiot “fans” jump on him. That’s a prime example of bad booing. Period.

    Hall is closer to legit. I’d say if a player actually says “I don’t want to play here” he’s crossed a line.

  7. Fischer on said:

    Ok so are you talking about this comment, because I’m not…
    “Actually, it felt more like a home game than playing in Miller Park,” said Hart, who has no home runs and two RBI this month. “We didn’t hear the boos that we sometimes here at home.”

    He has a point there.

    I’m talking about this quote

    “it’s embarrassing that the hometown fans don’t come out more”

    no sir it’s embarrassing to get swept by the cubs at home

  8. KL Snow on said:

    Ok, I can’t accept any list of things to boo that doesn’t include Ned Yost. Back when Corey Hart made his comment about booing fans, I listed my criteria for booing:

    A) Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost.
    B) Bad decisions made by Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost.
    C) Negative outcomes immediately stemming from bad decisions made by Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost.

    I think it’s also fair to boo sloppy play. To me, the complete inability to pitch in the zone qualifies as sloppy play.

    To respond to your note above, yes, I do prefer people handle it nicely when I screw up. But some people don’t learn from that. Some people will continue to slack until someone calls them out for it.

  9. I hate the Cubs

  10. Danny on said:

    You might have something there if he said that. I don’t recall him saying that last year. I googled your quote and nothing came up. I searched it without quotes along with the words “corey” and “hart” and got nothing. Do you have a source for that quote?

  11. Fischer on said:

    This is where he said it, unfortunately it’s down now

    They mention it here (3rd paragraph down), I’m still trying to find where i read it in the first place

  12. I’m fine with booing the home team. If they are playing like crap for a consistantly long period of time, why not. You are paying them by buying tickets so let them know what you think, just don’t swear around little kids.

  13. Miller Park Drunk on said:

    The team you are paying to watch is the team that you want to win. If they are behind and you are booing them, it doesn’t do much for the confidence that they have in their abilities. I don’t see how booing helps anything. This includes the manager and his decisions. A team can always come back, why give up on them by booing? If a Brewer tells me to go screw my mother I still want the Brewers to succeed and if that player is the cause of that so be it. I’ll just whoop his ass in the parking lot (I’m looking at you Chris Duffy!)

    Seriously though, I don’t think it’s the fans job to do the calling out of players. They have managers and general managers who probably share the same frustrations, but actually know how to handle it correctly. Booing only exacerbates things.

  14. I never boo the Brewskies because when I go to a game I am there to enjoy it. Of course I want to see them win but I’m not going to boo a player who screws up, confidence is a major part of any professional sport and I don’t know why you would want to boo your own player. Yeah you paid the money to watch the game so you can do whatever you want, but why would you want to shake your own player’s confidence. I’ll admit that sometimes there are players that it might light a fire under but more times than not it will have a negative impact in my experience.

  15. I think what it all boils down to is that I love my Brewers like I love my children, not because they are good, but because they are mine. So why would I ever boo them?

  16. Citizens Bank Park Drunk on said:

    Booooooo this would be better on a Phillies blog. You nice Midwestern folk get your feelings hurt to easily. If you don’t boo the team when they stink they will never improve and you’ll never see that championship. Philadelpia is awesome… why did I move to WI again?

  17. “You are paying them by buying tickets so let them know what you think, just don’t swear around little kids.”

    The fact that you’re paying to attend the game does not matter. If you go to a restaurant and pay for your meal, is it appropriate to boo the wait staff, cooks, etc?

    If you pay to see a movie, would it bother you if the person behind you started booing because they didn’t like the movie? It would probably annoy the heck out of you. I pay to attend the Brewers games as well and it annoys the heck out of me when people start their inappropriate booing. (I think the list above of appropriate reasons is pretty accurate.)

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